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Attack From Dusk of the Dawn Clones

Dieses Thema im Forum "Episode I bis III" wurde erstellt von Bernd Kenobi, 16. April 2002.

  1. Bernd Kenobi

    Bernd Kenobi Jedi-Meister

    Sodale, nun wissen wir alle das in Episode II mit Gliedmassen und Köpfen nur noch so herumgeworfen wird: Anakin verliert seinen Arm, Obi-Wan erlöst Zam von einem während seiner angeritzt wird, die Tusken verlieren ihren Kopf genauso wie Jango (naja... C3PO auch :D)

    Nachdem Episode I sehr "Blutleer" war (bis auf die umstrittenen Blutspritzer des durchtrennten Darth Maul Körpers), bin ich gespannt wieviel Blut in Episode II zu sehen sein wird.


    Das neue Bild von Anakin ohne Arm lässt nicht gerade auf einen Blutfluss schließen wie in "Eine neue Hoffnung" (Cantina-Szene). Oder ist das Rote im Bild Blut?

    Was denkt ihr, wird Blut in Episode fließen oder bekommen wir wieder eine Kindgerechte Version geliefert?
  2. WedgeBL

    WedgeBL loyaler Abgesandter

    mit dem Blut in AOTC bin ich noch ziemlich skeptisch!
    Ich finde in jedem Film wo Gliedmassen abgetrennt werden sollte dann auch Blut vorkommen...
    allerdings nicht weil ich auf Splatter Filme stehe, sondern wegen des Realismuseffekt, deshalb fand ich es auch gut was in der Cantina Bar gezeigt wurde (auch wenn es mir erst seit der SE aufgefallen ist da ich sonst die Filme in durchschnittlicher Quäli auf VHS gesehen habe und da konnte man nicht ganz genau erkennen ob nun Blut zusehen ist).

    Auf dem Bild oben sehe ich persöhnlich kein Blut, leider, auch wenn es nicht viel wäre, es würde halt wie gesagt der Glaubwürdigkeit zu gute kommen.

    -auch wenn ihr jetzt sagt, dass bei Luke in TESB auch kein Blut zu sehen war! stimmt zwar aber er sah zumindest "fertig" aus da er im Gesicht blutverschmiert war.

    Ich hoffe das GL noch ein wenig Blut im Film lässt auch wenn es ein Familienfilm sein soll, immerhin wars in AHN ja auch so
  3. Bernd Kenobi

    Bernd Kenobi Jedi-Meister

    Mir geht es auch um den Realismus (und über die Ernsthaftigkeit eines Filmes - aber das ist was anderes...)

    Man könnte natürlich sagen das sich die Wunden sofort nach dem abtrennen schließen (ausbrennen durch das Lichtschwert) - aber dann wäre die Szene in der Cantina unlogisch...

    Mich würde trotzdem interessieren, was das Rote auf Obi-Wan's Stiefel sein soll...
  4. WedgeBL

    WedgeBL loyaler Abgesandter

    könnte sein Stiffel sein der halt einfach nur rot ist!

    aber an Obi-Wans linker Schulter, dass dürfte doch was sein oder etwa nicht?
  5. Bernd Kenobi

    Bernd Kenobi Jedi-Meister

    Doch, das an Obi's Schulter ist ne Wunde - eindeutig - da dies auch in dem Comic zu EP II vorkommt.
  6. Lightsaber

    Lightsaber The Light in the Darkness

    Die Wunde an der linken Schulter kommt genau wie die am linken Bein vom kampf mit Dooke. Er wird ihn da verletzen!
  7. GM Kedner

    GM Kedner The Artist Formerly Known as Haariger Bettvorleger

    In der Szene, in der Obi-Wan Zam Wessels Arm abschlägt wird zumindest im Comic Blut vergossen. Ob im Film auch Blut zu sehen sein wird, kann man noch nicht wissen. Aber das Bild sah haargenau wie die Cantina-Szene aus ANH.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 18. April 2002
  8. Darth_Butcher

    Darth_Butcher Senatsmitglied

    Hier ein paar Zeilen aus dem Novel, die jemand im TFN Forum gepostet hat....

    Obi-Wan pressed forward more forecfully, but Dooku continued to fend off the strikes, and then his momentum played out. He was too far forward, while Dooku remained in perfect balance, ready for a counterstrike.
    And then it was Dooku suddenly pressing the attack, his red blade stabbing and retracting so quickly that most of Obi-Wan's cutting parries hit nothing but air....
    ...Dooku stepped forward suddenly, stabbing low for Obi-Wan's thigh. Down went the blue blade to intercept, but to Obi-Wan's horror, Dooku retracted his weapon and thrust it right back out, up high and across the other way. Obi-Wan couldn't get his weapon back to block, nor could he slide back fast enough.
    Dooku's red blade stabbed hard into his left shoulder, and as he lurched back, Dooku retracted the blade and stabbed along its original course, digging into Obi-Wan's right thigh. The Jedi stumbled backward, tripping and crashing hard against the wall, but even as he fell, Dooku was there, his red blade rolling over and inside Obi-Wan's blade, and with a sudden jerk, he sent Obi-Wan's lightsaber bouncing across the floor.
    "And so it ends," Dooku said to the helpless Obi-Wan. With a shrug, the elegant Count lifted his red blade up high, then brought it down hard at Obi-Wan's head.
    A green blade cut in under it, stopping it with a shower of sparks.
    The Count reacted immediately, backpedaling and turning to face Anakin. "That's brave of you, boy, but foolish. I would've thought you'd learned your lesson."
    "I'm a slow learner," Anakin replied coolly, and he came on then, so suddenly, so powerfully, his green blade whirling with such speed that he seemed almost encased in the green light.
    For the first time, Count Dooku lost his little confident smile. He had to work furiously to keep Anakin's blade at bay, dodging more than parrying. He tried to step out to the side, but stopped as he hit a wall, and his eyes widened a bit when he realized that this young Padawan, in the midst of that assault, had used the Force to block his exit.
    "You have unusual powers, young Padawan," he sincerely congratulated. His little grin returned, and gradually Dooku put himself back on even footing with Anakin, trading thrust for slash and forcing Anakin to dodge and parry as often as he tried to strike.
    "Unusual," Dooku said again. "But not enough to save you this time!" He came on hard, thinking to drive Anakin back and off balance as he had driven Obi-Wan back. But Anakin held his ground stubbornly, his green blade flashing left, right, and down so forcefully and precisely that none of Dooku's attacks got through.

    Off to the side, Obi-Wan understood that it couldn't hold. Anakin was expending many times the energy of the efficient Dooku, and as soon as he tired...
    Obi-Wan knew that he had to do something. He tried to come forward, but winced and fell back, in too much pain. As he collected his thoughts, he reached out with the Force instead, grabbing at his lightsaber and pulling it into his grasp. "Anakin!" he called,and he tossed the young Padawan the blade. Anakin caught it without ever breaking the flow of his fighting, turning it under and igniting it immediately, putting it into the swirling flow.
    Obi-Wan watched in admiration as Anakin worked the two blades in perfect harmony, spinning them over and about with blinding speed and precision.
    And he watched with similar feelings the working of Dooku's red lightsaber, flashing ahead and back with equal precision, picking off attack after attack and even countering once or twice to interrupt the flow of Anakin's barrage.
    Obi-Wan's heart lept in hope as Anakin charged forward suddenly, bringing his green blade over his shoulder and across, down at the Count. Obi-Wan understood immediately, even before he noted Anakin's blue blade coming up and over the other way--the green blade would push the Count's lightsaber out of the way, clearing the path for the victorious strike!
    But Dooku retracted impossibly fast, and Anakin's downcutting green blade hit nothing but air.
    Dooku stabbed straight ahead, intercepting the blue blade. The Count's hand worked up inside and over, then back around with a sudden twist, launching the blue lightsaber from Anakin's grasp. Dooku went on the offensive immediately, driving the surprised and off-balance Anakin back.
    Anakin fought hard to regain his fighting posture, but Dooku was relentless, thrusting repeatedly, keeping the young Padawan stumbling backward.
    And then he stopped, suddenly, and almost on reflex, Anakin turned back on him, roaring and slashing hard.
    "No!" Obi-Wan cried.
    Dooku stabbed ahead and slashed out suddenly, intercepting not Anakin's green blade, but the Padawan's arm, at the elbow. Half of Anakin's arm flew to the side, his hand still gripping the lightsaber.
    Anakin dropped to the ground, grabbing his severed arm in agony.
    Dooku gave another of his resigned shrugs. "And so it ends," he said for the second time.
    Even as he spoke, though, the great hangar doors of the tower slid open, smoke from the battle outside pouring in. And through that smoke came a diminutive figure, but one seeming taller than all of them at that moment.
    "Master Yoda," Dooku breathed.
    "Count Dooku," said Yoda.
    Dooku's eyes widened and he stepped back, turning to face Yoda directly. He brought his lightsaber up to his face, shut down the blade, then snapped it to the side in a formal salute. "You have interfered with our plans for the last time."
    A wave of Dooku's free hand sent a piece of machinery flying at the diminutive Jedi Master, seeming as if it would surely crush him.
    But Yoda was ready, waving his own hand, Force-pushing the flying machinery harmlessly aside.
    Dooku clutched up at the ceiling, breaking free great blocks that tumbled down at Yoda.
    But small hands waved and the boulders dropped to the side, bouncing across the floor all about the untouched Master Yoda.
    Dooku gave a little growl and thrust forth his hand, loosing a line of blue lightning at the diminutive Master.
    Yoda caught it in his own hand and turned it aside, but far from easily.
    "Powerful you have become, Dooku," Yoda admitted, and the Count grinned--but Yoda promptly took that grin away by adding,"The dark side I sense in you."
    "I have become more powerful than any Jediu," Dooku countered. "Even you, my old Master."
    More lightning poured forth from Dooku's hand, but Yoda continued to catch it and turn it, and seemed to become more settled in his defensive posture.
    "Much to learn, you still have," Yoda remarked.
    Dooku disengaged the futile lightning assault. "It is obvious this contest will not be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with a lightsaber."
    Yoda reverently drew out his lightsaber, its green blade humming to life.
    Dooku gave a crisp salute, igniting his own red blade, but then, formalities over, he leapt at Yoda, a sudden and devastating thrust.
    But one that never got close to hitting. With hardly a movement, Yoda turned the blade aside.
    Dooku went into a wild furry then, the likes of which he had not shown against Obi-Wan or Anakin, raining blows at the diminutive Master. But Yoda didn't even seem to move. He didn't step back or to the side, yet his subtle dodges and precision parries kept Dooku's blade slashing and stabbing harmlessly wide.
    It went on and one for many moments, but eventually Dooku's flurry began to slow, and the Count, recognizing the futility of this attempt to overwhelm, stepped back fast.
    Not fast enough.
    With a sudden burst of sheer power, Master Yoda flew forward, his blade working so mightily that its residual glow outshone even those of both Anakin's lightsabers when he was at the peak of his dance. Dooku held strong, though, his red blade parrying brilliantly, each block backed by the power of the Force, or else Yoda's strikes would have driven right through.
    Just as he was about to launch a counter, though, Yoda was gone, leaping high and turning a somersault to land right behind Dooku, in perfect balance, striking hard.
    Dooku reversed his grip and stabbed out behind him, intercepting the blow. He let go of his weapon altogether, tossing it just a bit, and spun about, catching it before it had even disengaged from Yoda's blade.
    With a growl of rage, Dooku reached more deeply into the Force, letting it flow through him as if his physical form was a mere conduit for its power. His tempo increased suddenly and dramatically, three steps forward, two back, perfectly balanced all the while. His fighting style was based on balance, on the back-and-forth charges, thrusts, and sudden retreats, and now he came at Yoda with a series of cunning stabs, angled left and right.

  9. Darth_Butcher

    Darth_Butcher Senatsmitglied


    Never could he strike low, though, for never did Yoda seem to be on the ground, leaping and spinning, flying all about, parrying each blow and offering cunning counters that had Dooku skipping backward desparately.
    Dooku stabbed up high, turning the angle of his lightsaber in anticipation that Yoda would dodge left. But Yoda, as if in complete anticipation of his movement, veered neither left nor right, but rather, dropped to the ground. The Count had already retracted the missed thrust, and began a second stab, this time down low, but Yoda had anticipated that too, and went right back up behind the stabbing blade.
    A sudden stab by Yoda had Dooku quick-stepping back even more off-balance, for the first time, and then Yoda flew away, up and back.
    The furious Dooku pursued, thrusting hard for Yoda's head. And in his rage when his stab missed again, he reverted to a slashing attack.
    Yoda's green blade caught the blow, holding the red lightsaber at bay, locking the two in a contestof strength, physical and of the Force.
    "Fought well, you have, my old Padawan," Yoda congratulated, and his lightsaber began to move out, just a bit, forcing Dooku back.
    "The battle is far from over!" Dooku stubbornly argued. "This is just the beginning!" Reaching into the Force, he took hold of one of the huge cranes within the hangar and threw it down at Obi-Wan and Anakin.
    "Anakin!" Obi-Wan cried. He grabbed at the plummeting crane with the Force, and Anakin, startled awake, did so, as well. Even working together, they hadn't the strength left to stop its crushing descent.
    But Yoda did.
    Yoda grabbed the crane and held it fast, but in doing so, he had to release Dooku. The Count wasted no time, sprinting away, leaping up the ramp to his sail ship. As Yoda began to move the fallen crane harmlessly aside, the sail ship's engine roared to life, and all three Jedi watched helplessly as Count Dooku blasted away.
    As Anakin and Obi-Wan walked over to the exhausted Yoda, Padme rushed in, running to Anakin and wrapping the sorely wounded young man in a tight, desparate hug.
    "A dark day, it is," Yoda said quietly.

    ...Poggle the Lesser rushed across the room to a console and punched in some codes, bringing up a holographic schematic of a planet-sized weapon.With a few key strokes, he downloaded the schematic onto a cartridge and pulled it from the drive,turning to dooku."the jedi must not find our designs," the archduke insisted. "If they have any idea of what we are planning to create, we are doomed."
    dooku took the cartridge "I will take the designs with me.", he agreed." The plans will be much safer with my master."

    Senator Bail Organa and Mas Amedda flanked Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as he stood on the balcony, overlooking the deplopyment of the Republic army. Below them, tens of thousands of clone troopers marched about in tight formations, an orderly procession that brought them in files ascending the landing ramps of the huge military assault ships.
    A deep sadness marked the handsome features of Bail Organa, but when he looked over at the Supreme Chancellor, he saw there was a grim determination.


    On a distant Naboo, in a rose-covered arbor overlooking the sparkling lake, Anakin and Pamde stood hand in hand, Anakin in his formal Jedi robes and Padme in a beautiful white gown with flowered trim. Anakin's new mechanical arm hung at his side, the fingers clenching and opening in reflexive movements.
    Before them stood a Naboo holy man, his hands raised over their heads as he recited the ancient texts of marriage.
    And when the proclamation was made, R2-D2 and C-3PO, bearing witness to the union, whistled and clapped.
    And Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala shared thier first kiss as husband and wife.


    "I'm going to Coruscant," Dooku announced. "My Master will not let the Republic get away with this treachery."
    Poggle the Lesser rushed across the room to a console and punched in some codes, bringing up a holographic schmematic of a planet-sized weapon [!!!!]. With a few keystrokes, he downloaded the schematic onto a cartridge and pulled it from the drive, turning to Dooku. "The Jedi must not find our designs," the Archduke insisted. "If they have any idea of what we are planning to create, we are doomed."
    Dooku took the cartridge. "I will take the designs with me," he agreed. "The plans will be much safer with my Master."
    With a curt bow, the Count swept from the room.

  10. Darth_Butcher

    Darth_Butcher Senatsmitglied

    Hier der Anfang des Duels :

    Obi-Wan pushed past Anakin, moving toward the pilot. "Follow that speeder!"
    The gunship did just that, zooming low. They found the speeder soon enough parked outside a large tower. The gunship skimmed to a stop, moving a bit lower, and Anakin and Obi-Wan leapt out, rushing to the tower door. Hardly pausing, Anakin burst through, lightsaber in hand, entering a huge hangar, with cranes and control panels, tug-ships and workbenches.
    They found Count Dooku inside, standing at a control panel, working some instruments. A small interstellar sail ship sat nearby, a graceful, shining craft with a circular pod set on two lander legs, the retracted sails sweeping out to narrow points behind it, like folded wings.
    "You're going to pay for all the Jedi you killed today, Dooku!" Anakin yelled at him, moving in determindly. Again, he felt the tug of a determined Obi-Wan, holding him back.
    "We move in together," Obi-Wan explained. "You slowly on the--"
    "No! I'm taking him now!" And Anakin pulled away and charged ahead.
    "Anakin, no!"
    Like a charging reek, the young Jedi came on, his green lightsaber ready to cut Dooku in half. The Count looked at him out of the corner of his eye, smiling as if truly amused.
    Anakin didn't catch the cue. His rage moved him along, as it had with the Tusken Raiders.
    But this was no simple warrior enemy. Dooku's hand shot out toward the charging Jedi, sending forth a Force push as solid as any stone wall, and a burst of blue Force lightning, unknown to Jedi, charged all about the trapped and lifted Jedi Padawan.
    Anakin managed to hold onto his lightsaber as he went into the air, held there by the power of the Count. With a wave of his hand, Dooku sent Anakin flying across the room, to crash into a distant wall, where he slumped down, dazed.
    "As you can see, my Jedi powers are far beyond yours," Dooku said with complete confidence and calm.
    "I don't think so," Obi-Wan countered, moving toward him in a more measured and defensive manner, his borrowed blue lightsaber held across his body diagonally, up over one shoulder.
    Dooku smiled and ignited a red-glowing blade...

  11. Bernd Kenobi

    Bernd Kenobi Jedi-Meister


    Anscheinend werden wunden durch das Lichtschwert "versiegelt" (wenn man das leuchten an Anakins Armresten und Funken so deuten kann)

    Damit widerspricht Lucas seiner Cantina-Szene

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