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[BF] Nachricht von Sam... äähhh... Lucas Arts

Dieses Thema im Forum "Spiele (Legends, bis 2014)" wurde erstellt von sOphisticated, 13. Oktober 2004.

  1. LucasArts Eric (moderator)
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    We would like to thank everyone for the various discussions that have been occurring on these boards. The team has spent a great deal of time reading and noting the various improvements and changes people have requested.

    We are very committed to the on-going enhancements to Star Wars Battlefront on all three platforms. Over the past two weeks we've given each platform some quick improvements to deal with immediate needs. The team has also been working on many new enhancements and additions to the various platforms. Some of the things we are working on are: adding features to the in-game server browser, additional options for Hosts, a Linux version of the dedicated server software, resolving inconsistent results on the Leaderboards and many other improvements.

    We also have some bigger things planned for the game that we hope to be able to speak about soon.

    Thanks again for all the constructive feedback, please keep it coming.

    The Star Wars Battlefront Team
  2. Darth Hirnfrost

    Darth Hirnfrost Workman

    Klingt vielversprechend. Welches Forum er auch immer meint, die Probleme sind aber schließlich überall dieselben. :)

    Bin mal auf die "bigger things" gespannt...
  3. Darth Hirnfrost

    Darth Hirnfrost Workman

    Also, das klingt doch nun wirklich mal gut:


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