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Englisch Quiz zu Star Wars Knight Quest

Dieses Thema im Forum "Club Obi Wan" wurde erstellt von Vision-der-Macht, 22. August 2004.

  1. Vision-der-Macht

    Vision-der-Macht Dienstbote

    Ich hab eine Mitschrift der Dialoge von dem Star Wars FanFilm Knight Quest
    hier downloadbar:

    Darin fehlen nur noch ein paar englische Wörter, die Stellen sind mit drei ??? markiert.
    Ich brauch es aber komplett um daraus eine Übersetzung für dt. Untertitel zu machen.

    Wer die meisten Stellen RICHTIG!! ergänzt oder andere Fehler im Text korrigiert hat gewonnen.
    Es zählt wer zuerst die Stelle richtig ergänzt. Da ich keine Lösung zum Vergleichen habe zählt als richtig was die meisten als richtig sehen.

    Groß-und Kleinschreibung und Satzzeichen sind egal und zählen nicht als Fehler.

    Das Quiz ist beendet wenn der Text vollständig und richtig ist.

    Am besten den Text kopieren und alle Änderungen und Ergänzungen in einer anderen Farbe markieren.

    Names of the characters:
    Ulic Cinn (old Jedi)
    Tara Sunarr (pilot)
    Chee-2A or simply Chee (Droid)
    Karina (young female Jedi)
    Danny (young male Jedi)

    Part 1

    You wanna play, heh?
    Give it ???, Chee. (Chee is the name of the droid)
    I told you we should ??? on Alderan first, but you ever listen? ???
    We are ready for Hyperspace. Fine.
    I know you are planing ??? charity case but given our situation
    Don´t you think head straight ??? ???
    Fine. You always ??? but I´m right
    My Lord, freighter is made the jump in the Hyperspace
    We lost one ship in the pursuit
    However the homing ??? is secure and transmitting clearly.
    Inform me when you know ship destination
    Yes Sir. Very good Karina. You skills seem to increase ten forward every day
    I owe all to my teacher. Even if he is getting slow in his old age
    Whats the big deal? ??? still in my time for the course.
    Next time I will. ??? slower then me. Why can´t you accept the fact that you are a looser?
    You know, I can fix that attitude ??? Danny Not on you best day ??? Bring it on nerve ???
    enough. are do you simply seek to dishonor me by killing each other?
    But master Danny is...
    ... is irrelevant. Emotion clouds your judgement. you can become a slave to it. Can cause you to do irrational foolish things.
    you ??? right from wrong. Act what you know - not how you feel
    In other words: quite acting like a girl.
    You ??? Stop. Did you not hear what I just said. But master he makes it so difficult. Of course it´s difficult. That is why you must keep a clear mind even in battle. If you give in to anger, fear, frustation - the dark side will claim you. And you, arogance also leads to the dark side. Keep it in check unless you seek to become an agent of evil.
    Ulic, if that ??? to happen to me ??? turn the dark side. Would you kill me?
    Look at the death and destruction one Sith Lord and his master have caused. The galaxy can not effort?? another a dark jedi.
    But thats a stupid question. He ??? it never happen if Ulic is here to teach us
    But I will not here forever. When I´m gone when you finally leave here you will honor me by teaching our ways. The galaxy needs to be reducated as to the ways of the Jedi. Don´t worry. ??? the greatest Jedi that ever lived Well I am anyway.
    I see we still have a long way to go. Ah supplies Wait here. Don´t let you see you
    You haven´t to tell us its only been ??? years. You know
    Greetings Tara, how are you? Not good. Ulic I think someone knows you alive I think their are after you
    Why you say that? When I was ??? there were several folks asking if anyone knew living Jedi. They said their were ??? to protection, but you know their were imperial or at least working for them.
    Are you sure? I can smell them a mile away. Anyhow, they were throwing around some serious credits and thats makes people to rethink the situatuation if you know what i mean.
    what is it?´ it´s him. No, don´t you dare looking at me that way. I promised my dying father that i would take care of you. I got nearly my tail shot off coming here. they must putting a tracking device on my ship when they were chasing us and i was thought it was for that thing last week. how that they know?
    It´s not important. Get back to the ship. Get clear out of here before they can setup a blockade. You know where to go
    What about you? Don´t worry. The force is with me. I am sorry. So ??? mine.
    I will do with the Jedi. Secure the freighter and find the residents. Capture anyone you find, but I want them alive
    Yes Sir. ??? up. ??? secure the freighter. Yes Sir.

    Part 2

    Ulic? There is no time. We planed for this. You know what to do. No I won´t leave. Listen I will not lose to the dark side If the tehe emperor hears that you exist he will not rest until either you join him or you are detroyed But we can help. You´re not listening. if you caught or killed the last ??? for nothing. You will get to the ship. ??? for Tatoine When you get there look for general Obiwan-Kenobi. He live around the dune sea. Explain to him who you are He will finish your training. But he was responsible... Yes. But he is the last
    Jedi Knight I know. Please, you have a great destiny ahead of you the force is strong with you. stronger then ??? i was at your age. you can be the greatest ever but you must survive. I love you. and i you, child. he can´t take of three of us. He will not be alone. Danny you´re not ready for what i had to face. Please, for once do what i say Your sister will need your help. Do not leave here alone.
    Hold your are under arrest in the name of the empire. is that so?
    Ulic Cinn, it is been a long time old man. not long enough vader. You ??? Ulic. I have no wish to destroy you. I come here to ask you to join me. with your strength and knowledge ??? We can end this so called rebellion before even begins. We restore peace to the galaxy. peace? Slave camps, ??? ??? to the emperor, thats maybe peace but peace is nothing without freedom.
    Once you open yorself to the dark side you will see ??? the emperors ways ??? of you. Despite your altercation??
    I never join Palpatine. ??? detroy him when I had the chance. I could save the galaxy a lot of pain. Choose you path wisely old man.
    I am the ??? None of the others had been able to stand against me If you´re not join me I will be forced to destroy you.
    So be it. You ??? position ??? I had a bad feeling about this.
    This is ??? Ulic. You only ??? up the ???
    Frighten Vader, afraid this old man will finally one to end your evil, to finally put you in your place?
    Stop. You heard what Ulic said. I not gonna sit here and watch him die. Come on ??? taff can beat him. No we shouldn´t even be here. Whats wrong with you. ??? killed if we don´t help him. Don´t you think I know that. I can feel him ??? weaker and weaker with
    each moment. But he gave us an order It was his last request, Danny. Do you hear that? Tara is in trouble, come on we ???. You go.
    I stay here. No, come with me. Did you hear what i said yo go. Supposely ??? anyway. ??? the cliff, I meet you there. Danny you better don´t do anything stupid.
    I see you found a new pupil, Ulic. the force is with him. he will be very valuable to me more than you perhaps. You never ??? Vader.
    Surrender Darth. ??? pieced, ??? to your life. You ??? yourself ??? man you can not harm me. If you resist you fall like the others and for what? An outdated Jedi Code that ??? no meanimg The galaxy has changed the old republic was long ago its ideals and values long forgotten. Not by me. We were comrads once, friends we can be again. Never.
    Hold. Drop your weapon. Maybe we can work something out.
    Tara, duck??. So you the secret Ulic is been hiding. You could say that. Don´t ??? anything happen him. ??? come over here for nothing. ??? potential young one. Only with me you fullfill your destiny
    ??? it´s never you told Padme. ??? that trick out ??? Never speak with me again.
    ??? Padme? ??? Darth is actually Padme girlfriend? I don´t believe that I don´t believe ??? Not.
    My patience ??? Ulic. You not need to die. help me destroy the emperor. he ??? his usefullnis. ??? he is gone I will take controll of the empire ??? you head ??? council. You must be insane. I see there is no hope persuading you, so you leave me no choice.
    Ulic! ??? dark side ??? I can feel it´s power in you. Embrace it. No. Do not fight.Give in. Let the dark side wash away your confusion. The ways of the Jedi are weak look to your fallen master for the proof. I offer you a chance for glory. join me and your name would be known throughout the galaxy.

    Part 3

    Whats going on? ??? killed? ??? out of here, Chee.
    Must mean yes. ??? I was unable to stop the ship. the freighter is in the air, repeat the freighter is in the air. Chee.
    ??? deflector shield. One more hit like that... ??? maybe maybe ??? ??? recieved ??? Do it! Fine. ??? and I ??? up spare parts. I know it. ??? trying tactor beam lock ??? What you waiting for get us out of here ??? tractor lock ??? believe ??? make it
    bye bye ??? What is your ??? are you? You ??? vengeance. Come then ??? ??? I kill you.
    Now let me show you the true power of the force.
    Ulic has failed. The hatred burns brightley inside you. turning would not be difficult. Never. I´ll never be like you. You are a monster.
    You nothing but a slave slave to the empire to emperor a slave to own weakness and i nsecurities. I rather die ??? sacrifice my soul
    ??? my master ??? did.
    I knew someone ??? long ago you ??? her in many ways. strong, defiant but naive ??? ways of the force ??? ??? lies. she too refused me. do not allow this ??? Don´t make me destroy you. Join me. Never. I rather die. Your ??? is missplaced ???
    My lord ??? afraid most of squadron ??? freighter is been lost. apparently they were amplished?? or something. I also just be informed that the ship escaped.
    Have the scanners pick up any other ship on the planet surface? Negativ. Ours is the only one.
    I did what you wanted. I made it to the cliff. You made us practice ??? thousand times. I thought you been paranoid. ??? safe here.
    But you tried to warn us over and over you ???
    He thinks I ´m dead Danny. ??? ??? Why ??? listen to you. You always so annoying me ??? right. Maybe if i had listen. ??? vengence leads to the dark side but i will get my vengence ??? turn to the dark side to do it. I will not disgrace either of you that way.
    But I will destroy that monster and the empire will fall with him. i am coming for you Vader you hear me i am coming for you

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