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Fall of the Republic

Dieses Thema im Forum "Episode I bis III" wurde erstellt von Horst der Erste, 3. Dezember 2002.

  1. Horst der Erste

    Horst der Erste Zivilist

    mir ist folgender Text in die Hände gefallen.
    kennt den schon einer?
    ist das ein fake?

    da es leider nicht als Anhnag geht(zu groß:confused: :confused: )

    tut es mir sehr leid:::



    Story treatment by John L. Flynn

    Adapted from Part I:
    "The Adventures of
    Obi-Wan Kenobi"

    The Journal of the Whills
    By George Lucas

    FADE IN:

    BLACK OF OUTER SPACE -- pinpointed with
    piercing stars, several moons, and a
    bright-colored nebulae. As TITLES end --

    The following is related in the story, roll-up

    Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Old Republic was
    crumbling away, rotting from the corruption and treachery
    within. Power-hungry technocrats and wealthy bureaucrats
    maneuvered and bribed their way into office, while one am-
    bitious senator plotted to destroy the Jedi and rule the

    Hoping to restore virtue and the remembered glory of the
    Republic, the High Council of Senators dispatched the Jedi
    Knights - protectorate of justice in the galaxy - on a quest to
    retrieve the lost Kaiburr Crystal. They believed that the
    small diamond-like object (which intensified the power of the
    Force) would unite the disaffected among the people and would
    destroy the corruption around them.

    However, within their Council, the evil Senator Palpatine had
    other traitorous designs. Foreseeing that the Crystal would
    secure his position as Emperor, Palpatine deceived one of the
    Jedi Knights and sent him to acquire the Crystal. . .


    June 6, 2002
    Page 2

    SCENE 1: Sigma Vulcanus -- a new, evolving world, that is con-
    stantly being shook by violent earthquakes and volcanic
    eruptions, and which is devoid of sentient life-forms.

    On the molten, volcanic world of Sigma Vulcanus, Anakin
    Skywalker, a handsome, swarthy man with a dignified stature,
    makes an important discovery. Using his lightsabre (as the
    equivalent of a divining rod), he uncovers the legendary Kaiburr
    Crystal. It pulsates with energy and fills Skywalker with a
    false sense of power and importance. But before he can savor his
    triumph, and return the Crystal to Palpatine, he is confronted by
    his old friend, and fellow Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi and
    requested to explain his actions. Anakin refuses, and instantly,
    the two knights draw their lethal weapons and become locked in
    mortal combat.

    Anakin Skywalker, as if controlled by another force,
    strikes swiftly in rage, but Obi-Wan Kenobi, the more experienced
    Jedi, easily deflects the furious blows of his young opponent.
    "Let go of the Crystal, my friend! Its power will consume you
    and turn you against the Jedi Knights," Kenobi explains. But the
    words are un-heeded by the young Jedi, and the conflict

    Skywalker attacks Obi-Wan again, forcing him to discard
    his defensive posture. Kenobi parries the thrust and sends Ana-
    kin's lightsabre flying out of his hand. At precisely the same
    moment, a cataclysmic earthquake rocks the planet. The effect is
    devastating: fissures, in the earth crack open and spout walls

    June 6, 2002
    Page 3

    of flame; thunder and lightning strike violently from the sky;
    and several volcanos burst and bubble.

    The young Jedi struggles to regain his lightsabre, but
    loses his footing and plunges, still in possession of the Crys-
    tal, into a pit of molten lava.

    Kenobi hurries to the edge of the volcano and looks down;
    but he is too late to save his former friend: Skywalker is
    completely engulfed in lava! With tears in his eyes and anguish
    in his heart, Obi-Wan picks up Anakin's lightsabre and bids a sad
    farewell to the body of his friend.

    CUT TO:

    SCENE 2: Jhantor -- is "the bright center of the universe."
    Highly populated and technology-oriented, it is an old
    world of many contrasts: the huge, domed capital, with
    its elaborate space ports and transportation systems,
    stands adjacent to an ancient castle and temple.

    In another part of the galaxy, on the capital world of
    Jhantor, Palpatine enters his senate chambers - followed closely
    by a brash, young courtier named Prince Valarium - and assumes
    his place at the head of a conference table. Valarium stands
    next to him and whispers in his ear as Palpatine's wizened eyes
    travel around the table from man to man.

    Through a terse discussion with his cabinet members and
    personal guard, Palpatine reveals that he has bribed or black-
    mailed most of the High Council members into voting for him as
    President, but he is concerned with three senators who cannot be

    June 6, 2002
    Page 4

    swayed - Tara Courtney, Mon Mothma, and Bail Organa. He further
    explains that, once they have been eliminated, he intends to have
    his troops take over the Spice and Mineral Mines and blockade the
    commercial shipping lanes.

    Several of his personal guard nod their approval; how-
    ever, two young officers stand and voice their disagreement.
    Lieutenant Motti (bright, young and smartly-dressed) and Com-
    mander Tarkin (thin, hatchet-faced with dark eyes) report that
    Palpatine's military force (which he has genetically engineered
    on the prison planet) are en route to the Spice Mines and Star-
    ports AND that they are ready to take command of the Starfleet;
    but they fear the swift retribution of the Jedi Knights!

    "I think I know the best way to deal with that rabble,"
    Palpatine announces, standing and walking over to his cabinet.
    "It's time that I demonstrate my absolute power--"

    Taking a large, crystal globe form his cabinet, Palpatine
    strokes it with his long, well-manicured fingers, then traces the
    longitude and latitude lines. The object begins to glow, and
    (with ILM's help) conjures a series of images from the planet
    Sigma Vulcanus. These images combine and crystallize on the
    SINGLE image of the dead Anakin Skywalker.


    June 6, 2002
    Page 5

    SCENE 3: Sigma Vulcanus

    Four shadowy figures - adorned only in dark, hooded robes
    (which conceal their identity) - approach the charred, motionless
    body of Anakin Skywalker and lift him from his fiery grave.
    Skywalker's flesh is torn and scabbed, his hair is missing and
    clumped in disgusting patches. Deep scars trace his face, and
    his body and limbs are without life.

    They place him on the ground with great reverence and
    begin to administer to his injuries in an attempt to bring him
    back to life. One robed figure motions to the other: "Bring me
    the herbs and remedies." He actually says nothing but is
    instantly understood by the others. A third figure sprinkles the
    body with a powder, while a fourth looks toward the stars and
    begins to chant in a deep, rumbling voice.

    In a matter of moments, the lifeless body of Anakin
    Skywalker stirs, as we

    CUT TO:

    SCENE 4: Dagobah (introduced in Episode Five: Empire Strikes Bk)

    Far across the galaxy, on the bog world of Dagobah,
    Obi-Wan Kenobi walks through the dense fog and pauses, unhappy
    and dejected because he has been forced by circumstances to kill
    his friend. He turns to Yoda, his eight hundred year-old teacher
    and says: "I have failed, Master Yoda."

    June 6, 2002
    Page 6

    Yoda gives him a contemptuous stare, then closes his
    eyes: "No good is it to teach you when you have not yet learned
    patience! Humility!"

    Obi-Wan shakes his head and offers an excuse as his
    reply: "But Anakin was my friend. The Force was with him very
    strongly, and I thought that I could be as good a teacher as you
    were with me." He pauses and breathes a deep sigh: "I fear my
    mistake may have terrible consequences for the galaxy!"

    The Jedi Master points a crooked finger at him: "Most
    important lesson have you learned! Now a great burden you

    Kenobi squeezes his tear-filled eyes shut and drops his
    head in defeat. But Yoda is immediately at his side to offer
    comfort and to reveal that Anakin is not dead. He further
    explains the incidents which have just taken place and foresees a
    deadly conflict.

    The Jedi Knight is pale and silent for a long moment.
    Then, slowly, he, too, recognizes the entire awesome threat that
    Palpatine has brought to the Old Republic. He thinks of the
    lives of his friends (Lady Padme Skywalker and Bail Organa) and
    realizes that he must leave immediately for Jhantor.

    so geht es noch lange weiter
    ist da was dran?
  2. Master Kenobi

    Master Kenobi Bring you Wisdom, I will. Mitarbeiter

    Schon wieder? Ich fasse es einfach nicht.... :rolleyes:

    "Fall of the Republic" ist ein Fake von John L. Flynn und stammt aus den 80er Jahren.

    Wie schon gesagt handelt es sich um eine


    und ist nach dem heutigen Stand der Dinge auch nicht mehr glaubwürdig. Damals sorgte es für viel Aufsehen und heutzutage ist es ein hervorragendes Stück Fan-Fiction.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 4. Dezember 2002
  3. zerseus

    zerseus Gast

    Es kann schon nicht stimmen, weil ALLE STAR WARS FILME auf einem Raumschiff beginnen und nicht auf einem Planeten.
  4. Toby

    Toby junger Botschafter

    Wie Master Kenobi schon sagte, das ist ein Fake.
  5. Melbu Frahma

    Melbu Frahma loyaler Abgesandter

    Naja ich kann mir nicht vorstellen dass das dort stimmen soll ich halte es auch fuer ein Fälschung!
  6. ist sowieso aus verschiedenen gesichtspunkten heraus unglaubwürdig. z.B: glaube ich nicht, dass von anang an vom "bösen Senator Palpatine" gesprochen wird, da Palpi ja in der geschichtlichen Abfolge noch ganicht als "Böse" gilt (Wir sind schlauer, aber haben ja de facto auch das Ende vor dem Anfang "gelesen") :D
  7. Sarid Horn

    Sarid Horn The Mistress Mitarbeiter

    Das ist 'ne schöne Fan-Fiction, aber echt nicht mehr. Vor allem der Verweis auf den Kaiburr-Kristall, der ja in Splinter Of The Minds Eye vorkommt (dt.: Skywalkers Rückkehr) passt nicht zu GL bisher entworfener Handlung. Anakin wird auch so schon arrogant genug und auch bei Palpatine war bisher nie die Rede von irgendeinem mystischen Kristall... :rolleyes:
  8. Toby

    Toby junger Botschafter

    Er ist auch kein Senator mehr, er ist Kanzler.:rolleyes:
  9. Davon abgesehen :D
  10. Master Kenobi

    Master Kenobi Bring you Wisdom, I will. Mitarbeiter

    Spätestens seit Episode I kann man auf diese legendäre Fälschung eigentlich gar nicht mehr reinfallen. Ich meine, Pamdé heißt nicht Padmé, was schon auffallen sollte.... :D

    Abgesehen davon, daß es sich um eine Fälschung handelt, ist "Fall of the Republic" aber auch heute noch lesenswert.

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