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French StarWars's fan...

Dieses Thema im Forum "Fan-Treffen und Conventions" wurde erstellt von Ben84, 13. Februar 2005.

  1. Ben84

    Ben84 Zivilist


    I am French and I seek of the German fan pret has to exchange with me various advertising object which one can find in our respective countries!

    If that interests you to increase your collection answer me!
    I am interesser by the figurine Kellogs episode 2 which one does not find in France!

    In exchange I can send many advertising object Star Wars to you French! To afflict if this topic is not has the good place and for my English who should not be very good!

    Answer in English please

  2. Interceptor9

    Interceptor9 Bounty Hunter

    Hi Ben
    I'm always looking to improve my French.
    I'm looking for French Star Wars Magazines or Comics.
    Unfortunately I can't help you a lot with the Kelloggs figures.I've got all of the six statues, but I want to keep them for myself. ;)
    But maybe I have a few of them twice... I'm going to have a look....

    Ask me via PN if you want any specific item and I look if I can help you.
  3. Ben84

    Ben84 Zivilist

    Here an example of what I can you propose:

    Concerning the comic' S French there is little of it. The majority are to import the USA...
    I do not find function "PN" (not the practice of the forum allemand)Pouvez are sent a mail to me?

    I seek the figurine kellog' S but also any other advertising object...
  4. Darth Arthious

    Darth Arthious deprimiert

    Just click on the name of the user you want to send a Personal Message to.
    Then click on "Eine Private Nachricht an <Name of the User> schicken"
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 13. Februar 2005
  5. Ben84

    Ben84 Zivilist

    It's not evident for me ...
  6. Batou

    Batou Stranger in a strange land

    Hi Ben
    I?m also always interested in trading foreign promotional items and give-aways as they are really hard to come by. I?m not sure if I can help you with anything on Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones, but with Revenge of the Sith knocking on our doors and advertising campaigns from Kelloggs, Burger King, Orange and Pepsi already signed we could do a lot of trading in the next month.
    I have sent you a private message (PN) to discuss further details.
  7. Ben84

    Ben84 Zivilist

    Thanks Batou!
    I have send a mail to you!

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