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Frühere Entwürfe von Episode II

Dieses Thema im Forum "Episode I bis III" wurde erstellt von IO, 10. September 2005.

  1. IO

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    Ich dachte mir, ich mache mal einen Thread auf, wo man über die früheren Entwürfe von Episode II diskutieren, bzw. posten kann... Also wenn jemand weiß, wie vorher eigentlich ein Planet oder Charakter hieß, kann dies hier posten.

    Bei Episode I hatte man ja diese eine CD ala "Behind the Magic", wo es eine sehr ausführliche Beschreibung des ersten Entwurfs von Episode I wiedergibt.
    Bei AOTC gabs leider so eine Ausgabe nicht.
    Jedoch ist das sogenannte Shooting Script während der Dreharbeiten durchgesickert. Zum Glück in die Hände eines Fans. Später wurde dieses Script hier veröffentlicht. Leider nie vollständig... deshalb für alle die das unvollständige Script haben, hier die fehlenden Seiten aus dem Revised Second Draft (Keine Signifikanten Unterschiede... nur in der Reihenfolge... paar Sätze mehr, paar weniger gegenüber dem Revised Third Draft...)

    117 EXT. TATOOINE, DESERT, HOMESTEAD MOISTURE FARM ? DAY [Unterschied: Szene findet im Script, als auch im Film später statt]
    Padme and Owen run out onto the chaut to join Beru. Threepio follows. Cliegg hobbles out of the homestead on his speeder chair. They stand looking out into the desert, where Anakin rides the speeder bike toward the homestead. Shmi?s body is tied to it.

    Anakin arrives. They run to him as he steps away from the bike, carrying Shmi. He stops, face-to-face with Cliegg. There is a brief pause. Then he carries Shmi into the homestead.

    118 INT. TATOOINE, HOMESTEAD, GARAGE ? DAY [Unterschied: Szene findet im Script, als auch im Film später statt]
    Padme comes in with a tray of food. Anakin is kneeling by the speeder bike, using an electronic wrench to work on it.

    ANAKIN: ?The shifter broke. Life seems so much simpler when you?re fixing things.?

    Padme puts the tray down.

    ANAKIN (continuing): ?I?m good at fixing things? always was. But I couldn?t? (stops working, tears in his eyes) Why did she have to die? Why couldn?t I save her? I know I could have!?
    PADME: ?Sometimes there are things no one can fix. You?re not all-powerful, Annie.?

    Anakin starts working with the wrench again.
    ANAKIN (angry): ?I should be! Someday I will be? I will be the most powerful Jedi ever! I promise you, I will even learn to stop people from dying.?
    PADME: ?Anakin??
    ANAKIN (furious): ?It?s all Obi-Wan?s fault. He?s jealous! He knows I?m already more powerful than he is. He?s holding me back!?

    Anakin hurls the wrench across the garage. It clatters to the floor. He looks at his trembling hands. Padme stares at him, shocked.

    PADME: ?Annie, what?s wrong??
    ANAKIN: ?I...I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them... ?

    Anakin focuses on her like someone returning from far away.

    ANAKIN (continuing): ?Not just the men...the women and children too. They're like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals... I hate them!?

    There is a silence for a moment, then Anakin breaks down, sobbing. Padme takes him into her arms.

    ANAKIN (continuing): ?Why do I hate them? I didn?t? I couldn?t? I couldn?t control myself. I? I don?t want to hate them? but I just can?t forgive them.?
    PADME: ?To be angry is to be human.?
    ANAKIN: ?To control your anger is to be a Jedi.?
    PADME: ?Ssshhh? you?re human.?
    ANAKIN: ?No, I?m a Jedi. I know I?m better than this. I?m sorry, I?m so sorry!?
    PADME: ?You?re like everyone else??

    Padme rocks him, and Anakin weeps.

    Light grows on the clustering tower of fantastic stalagmites. Obi-Wan sneaks up to the main one. He climbs up the side of the tower to a small window-like opening. Obi-Wan looks around quickly, then sneaks inside.

    Obi-Wan makes his way along a narrow, pillared corridor. He comes to what looks like a large open well or vent shaft. He looks down and sees a huge underground facility below. In one area, machines are constructing Battle Droids. In another area, completed Droids are moving along a conveyor belt. Geonosis workers, with no wings, drone away at the assembly line.

    121 INT. GEONOSIS, CENTRAL SQUARE ? MORNING [Unterschied: Erweiterter Dialog]
    Obi-Wan arrives at a vast expanse in the stalagmite interior. Immense pillars, soaring Gaudi-Gothic arches, vaulted roofs. The huge space is deserted ? completely silent.

    Obi-Wan starts to cross the square. Suddenly he hears voices.

    He darts behind a pillar as Poggle the Lesser (Archduke of Geonosis), his aid, Sun Rit, Count Dooku, and Nute Gunray approach, closely followed by Passel Argente and Wat Tambor. Count Dooku is tall, elderly, and saturnine, with beautiful manners. Obi-Wan flattens himself against the pillar as they pass by.

    POGGLE: ?We?re already running at maximum capacity. In less than two months, Viceroy, you?ll have the finest army in the galaxy.? letzter Teil findet im Film am Ende statt
    NUTE GUNRAY: ?Our early testing of your prototype units has been satisfying, but these new Battle Droids are a little less precise than I had hoped.?
    POGGLE: ?I?m sure their advanced features will more than make up for that.?

    COUNT DOOKU: ?Now, we must persuade the Commerce Guild and the Corporate Alliance to sign the treaty, then nothing in the universe will be able to stop us.?
    NUTE GUNRAY: ?What about the Senator from Naboo? Is she dead yet? I?m not signing your treaty until I have her head on my desk.?
    COUNT DOOKU: ?She will be soon, Viceroy. I am a man of my word, and I have faith in this bounty hunter?s abilities.?

    They move out of earshot. Obi-Wan peers around the pillar to see them going through an archway on the far side of the courtyard. There is a flight of stairs beside it.

    Obi-Wan arrives at the stairs. He sneaks up them, to arrive at a narrow gothic archway. He looks down through it.

    122 INT. GEONOSIS, CONFERENCE ROOM ? DAY[Unterschie: kein Watt Tambor; im Film anderer Dialog von Sue Mai]
    Poggle the Lesser, and his two aides are at one end of a large round conference table.

    COUNT DOOKU: ?Now is the time, my friends. The moment when you have to decide between the Republic or the Confederacy of Independent Systems.?

    Count Dooku is at the head of the table. Jango Fett stands behind his chair.

    In addition to the original group, there are also three opposition Senators, Po Nudo, Tessek and Toonbuck Toora, and a Commerce Guild Dignitary, Shu Mai and a member of the Intergalactic Bank Clan, San Hill.

    COUNT DOOKU (continuing): ?A hundred more systems will rally to our cause with your support, gentlemen. And let me remind you of our absolute commitment to capitalism? of the lower taxes, the reduced tariffs, and the eventual abolition of all trade barriers. Signing this treaty will bring you profits beyond your wildest imagination. (looks at Nute) Our friends in the Trade Federation have pledged their support. When their droid battalions are combined with yours, we shall have an army greater than anything in the galaxy. The Jedi will be overwhelmed. The Republic will agree to any demands we make.?

    Passel Argente, the Corporate Alliance Representative, stands.

    PASSEL ARGENTE: ?I am authorized by the Corporate Alliance to sign the treaty.?
    COUNT DOOKU: ?We are most grateful for your cooperation Chairman.?

    Shu Mai, the Commerce Guild Representative, stands.

    SHU MAI: ?The Commerce Guild do not at this time wish to become openly involved. But we shall support you in secret ? and look forward to doing business with you.?

    There are chuckles around the table. Count Dooku smiles.

    COUNT DOOKU: ?That is all we ask.?

    San Hill, the banker, stands.

    SAN HILL: ?The Intergalactic Banking Clan will support you wholeheartedly, but only in a non-exclusive arrangement.?

    Obi-Wan pulls back from the archway.

    The canopy of Obi-Wan?s Starship is covered with small crawling creatures. The Arfour Droid whimpers as the creatures back the little droid against a rock wall.

    Obi-Wan hears the droid whimper through his comlink. He starts up the stairs, coming to an outside window. Obi-Wan takes out his binoculars as he talks into his comlink.

    OBI-WAN: ?Arfour? Arfour? Where are you??

    Through the binoculars, Obi-Wan sees the droid being chased off by the crawling creatures, (Rogas). He puts the binoculars away and climbs the stairs.
    komplett gestrichen

    126 EXT. GEONOSIS, TOP OF STALAGMITE ? DAY[Unterschied: Erster Dialog fehlt]
    Obi-Wan arrives at the top of the stalagmite. The view is staggering. He pulls a length of wire from his utility belt and attaches it to a small chrome ball that takes the wire high into the air. He clips a little booster device to the wire. A shadow passes over him. He doesn?t notice.

    OBI-WAN (into comlink): ?Artoo Detoo? Artoo Detoo. Do you copy? This is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Switch to low band.?

    Obi-Wan listens for a moment then hears a little beep.

    In the ship, Artoo beeps as he receives the message.

    OBI-WAN (V.O.): ?Record this message and take it to your mistress, Padme? and the Jedi Skywalker? ?Anakin, my long range transmitter is knocked out. Retransmit this message to Coruscant.??

    128 EXT. GEONOSIS, TOP OF STALAGMITE ? DAY[Unterschied: Dialoge wurde leicht verändert, verschoben und erweitert]
    Obi-Wan talks into his comlink. More shadows pass over him, lower now. He doesn?t notice.

    OBI-WAN: ??the Trade Federation is behind the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala.?

    The shadows are lower.

    OBI-WAN (continuing): ?The Commerce Guilds and the Corporate Alliance have pledged their armies to Count Dooku and are forming an? Wait!?

    A shadow passes very low. Obi-Wan looks up quickly.

    Artoo dutifully listens to the desperate message.

    OBI-WAN (V.O.): ??attack? I don?t? make it? too many? aaaggghhh!?

    Obi-Wan?s voice cuts out. Artoo whistles in dismay.

    The ramp lowers. Artoo rolls down and trundles off toward the homestead.

    Anakin, Padme, Cliegg, Owen, Beru, and Threepio are standing around Shmi?s grave.

    CLIEGG: ?I know wherever you are it?s become a better place. You were the most loving partner a man could ever have. Goodbye, my dearest wife. And thank you.?

    Brief pause.

    ANAKIN: ?I wasn?t strong enough to save you, Mom. But I promise I won?t fail again? I miss you so much.?

    Silence. Then beeps and whistles are heard. They turn as Artoo rolls up.

    PADME: ?Artoo, what are you doing here??

    Artoo beeps and whistles.

    C-3PO: ?It seems he carrying a message from someone called Obi-Wan Kenobi. Does that mean anything to you, Master Anakin??
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    Klasse...heißen Dank. Is aba net wirklich unterschiedlich zum Film und dritten Entwurf...

    MfG und Möge die Macht mit euch sein!
    KyleKartan ;obi
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    Hab jetzt mal die Unterschiede hervorgehoben...
    Here we go again. Die allererste Beschreibung der Flitzer-Jagd:

    20. EXT. Cityscape, Speeder Chase - Night (VFX)

    1.The speeders are going with the flow of traffic. They are weaving around over and under speeders, almost causing accidents as speeders try to get out of their way. Zam shoots back at the Jedi as they follow.

    2. They cross through truck lanes, somehow managing to zip between trucks as they pass at right angles.

    3. They race between buildings and down alleys, taking the curves with lots of sliding and banking.

    4. They zoom into a tunnel and see a train coming at them, turn around, and race out.

    5. The speed into oncoming traffic. Speeders swerve, trying to avoid Zam and the Jedi going the wrong way.

    6. The bounty hunter loops around, ends up behind the Jedi, and starts firing laser bolts at them.

    7. Anakin slams on the brakes and moves alongside Zam. She fires point-blank at them, and Anakin says "not working." Anakin tucks underneath Zam´s speeder.

    8. The bounty hunter scrapes over a building, and Anakin drops behind.


    Mal sehen ob ich später noch was auf meinem Rechner finde... jetzt ist Bundesliga-Zeit :)

    Wenn die Mods nichts dagegen hätten, dann würde ich die Storyboards zum Kamino- und Arenaduell posten...

    EDIT 2: Hier die Storyboards... beim Regenduell sieht man, wie einige geschnittenen Szenen hätten plaziert werden sollen... beim Arenaduell sieht man den vollständigen Jango-Mace Kampf.
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