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Neuer Mann ???

Dieses Thema im Forum "Sonstiges" wurde erstellt von French, 4. Juni 2003.

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  1. French

    French Gast

    Forgive my poor German. Hope whoever reads this speaks English. I was surfin the net and saw this site. Anyways, I'm interested in joining, or at least looking on to some of the threads cuz I can read German fairly well, I just can't speak or write it with any fluency.

    Anyone who wants to check out an American SWRPG site: http://starwars.avioc.org

    Now I'll write the above in german (with help from an online translator).

    Jetzt auf Deutsch:
    Ich speche deutsches wenig. Ich fand diesen Aufstellungsort und morgens interessiert, an an verbinden oder mindestens schauen.

    Hier ist ein amerikanischer Aufstellungsort:
  2. Darth Arthious

    Darth Arthious deprimiert

    Welcome to the Project Star Wars!

    First of all: forget the online translater! It only produces bullshit (especially long textes are very funny to read for Germans ;))

    You may not know but commercials should be postet in the "Sonstiges"-forum only .
    So, a moderator will soon move your thread to it.
  3. Sel

    Sel loyaler Abgesandter

    Welcome³ ;)

    Well, i think as my emperor said before, i should move this topic, a little bit ^^

    *english profi*



  4. Lord Kyp Durron

    Lord Kyp Durron Botschafter

    Hello and Welcome 2 the PSW.

    U should write ur Advertisement 4 ur SWRPG better in this Topic.

    Advertisement Thread

    Cu and have Fun on this Board.

    - Thread Closed -
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