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Tom Stoppard Co Writer von Episode III???

Dieses Thema im Forum "Episode I bis III" wurde erstellt von Darth1Tyranus, 17. Juni 2004.

  1. Darth1Tyranus

    Darth1Tyranus junger Botschafter

    hab diese coole News bei aintit gefunden

    MORIARTY: I’m curious if Lucas has done any stuff he did on the set of JEDI or EMPIRE... where he shoots something on the set and has one version, and plans a different version.

    CARL: I’m sure. There’s a lot of shooting left. There’s more shooting left than they’ve admitted. All the action scenes with Wookies haven’t even been shot yet.

    DARTH TARDY: Is it true there’s a month of shooting left in November?

    CARL: I’ve heard five weeks. They’re shooting in March as well.

    SARAH S: March has always been on the schedule.

    CARL: These are scheduled like entire sequences that weren’t filmed in principal, which I don’t believe they did the first two times.

    HELLBOY: How done is the script?

    CARL: The script was complete, but it was 100 to 110 pages. And it’s always in flux.

    MR. BEAKS: Then, do we know now who has been writing with him?

    MORIARTY: As I understand it, it’s Tom Stoppard. That’s the name I’ve heard more often than any. And I’ve heard it from enough sources that I’d say there’s an 80% chance it’s Stoppard.

    SARAH S: He’s non-guild. He’s pretty.

    MORIARTY: And he’s someone Lucas and Spielberg are fond of. Tom Stoppard was the guy who delivered the shooting draft of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. He took Marc Norman’s script and turned it into what people really fell for. You gotta love ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD. He co-wrote BRAZIL, adapted EMPIRE OF THE SUN…

    MR. BEAKS: The guy is one of the best playwrights... one of the smartest guys...

    MORIARTY: And, on top of that, he’s Hollywood-friendly. He’s not the kind of guy who’s above coming in and doing these re-writes. Because he’s non-guild, he was the perfect choice. Spielberg supposedly loved him... loved the EMPIRE OF THE SUN process... and I’m sure he would have highly recommended him.

    HERC: EMPIRE OF THE SUN kinda sucked, didn’t it?

    The entire room jumps on Herc, shouting "NO!"

    MORIARTY: No, it’s great. It’s right up there.

    FLMLVR: Does anyone know what Spielberg’s involvement was on this film? If any.

    MORIARTY: I bet his only involvement was brokering the Stoppard thing... getting him hooked up with Lucas. Because he’s been busy working back-to-back-to-back. He hasn’t had time for anything else.

    HELLBOY: TERMINAL has been difficult.

    MORIARTY: And INDY IV is a bitch in pre-production. They’re still not sure if they’re shooting in June.

    wenn das stimmt dann fress ich nenn Besen, weil der Mann hats wirklich drauf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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