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Was hab ich mir nur dabei gedacht...

Dieses Thema im Forum "Club Obi Wan" wurde erstellt von Lord~of~Darkness, 19. September 2003.

  1. Lord~of~Darkness

    Lord~of~Darkness Senatsbesucher

    ... als ich dies geschrieben hab.... ??

    Please don't forget me

    All is lost, I don't know what to do
    All my nightmares are now becomming true
    This life, this pain, this sorrow... I may cry
    But I know that the only way to get rest is to die

    The face from death I will see
    And soon this life will left me
    The face from death is all I want
    But before I die I wanna hold your hand

    Even after ten years when you see the moonlight
    In the dark sky which shines cold an bright
    When you feel the spirit of the sea
    You can hear a voice that plead: Please don't forget me...

    Still I have to live
    Still I have to wait
    'Till I can reach for a knife
    'Till the death extinguishs my light

    In a few days my greatest dream will be true
    I'm looking forward to it, suicide is all I wanna do
    To end this life of pain
    I never want to bear it again

    But even after ten years when you see the moonlight
    In the dark sky which shines cold an bright
    When you feel the spirit of the sea
    You can hear a voice that plead: Please don't forget me...

    Please dont forget me...
  2. Gillinator

    Gillinator Ape of God

    Egal was du gedacht hast....grandios.:eek: :eek:
  3. Ynee

    Ynee Nerd-Tussi

    Re: Re: Was hab ich mir nur dabei gedacht...

    Dem kann ich irgendwie nur voll und ganz zustimmen.... *seuftz*

    Aber das Gedicht spricht mir aus der Seele...
  4. Ich schließe mich dem Lob an - Wirklich gut!

    Wäre froh, wenn ich überhaupt mal reimen/dichten könnte, aber ich bin in so was ne Lusche...
  5. Aylé Jade

    Aylé Jade eigenwillige Padawan und Seelenverwandte von Mara*

    Genial kann ich dazu nur sagen! :eek: Da läuft es einem kalt den Rücken runter, hast du noch mehr davon?! :cool:
    Gruß Aylé (Mara)
  6. ChesaraSyonette

    ChesaraSyonette girl in the mirror Premium

    Wow, wirklich gut! Meinen Respekt :)
  7. Remus

    Remus Gast

    @Lord~of~Darkness: Muss denn immer alles auf Englisch sein?:rolleyes:
  8. Ambu

    Ambu Passiv-Fan

    Ich kann mich meinen Vorrednern nur anschliessen: Genial! Ich werde so etwas nie können :eek:.
  9. WedgeBL

    WedgeBL loyaler Abgesandter

    Hört sich an wie ein Titel einer Heavy Metal Band.
    Und das du dir das Leben nehmen wirst.
  10. Lord~of~Darkness

    Lord~of~Darkness Senatsbesucher

    Ähm.... *verlegengrins*... äh... danke :D

    Hm.... also, ich hab es nicht abgeschrieben.... kommt vielleicht aber davon, dass ich wirkich Metal höre.... (Slayer-rulez!)
    Und zum zweiten..... bin ich mir noch relativ unschlüssig....
    Ich schreibe ganz einfach das, was ich denke und füg ein paar Reime ein, das ist alles....

    @Aylé Jade: Ob ich noch mehr davon hab?? :D Aye, klar!

    The wish to die

    You say that you've found the meaning of life
    But I know that there's neither love nor
    happines, there is only hate and strife
    So how can you hold your own?
    I'll turn your world view upside down:

    White is evil and black is well
    You can say that I come fom hell
    That I bring bad luck over our land
    It's all the same to me, death is all I want!

    I have chosen my way
    You can say that I'm coward because I run away
    You needn't understand me
    But the release from life is all I see

    The release from hate, force and despair
    I can feel it in the air
    I look into the sky, I can reach every little light
    Of the stars which are like candles in the night

    Hate, fear and sorrow
    There's only death, there's no tomorrow
    A black heart, that's not a lie
    I hate my life and want to die!

    The darkness leads me
    And I know, that I'll be free
    I like this one end most
    This life is a fuckin' game and I have lost!

    Ich habe mal eine Story mit und über Piraten gelesen (aber weiß nicht mer wie sie heißt...). Was darin passiert ist, hab ich auch geschrieben....

    Live as a pirate

    It was a nice and sunny day when the pirates came in our town
    They turned my world view upside down
    Always, I was a good citizen, I was never violent
    But this peaceful life shpould stop in the end...

    The pirates took me with them and showed me
    how I could be free
    And they showed me everything I need on te stormy sea
    I learned more than I ever had learned before
    But I always wanted to get more lore

    In the nights I looked into the sky
    Up to the stars and I wondered how it is to die
    In te nights I sang lyrics of the pirates in the light of the moon
    I had no premonition that my destiny should take
    a turn for the worse soon

    No I am waiting for my sentencing
    But what ever will happen I will regret nothing
    The life of a pirate was the best time of my life
    My weapons were only a sword and a knife

    I stole, I boardet, I killed, I broke the law
    My freedom was all I saw
    I have a black soul and a heart of ice
    But I know that I've chosen the best way
    and die with a smile on my face
  11. Lucky

    Lucky Pretty Bitch

    Ich sag nur... suicide is painless, it brings on many changes :rolleyes:

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