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Anyone from Hannover?

Dieses Thema im Forum "Community Bereich" wurde erstellt von Mace, 21. Januar 2002.

  1. Mace

    Mace Zivilist

    Hi there,

    I'm usually at an US MB and thus more used to posting in Englsih than German. Hope you won't mind.

    Anyways - i am a German SW fan from Hannover / Niedersachsen, and would be inetrested in getting to know /in touch with other fan from this town.

    I am more or less exclusively a SW Prequels fan, Mace Windu being my favourite character.

    I write fanfic (slash) and am active in a TPM - RPG online.

    if you wanna get in touch with me, try
  2. *waves* Heya all you Hannovarians!
  3. Picco

    Picco Heimwerker King *grunz* *grunz* *grunz*

    Ich bin aus der Nähe von Wolfsburg!!!!!!!!!
  4. Holowebcreator

    Holowebcreator El Duderino oder Eure Dudeheit

    Hi Folks

    Hi Master Yo-Gurt and Mace...

    Its nice to have you here in our Community.... to write in english I think will not be a very big problem... our Wraith Five is teaching it and all the others in this Community will also be able to write a little english. and if somebody cant read your Treats.. wraith will translate it for them.. *grins*
    So .. thats all Folks.. and thanks for all the Fish...


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