Anyone from Hannover?


Hi there,

I'm usually at an US MB and thus more used to posting in Englsih than German. Hope you won't mind.

Anyways - i am a German SW fan from Hannover / Niedersachsen, and would be inetrested in getting to know /in touch with other fan from this town.

I am more or less exclusively a SW Prequels fan, Mace Windu being my favourite character.

I write fanfic (slash) and am active in a TPM - RPG online.

if you wanna get in touch with me, try


El Duderino oder Eure Dudeheit
Hi Folks

Hi Master Yo-Gurt and Mace...

Its nice to have you here in our Community.... to write in english I think will not be a very big problem... our Wraith Five is teaching it and all the others in this Community will also be able to write a little english. and if somebody cant read your Treats.. wraith will translate it for them.. *grins*
So .. thats all Folks.. and thanks for all the Fish...