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Dieses Thema im Forum "Die Werkstatt" wurde erstellt von Remedy, 12. Juni 2002.

  1. Remedy

    Remedy Film-Freak aus Leidenschaft

    Ich wollte euch mal fragen wo es eine Original Blasterreplika von Jango Fetts oder Boba Fetts Blaster zu bestellen gibt. Wo es Han Solos gibt weiß ich, aber als Bounty Hunter Fan will ich entweder einen von Jango oder von Boba.
    Dankeschön schon mal im Voraus!!!!
  2. Wo es die Boba/Jango Waffen (als Replika) zu kaufen gibt, wüsste ich auch gerne !!!

    Ich kenne nur eine Seite, wo genau beschrieben wird, wie man sein Kostüm, mit allem was dazu gehört, nachbauen kann...auch den Blaster:

    Boba Fetts Blaster Rifle: the right arsenal

    Face it. Boba Fett just ain't complete without a gun. Even though in my version of the costume he is never pictured with his trusty Blastech EE-33, it's the coolest of his weapons. Luckily, it's also one of the easiest guns to replicate. Start with a Daisy BBgun or similar brand and saw half of the barrel down. It's important you find a gun with the right stock. I bought my gun at WalMart new and it was only $25. Then find some 2" PVC pipe and cover the barrel to form the correct length and diameter of the blaster rifle. Pretty basic, really. I mounted a scope and built up some details on the side of the gun, then used epoxy putty to smooth out all the gaps and fill in the area a few inches inside the barrel. The entire gun, stock and all, was sanded and sprayed flat black (don't forget the inside of the barrel). To give the gun a used look like the rest of his costume, I dusted it with silver Krylon, and a few touches of polyurethane. Paint silver scratches in the barrel and on high wear areas on the gun. Aluminum tape was added at the end of the barrel and a wash of rust brown atop the metal parts for realism. The real gun has a shoulder strap, but I decided against it on mine since it was not practical. Once again, use caution and common sense on where you take it, because it still looks like a real weapon. Don't be surprised if you get stopped by security and be cooperative if you do.

    Hier der link zu der Site mit der kompletten Rüstung:




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