Do you want to live in the REAL Star Wars Universe?



Star Wars Galaxies is an upcoming massive multiplayer online game that promises to be the most visually spectacular Star Wars game ever created. Unfortunately, the game developers have decided to sacrifice some important elements of Continuity and Realism to make it appeal to a wider audience.

The Star Wars Ultra-Realism Society is a group of diehard fans who want to live in the REAL Star Wars Universe. We are petitioning the game developers to create one server which is closer to Continuity but still just as exciting as the movies and books. This requires several programming changes: we want characters to stay dead when they die instead of coming back to life; we also want players to have the ability to attack or rob anyone in the game ? with a coherent system of Laws, Police, and Punishments to keep crime under control. Crime was a MAJOR part of Star Wars and must be included!

We desperately need YOUR help. We have to show that there is enough support from other Star Wars Fans to justify the programming time. Please take a minute of your time to sign our Petition at the link below!!!