hier mal ein bsp . von "Versauter " Fanfic

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hier mal ein bsp . von "Versauter " Fanfic

Und des ist noch harmlos leute.
Anständige menschen bitte nicht weiterlesen *g* ;)

This story is based on characters and situations created
and owned by Lucasfilm, Ltd. No money is being
made and
no infringement is intended.

To Be a Woman
By: Erika

Nov. 1997

Next Generation

*** The twins are turning 18 and Jaina learns what it feels
like to become a grown up. NC-17 for sexual

I feel like I've been blown apart
There are pieces here I don't know where they go
Kiss me on my
salty lips
bet you feel a little crazy but for me
We'll be famous on tv
Would it be my fault

if i could turn
you on
would I be so bad if I could turn you on
When I kiss your mouth i wanna taste it
turn you upside down
don't wanna wast it
When I kiss your salty lips
you will feel a little crazy but for me
I'll be famous on tv
ould it be my fault if I could turn you on
Would I be so bad if I could turn you on
when I kiss your mouth
wanna taste it
turn you upside down
don't wanna waste it
now will it be my fault
If I take your love and
throw it wide you might restrain me
could you blame me
you will feel your blown apart
all the pieces that
will fit to make you whole
and i know where they go.

Kyp watched as Jaina Solo walked away from him.
long brown hair flowing to the middle of her back swung as she
walked to meet her twin brother.
She was blooming into a
beautiful woman. As beautiful as her mother Chief of State Leia
Organa Solo.
She had the most stunning dark eyes and the
sweetest smile. Most of the kids at the Jedi Academy loved Jaina
There was no wrong in her heart. Kids' Kyp reminded himself as
Jaina turned from where her brother was
and smiled back at Kyp as
if she knew he had been watching her walk across the Academy.
Smiling more to
himself, Kyp turned to head back to his room.
Shaking his head he laughed, She's a kid Kyp, just a kid.
No more
then 17.' Soon to be 18' the other part of his mind added. Sitting
down he sighed, what in the world
was he thinking? She was the
only daughter of Han Solo. What man would be crazy enough to
lust after her?
Obviously every boy in the Jedi Academy including
himself and he was on boy. He was 16 years her Senior.
"Oh boy
Kyp, you've gone off the track."
The next day Kyp found himself watching Jaina talking with
twin brother after a meeting in the great Hall. She threw her
head back and laughed at Jacen Solo's newest
As Kyp made his way to the twins he saw Jaina push Jacen
in the arm and say "You'll never give up
will you?" Jacen laughed
at her and replied, "No way! You keep laughing at them, do you

Jaina shook her head, her brown hair swinging, "You are so
sad little brother." Jacen grinned obvious to the
insult. As Kyp
arrived to them he lightly touched Jaina's arm. Her head swung
around, her hair flying over
her shoulders softly brushed against
Kyp's hand. As her eyes met his, her mouth took ona soft smile,
That simple word from her mouth made his insides melt.
"Jaina can I speak with you later?"
Her eyes
smiling Jaina nodded, "Sure, I'll be free after
"Great, then I'll see you then." Kyp turned to walk
off and
Jaina called out to him, "See you then, Kyp."Jacen gave his sister
the look'
"What?" Jaina
Jacen shook his head, "Nothing."
"Then stop looking at me that way." Jaina pushed him
the arm and started to walk with him out of the Hall.
"What way?" Jaina pushed him again ending the

Tenel Ka, Lowbacca and the twins sat in the dinning room
talking about the soon party that
would be held for the twins 18th
"Do you think Uncle Luke will let us have an all niter?"
Jacen laughed, "No way. If so he would make us get up
early just to torture us." Lowbacca growled
his agreement.
Afterwards Jaina waited for Kyp but he didn't show. 20
minutes after her brother and
friends had left she started back to her

"Jaina!" She turned to find Kyp running up to her.
looked incredibly handsome. She knew she was playing with fire
with this one. Not only because
of the age difference but because
of his handso
me features most woman wanted him.
She decided her best bet was playing it cool, "Oh hi Kyp."

He stopped in front of her, "Hey look I'm sorry. I got
caught by Luke and he pulled me into his room to
talk about
Jaina cut him off with her hand, "That's cool Kyp. I
understand, but Anakin is waiting
for me outside so I have to go."
And with that she jogged off in the opposite direction he had came.

Kyp blew at his bangs, What was he thinking? "She is a
child." he said outloud to himself. Turning he
stormed back off to
Luke's room. Luke was wanting to change some of the kids
practices and said he
needed Kyp there to help with the planning.
Jaina ran up the ramp of the Millienum Falcon, "Daddy!"

she flew into her fathers arms as he smiled. "Hey, how's my auri
"Great Dad. Anything new
added to the Falcon lately?"
She asked as they descended down the ramp.
"Yeah I installed a new nav
computer, I think you'll like this
one. Hey Kyp." he added shaking Kyps hand then took him into a

"Hi Han. How are things back on Coruscant?" Kyp
glanced at Jaina then back at Han.
"Oh you know.
Leia is busy as ever, I swear I don't know
how I don't ever get lonely."
"That's cause you have me Daddy." Jaina smiled sweetly
up at her Dad.
Definitely a child.' Kyp said to himself.
Han laughed, "That's right. I'll show you the computer
later Jaina, now where are those brothers of yours? I can't stay
long and I want a hug from them."
"Uncle Luke was talking with them last I heard."
Han ran his hands over her hair, "Okay honey, I'll be right
back. By the way, I like that you leave your hair down now. I only
wish your mother did it more often." and with that Han was gone
leaving Jaina and Kyp alone by the Falcon.
Jaina turned to Kyp smiling, "Have you seen the Falcon
lately? Dad's added a lot of new stuff to it."
Kyp raised his eyebrows, "No, actually I haven't." he said
after a moment's hesitation.
She grabbed his hand and ran up the ramp tagging him
along, "Come on, I ll show you."
10 minutes later after being shown the new hyperdrive,
smuggling hold
s and fire arms they found themselves in the
bedroom. "Mom redid this for Dad as a gift. It was kind of
Dad didn't know how to take the gift. I think it's beautiful
though." Jaina hopped up on the bed
and started jumping,
"Remember doing this when you were a kid?"
Kyp watched her as her hair bounced
against her back and
her breast bounced in front. She had definitely developed into a
woman. Kyp looked
up in her eyes and found her watching him
blushing he smiled and replied, "You still are a kid Jaina Solo."

Jaina stopped bouncing as the smile left her face, "Not so
much anymore" She jumped off the bed with a
thud and headed
toward the door, "Come on we better go before Dad comes back
and wonders what we're
doing in his bedroom. Like you could be
attracted to a kid or anything."
"Jaina." Kyp grabbed her arm
and pulled her back to him
without thinking. She lifted her head so she could look into his

"Yes Kyp?" she whispered. He pulled her closer and
ducked his mouth to hers. Tasting her lips for the
first time was
electrifying. He felt his body tingle and he began to harden. She
pressed her virgin body
closer to his, responding to his need. She
slipped her tongue in his mouth surprising him with her
and wondered how many boys had she teased in the past. Boys.
Not men. Boys.
Because she was just a girl, a child." Pulling
away he tore his mouth from hers.

"Did I do something wrong?" Jaina asked
"No." Kyp turned his head away from her then
looked back
at her, "No," he replied more sternly this time, "You did everything
perfect, too perfect.
Jaina you are only a kid."
With that Jaina turned and headed back to the ramp as she
saw her Da
d heading back up with Jacen in stow behind him. "Hey
Jaina want to see that Nav computer now?"
Jaina glanced back as
Kyp emerged from the bedroom, "Sure Dad." She glanced back at
Jacen and
noticed him looking at Kyp.
After Han showed Jaina his new toy he hugged the twins.
"Your Mom
wants you guys for the weekend after your birthday
party here so I'll be by on Friday to pick you up."

"Okay Dad." Jaina hugged him.
"Hey where did Kyp go?" Han asked as Jaina pulled from
his embrace.

She shrugged.
"Uncle Luke called for him." Jacen explained.
"Aw Duty calls. Well you kids have
fun at your party."
Han hugged Jacen then headed up the ramp. As the twins watched
their Dad take off
Jacen looked down at the ground, "What
happened in the bedroom with you and Kyp?"
"Nothing Jac,"
she responded as she turned to go to her
room, "absolutely nothing."
"Liar." Jacen whispered when she
was out of earshot.
The party was going well into the night and everyone
seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Jaina had a few champagnes
under the supervision of he Uncle. She stood by her brother as
sang Happy Birthday' to them, then they had to use their
Force talents together to blow out all 36 candles
on the huge cake,
18 candles for each of them. Zekk was there and as they danced he
asked her to join him
on his next mission as a bounty hunter. She
danced with many other boys including her brothers and
when finally she decided she needed some fresh air. Walking out
onto the roof she stared up at
the sky taking a deep breath. It was
a beautiful night, a great night to became an adult she decided.
was when she could decide if she wanted to stay longer at the
Academy or do something else with her life
. Course she had no
idea what that something else could be.
Kyp had gone out earlier and watched from the
shadows as
Jaina walked out Her head raised to the night sky, a breeze picked
up lifting strands of her hai
r around her. Sensing him she turned, "It is a beautiful night isn't it?" she asked.
He waited a moment
then walked out of the corner. His
eyes had a haunted look to them and it frightened Jaina for a
Smiling she turned back to the skies.
"Are you not scared of me Jaina? Do you know what I
could do
to a kid like you? I've been to the dark side, I know the
powers I can control."
"No." she softly said.
Confused he walked closer to her
back. Grabbing her by the shoulders he swung her around, "You
are playing
with fire child."
Jaina lifted her head to meet his eyes softly she brought her
hand up to touch his face,
then standing on tip toe she kissed him.
He refused at first but slowly he gave in to her passion. Pulling
he turned his face to the side.
She looked back up to the sky, "There sure didn't feel like a
' kiss to me now did it. . ." He looked back at her, she knew
what she was doing, she knew what she was playing
with. "Kyp."
Just the simple way she said his name he knew was meant for
danger. He glanced down at what
she was wearing, a simple skirt
that normally went to her ankles but the air had picked up and was
it to her knees. She had no shoes on and the most beautiful
legs. The button up shirt had 3 buttons
undone and he could see
part of her chest. Boys would be fighting for her attention. Men
would be
demanding it.
"You like me, don't you Kyp?" It was more of a statement
then a question.

"Gods Jaina, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever
seen. But not only are you 16 years my
Senior but you are Han
Solo's only daughter." Kyp pulled her into her arms meaning only
for protection
but felt himself harden at the feel of her soft body so
close to his.
"Yeah, Han Solo, one of the most
feared men in this
galaxy." She laughed and he realized what a beautiful laugh she
had. "You know I think
Dad wouldn't mind so much if you were
my first. Dad likes you, he would want you to take care of me."

He laughed and she turned to look at him. "Dad always said he
saw a lot of himself in you. It's been
known that the daughter
always experiences her first with someone like her Dad."
Kyp threw his head
back with laughter. "I thought it was
she married a guy like his daughter."
Smiling Jaina shrugged.
The wind picked up again and Kyp
felt her shudder, taking her hand he lead her back inside.
Jaina felt
disappointed as they headed back into the Jedi
Academy, she was sure he was going to lead her back to
the party
but then he took a sudden turn and lead her down the hall to his
bedroom. Smiling to herself
Jaina felt her cheeks turn red.
As they stood in the middle of his room Jaina looked around.
There were
clothes on the floor and a single picture on a stand.
Walking over to it she picked it up. "Is that your brother?
" as she
turned she saw that Kyp was watching her. Nodding he walked
over, took the picture out of her hand
and put it back down.
Slowly he began to kiss her as his hands started unbuttoning the
rest of her shirt.

"I lied." he stated as he kissed her neck. "I'm the one
playing with fire." her shirt falling off Jaina ran
her hands over his
hair. Her breathing got quicker as his hands went lower.
Removing her skirt he stood
back taking her in. She was only in
panties because that night she had decided not to wear a bra.
blushed feeling exposed. Noticing her discomfort he pulled her
close and kissed her, then he
lifted her up and slowly laid her on the
bed. He propped himself up on one elbow as he leaned over her
"Gods Jaina you are beautiful. You have nothing to be
embarrassed about." Jaina smiled as he brought
his mouth down to
hers. Slowly he went down her body. Kissing each breast, suckling
on the nipples.
Making her body shiver, she moaned and closed her
eyes as his hands slowly made their way inside her
panties, between
her legs. Pushing her panties off he brought his mouth down where
his fingers had
just been making her squirm with pleasure. He kept
it there for a while working his tongue inside of her
when she
grabbed his head and breathed, "Now Kyp." he stopped only to
take off his clothes. Lying
over her he eased himself inside her
stopping only for a moment when she flinched with pain.
her softly he began to move inside of her. She was so tight he felt
himself losing it.
She lifted her legs higher as the pain turned into
pleasure. Moving with him she moaned his name
over and over
again. Wanting more, needing it faster. "Oh gods." she moaned
and then just as
suddenly she let herself go. Kyp filled her with his
own pleasures then reluctantly pulled out lying
down beside her.
He watched her face as she laid there, her eyes closed a small smile
on her face.
He touched her cheek and she turned to look at him.
He couldn't help but grin at her.

"I'm not such a kid anymore am I?" she laughed.
Kyp smiled, "No Jaina I guess not."
Leaning over he kissed
her on the forehead, "Happy Birthday Jaina Solo." With that they
fell asleep in each others arms.
They woke up the next morning to chatter outside his door.

Someone knocked on his door, "Hey Kyp, you in there?" It was
Kyp stood up and started
putting on his clothes, "Yeah
"Have you seen Jaina? We can't find her and her Dad
going to be here any minute to pick her up."
"Oh, no I haven't seen her since the party last night.
I'll be
out in a second."
Jaina quietly got dressed. Pulling her hair back she headed
to the door.

"Jaina." Kyp softly said. She turned to him, no smile on
her face but there was also no regret there.
Walking over to him
she stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek.
"Good bye Kyp." she whispered
then quietly left his room.
Kyp watched from the sidelines as Jaina ran into her Dad's
arms. Han lifted
her up and swung her around, "Happy Late
Birthday sweetheart! How does it feel to officially be a grown
Smiling Jaina kissed him on his rough cheek, "As wonderful
as I thought it would Dad."

"Good. So I take it you kids had a good time last night?"
Nodding Jaina looked up at the window Kyp was
standing at. Han
followed her eyesight, "Kyp." he smiled and motioned Kyp to
come down. Jaina glanced
at her twin and saw that he knew.
"Dad I have to go talk to Uncle Luke real quick, I'll be right

Jaina ran off in the direction of her Uncles room.
"Hey Uncle Luke."
"Hi Jaina come on in. Is you
r Dad here?" Luke smiled at
his niece.
"Yeah, he's talking to Kyp out by the Falcon. Look Uncle
Luke I
wanted to talk to you about something. Zekk invited me to
go on his next mission which leaves this next week
and I've decided
to go. I'm not sure what I want to do and I thought this might help
me." Luke nodded
understanding his niece's point of confusion.
"Does this have anything to do with Kyp?" Luke asked
he brought a hand to her hair.
Jaina raised her eyebrows, "No, not really." her eyes took
on a
frightened look.
"It's okay Jaina, I won't tell your Dad." Jaina nodded and
left the room.

Jacen stopped her as she made her way back to her Dad and
Kyp talking.
"Where did you go last night
Jaina?" Jacen asked.
"Jac, why do you want to know?"
"I just do."
"Okay I stayed the night
with Kyp." Jacens eyes turned
"Hey you wanted to know sweet brother."
Jaina touched
him on the cheek then made the rest of her way back to her Dad.
"I won't be
coming back to the Academy." she stated to
whom, she wasn't sure.
Kyp nodded as if he understood
"Are you sure about that sweetie?" Han asked
She looked at her Dad and nodded, "Yeah, I'm going
to go
with Zekk on his next mission."
"We will sure miss you around here Jaina. Come back
Kyp said
Jaina nodded and smiled at him, "Thanks Kyp. For
everything." With that she boarded the
Falcon leaving her
childhood behind.

-The End
Re: hier mal ein bsp . von "Versauter " Fanfic

Oh man... was manche Leute mit SW machen, ist mehr als fragwürdig. Das ist schon echt Pornographie.


heftig nichtwa?
Ich finde man sollte SW seine "Unschuld " lassen.
Und was mich noch mehr wundert , diese story wurde von einer frau geschrieben.
Die Unschuld von Star Wars...

Ich finde es halt nicht gut, daß in jeden Aspekt des täglichen Lebens, sogar in SW-Filme/-Bücher unbedingt was sexuelles rein interpretiert wird (hab ich in einem anderen Topic ja bereits angemerkt). Das ist eine ziemliche Krankheit unserer Zeit, wenn man das so nennen will.

Re: Die Unschuld von Star Wars...

Ja gewissermassen eine Krankheit der heutigen Zeit, aber
das selbe kenne ich von Buffy und Angel Fanfics, da schreiben 14 jährige (!!!!) slash-Fanfics(ab 18/brutaliät
und sex)

Und da heute das 14 jährige schreiben, kann man zum teil
bedenklich sehen und zum anderen Teil wie weit 14 jährige
schon sind. Aber ich finde, mann muss in einer Fanfic
unbedingt gerade so gestallten, eher mehr nach dem richten
was schon vorgegeben wurde.
Re: Die Unschuld von Star Wars...

Diese 14-Jährigen sind aber eher eine Ausnahme,ich bin selbst in diesem Alter und muss sagen,die meisten meiner Altersgenossen sind zwar aufgeklärt,doch gibt es einige die glauben AIDs wird durch küssen übertragen.
Re: Die Unschuld von Star Wars...

Genau das hab ich gemeint, DaalaX: Es zieht sich einfach durch jeden Bereich des Lebens. Und fast kein Film/keine TV-Serie wird davon verschont. Glaubt es oder auch nicht, selbst Zeichentrickfilme werden zu solchen komischen Fan-Fictions verarbeitet.


UND AUCH NOCH MIT KYP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zu den 14 jährigen:
Jaja die Kinder von Heute , wie gut das ich alte und erfahrene 18 bin ;) *g*
cu Jaina
Jaina & Kyp

Ja, das ist wirklich nicht zu fassen ;) Kyp Durron ist einer der (mir) eher unsympathischen SW-Charaktere, geht sicherlich auch einigen anderen so. *gg*

Re: Jaina & Kyp

Also, diese Fanfic... *schüttel* :mad:
Auch Mara und Luke werden von SOLCHEN sachen nicht verschont! Ich glaub ich muss mal ein Beispiel bringen, egal wie ekelhaft... werde es demnächst mal unter dieses Topic posten!
Es ist wirklich ungaublich, was die Leute so fabrizieren.. aber habt ihr auch schon mal einen DEUTSCHEN erlebt (oder eine Deutschsprachigen) der eine SOLCHE SW-Fanfic publiziert hat? Ich (Gott sei dank) noch nicht!
Ich muss hinzufügen, daß die Leute in meinem Alter (Ich bin 15, zusammen mit 16 und 17 Jahre alten in der 10. Klasse) auch schon ziemlich weit sind einige davon.. vielleicht... solche Fantasien wie in dieser Fanfic haben, ober es würde sich keiner Trauen sowas abzutippen. Die sind schon verlegen, wenn einer eine Karte mit der Aufschrift: "Ich bums jetzt jeden Tag!" auf seinem Ordner kleben hat!
Aber die Amis scheinen mit sowas echt keine Probleme zu haben.

Ich sag nur: www.fanfix.com das ist eine Weide voll socher perversen SWFanfics.. wirklich, jede dritte hat ein NC-17 Rating.. manche nur ein R für "strong sexual situations"
Darunter auch eine Geschichte, in der Han und Mara... naja, ich glaub, ich muss diesen Satz nicht zuende führen...*würg* :x

Klare Himmel

Hey Soli (ich darf dich doch so nennen oder?)
kannst du mich denn noch toppen?;) *g*

cu Jaina
Etwas andere Fan-Fiction...

Tut mir einen Gefallen und postet nicht zuviel von dem Zeug. Ich denke mal, wir wissen, daß sowas existiert und das reicht auch. Fanfiction zu posten ist kein Problem, aber solche muß es wirklich nicht sein. Oder?

Re: Etwas andere Fan-Fiction...

Also ... solche Storys sind echt etwas heftig ... und auch so völlig ohne Sinn!! Ich meine ... warum sollte Jaina mit Kyp ... einfach so!!!! Das macht für mich keinen Sinn und ansonsten finde ich es auch sch****. (Gibts eigentlich auch Obi-Wan Storys mit so was??? Würde mich mal interessieren ... ich hab noch keine gefunden (Gott sei Dank, eigentlich)).

@Solara: Hey, ich bin auch 15 und in der 10 :)
Re: Etwas andere Fan-Fiction...

Solche Fan Fics lassen sich leider nicht vermeiden und damit habe ich auch schon meine Meinung darüber geäußert.
Zum Glück ist SW noch nicht so sehr davon betroffen wie unsere Kollegen vom Star Trek Lager wo es schon richtige Filme etc. dazu gibt.
Naja - wer es nötig hat...
Re: Etwas andere Fan-Fiction...

@Jaina : Nein, ich glaube nicht.. hm.. na vielleicht! Muss aber nicht sein! Zum Spitznamen: Wenn du willst. Manche sagen auch einfach nur Lara! :)

@Batou (seine Signatur): Ja, es ist bedauerlich, daß du die Wahrheit kennst. Zumindest bei diesem Topic!

Also, daß es WENIGE von diesen ... Perversitäten bei Star Wars gibt, ist ja wohl eine glatte Lüge!
Aber Filme (auch bei Star Trek)... oh, die Macht stehe uns bei, ist ja widerwärtig!

Best regards

@ Jeane:
Ok Ok das wollen wir dann nicht weiter vertiefen ,macht auch auf dauer keinen sinn ,dann sind wir nicht besser als die die es geschrieben haben.
Und auserdem sind hier einige auch nicht volljährig;) *g*
Schick mir die Fan Fic doch einfach.
Ich will nähmlich auf meine hp eine Top Ten des größten SW Mülls einbringen.
Das geht an alle Abgedrehte Fanfics kommen jetzt auf meinen Index.

Cu Jaina
Re: re

Würdest du bitte die noch nicht volljährigen(zu denen ich mich zähle)nicht bevormunden?Wir haben ein Recht auf die volle Information!
Fan-Fiction im EU-Board...

... stell ich mir ein ganz kleines bißchen anders vor. Ich denke, ein Beispiel dazu reicht. Wer unbedingt mehr davon lesen will, kann ja eine Anfrage bei irgendeiner Suchmaschine starten ;)

Re: Fan-Fiction im EU-Board...

Das war auch nicht so furchtbar ernst gemeint.
Meinst du ich weis nicht was ihr euch alles reinzieht??
Vor einem Jahr war ich selbst noch nicht volljährig.
Und zur Fanfic *nachobenzeig*
Wer sowas sehen will muss nur rtl 2 gucken*g*;)
cu Jaina
Re: re

@Jaina: Kann ich machen! Ja, so eine Top Ten, des größten Star Wars-Mülls... da kommt manchmal eine Menge zusammen, besonders, wenn man die Fanfcitions mit einbezieht!
Du willst nicht zufällig meine Fanfic "Neoskywalker" mit aufnehmen oder? Hat zwar nichts mit DIESEM heikeln (und ekehaften) thema zu tun, aber das ist eigentlich auch nur Müll! (Dabei meinen alle, die wäre ja ach so toll! Hah, ich weiß was, was die noch nicht wissen!) Okay, das war eine Fiese Anspielung, Sorry! Aber ich muss mal meinen Frust deshalb rauslassen!

Best regards
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