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    Mark Hamill vs. Bill Gates
    Mon, Oct 09, 00 04:32:54 PM EDT

    Andrew Weiss alerts us to this article at the Sun Sentinel:

    Seventeen years after laying down his Star Wars lightsaber, Mark Hamill is in the midst of a new hi-tech battle -- and he'll need a good dose of the Force to win it.
    Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in three installments of the sci-fi epic, is going up against Microsoft and its co-founder, Bill Gates."If only I could get Bill Gates in a headlock, I'd give him some good noogie," Hamill said. And for the mild-mannered 49-year-old actor, that's a strong statement.

    So, what's bugging Yoda's former student? He is battling Microsoft's games division over the addition of violence in an animated computer game he's trying to develop for fall 2001.

    "Microsoft wants me to make it more violent," he told Insider Friday, on a break from shooting his .com television show for CNBC at Boca Raton's TV Interactive studios. "They want me to add biker-type characters with machine guns instead of their arms who shoot up everybody. It's just not that kind of a game. This game is based on a moral code. It rewards non-confrontation. This is something kids really want, and need."

    FYI, this is a video game based on his Black Pearl comic. Visit the link above for more!

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    Hmmm, erninnert mich ein bisschen an die BPjS...
    Nein, aber ist so ein Kampf nicht ziemlich aussichtslos?

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