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Könnte mir jemand bitte sagen ob diese Text Stelle wirklich aus SbS ist?:

Re: Jaina's lover
Hi Chur! Glad to have ya.

Anyway, I just read an interesting little bit in SbS, involving this topic. Here you go:

"Another success for Zekk," Jaina said. She turned and found herself looking directly into his green two-tone eye, a sentiment much deeper then friendship evident in the way he held her gaze. Jaina waited a moment for him to look away, and, when he did not, passed the detector film back to him. "Hold this while I get the cutter."

Though hardly blind to the disappointment that clouded Zekk's face, Jaina was careful to maintain a neutral expression as she reached for the lasicutter. Her reaction was not because she lacked feelings for Zekk-in fact, a few years ago she had found it difficult to keep her thoughts off him-but over time her feelings had changed from infatuation to something closer to what she felt for her brothers. It was love, certainly, but nothing physical-nothing like the spark that had passed through her on the Tafanda Bay, when Jag Fel had ignored Borsk Fey'lya's entire cabinet to introduce himself to her.

That had made her stomach flutter. . .but she was just being silly. She had no idea where Jag Fel was-probably not even in the known galaxy-and even less whether they were likely to meet again. If she insisted on waiting for a jolt like that again, she would be Mara's age before she ever....

"Jaina?" Zekk fluttered the detector film in her face. "Are you going to cut or not?"
"Of course, but we need measurements." Jaina turned away to hide her blush. "Where did I put that hydrospanner?"

And that's about the most advanced relationship development in the book, one of my few problems with it. And it's more like negative development. Zekk is interested, but Jaina isn't, not in a romantic way. She was attracted by Jag, except she doesn't know where he is, or if they'll ever see each other again
Re: Star by Star *SPOILER!!!*

Ich muss meinem Vorredner zustimmen ;) .

P.S.: Hey, Tai, wo bleibt eigentlich deine ausführliche SbS-Wertung im dazu gehörenden Thread?
Re: Star by Star *SPOILER!!!*

A cool
Danke mehr wollt ich gar nicht wissen , hätte ja auch wieder ein Stück FanFic sein können...
Re: Star by Star *SPOILER!!!*

Wraith: Ich bewerte Sachen grundsätzlich erst nach zweiter Inspektion. Bei SbS wird das noch dauern, gerade ist bei mir nochmals The Lord of the Rings dran, dann Vector Prime aufwärts zu SbS :)
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