Star Wars: Connection - - - Scene by Scene



Shot #:

1. "Star Wars: Episode II" in gold text over blue background
2. (Fitting Room) Jimmy Smits being fitted for his Bail Organa robes (picture already seen on OS)
3. (Fitting Room) Temura Morrison, wearing Jango Fett armor, being fitted with a helmet. Both the helmet and armor are uncolored.
4. (Fitting Room) What looks to be Natalie Portman, in a dark, simple dress with white sleeves, and Ahmed Best in street clothes.
5. (Against Blue screen, looks like metal floor with lines/patterns carved into it) Sam Jackson and Nick Gillard practicing with lightsabers. Nick is attacking and Sam is in a basic, saber-parallel-to-the-ground defensive move. Then Nick spins around and Sam blocks another blow.
6. (Unfurnished set, no bluescreen) Hayden and Nick practicing. Nick is fighting one handed, and spins around while Hayden blocks his blows.
7. (Behind a set?) Lucas and Gillard play fighting, both one handed (Lucas is schooling Nick!)
8. (Landing platform set, surrounded by greenscreen) Temura in full Jango garb, sans helmet, strafing sideways with both of his hands shaped like guns.
9. (???) Alien female with white contacts turns and looks at the camera.
10. (Creature shop) Animatronic Nemodian mask test
11. (Make-Up) Weird blue/yellow alien getting makeup applied. Scary teeth.
12. (Costume/Prop room) Head fitting for a VERY tall, brown, ugly alien. Looks almost like a brown Swamp-Thing with horns.
13. (Costume/Prop room) Head fitting for alien with "Klingon" like skull ridges.
14. (Same set as shot number 5, bluescreen walls) 4 R2-D2 droids rolling around and spinning their "heads".
15. (Backlot) Kit Fisto riding shotgun on a golf cart with some Production Assistants
16. (White sheet background form the injured Padme select pic) GL talking on a cell phone (only a few frames)
17. GL directing on set
18. GL directing in Tunisia, framing a shot
19. (Senate Chamber) Clapboard
20. (Senate Chamber?) Clapboard
21. (Senate Chamber) Clapboard
22. (Geonosis?) Clapboard
23. (Kamino?) Clapboard
24. (Arena Floor) Clapboard
25. (On set) GL calling action with Liam Neeson look-alike (circa Darkman) behind him. Coincidence?
26. (Nightclub set) Bad-ass slow motion shot of Anakin and Obi-Wan (no robe) entering the Nightclub.
27. (Arena Set) Long-haired human Jedi spinning two red prop sabers very quickly, with Jedi and bluescreen behind him.
28. (Arena set, Jedi and bluescreen in background) Portly Human Jedi (Male? Female?) in a dark robe blocking what will be blaster shots.
29. (Arena Set, Jedi and Bluescreen in background) Male human jedi with no robe does backwards thrust and then a side kick.
30. - 30.5. (Arena Set, Jedi and bluescreen in background) Balding male human Jedi in dark, short robes spins, blocking blaster bolts (shot fades into a closer view of his head)
31. (Arena Set, Jedi and bluescreen in background) Female (?) human Jedi blocking blaster bolts.
32. (Arena Set) Female human Jedi with long brown hair blocking upwards and spinning.
33. (Arena Set, Jedi and bluescreen in background) Same Jedi from 31 spinning and cutting something low.
34. (Arena Set, Jedi and bluescreen in background) Male Jedi spinning and blocking shots
35. (Arena set) A Jedi in dark flowing robes takes a jump off a precipice into a safety mat.
36. (Arena set) Jedi in dark robes drops his saber and takes a nasty tumble down a flight of bluescreen stairs, passing dead Jedi on his way down.
37. (Bluescreen) Anakin hopping out of the yellow speeder onto a blue safety mat.
38. (Royal Starship ramp) Guards and decoys go flying as light cues go off in a simulated explosion, blowing them off the ramp.
39. (Arena set) Alien Jedi holding red saber prop and smiling for the camera.
40. (Arena set) Sam Jackson casually spinning his red prop saber, then resting it on his shoulder.
41. (Arena set) Sam thrusting his saber one handed, then spinning it over his head to finish off in a backwards thrust that puts Obi-Wan to shame.
42. (Bluescreen) Sam up on a bluescreen platform blocking upwards.
43. (Arena set) Sam running towards the camera, holding his saber low so that the tip drags on the ground.
44. (Tunisia maybe?) I have no idea what this is, all I can make out is GL in a sunhat and what looks like a camera operator with a mannequin attached to their head.
45. (Mos Espa set) One of those Cantina bulbous head aliens saluting
46. (Italy?) GL looking into a camera viewfinder.
47. (Tunisia) 3PO and R2 with umbrella being held over them
48. (Nightclub set) 3 girls form the On Location videos posing for the camera
49. (Arena set) Battle droid held by two operators collapsing
50. (Geonosis) Padme in white outfit (w/ cape) ducking under a door as it shuts from above and then standing straight
51. (Arena set, overturned speeder (?) in the background) Padme with torn midriff and shirtsleeve holding a droid blaster and dropping and rolling, shooting from a prone position, then getting up as someone jumps from the downed craft behind her.
52. (Arena set) Midriff Padme smiling at GL as she spins her blaster, then dropping it and looking shocked as it breaks into pieces on the ground.
53. (On set, looking at Royal transport footage) Rushes (footage) from the Royal starship: Padme jumps out of the pilots seat and runs toward the camera as Anakin gets up from the navigators position and grabs her arm. The shot then changes to Padme looking back at Anakin.
54. (Arena Set) Padme, Anakin and 4-5 other Jedi in a defensive square, firing and blocking. (Picture on the official site)
55. (Coruscant? Naboo?) Padme (or the new Queen) in Naboo headdress walking past some people in the foreground.
56. (Naboo) Anakin running in a field towards a girl in the foreground (likely Padme), but stopping suddenly quite a distance away.
57. (Coruscant) Anakin walking through a crowd as a camera follows.
58. (Bluescreen) Anakin climbing onto the moving blue Reek's head animatronic but not quite making it.
59. (Bluescreen) Anakin on top of the Reek's head "surfing" then falling off.
60. (Bluescreen) Anakin kneeling on the Reek's head, pounding it with his fist, getting bucked into the air.
61. (Bluescreen) Anakin taking a running start at the Reek and coming nowhere close to landing on it.
62. (Bluescreen, metal floor) Two aliens (?) being thrown back violently.
63. (Kamino set? Arena?) GL demonstrating to Ewan how he wants Obi-Wan to block something above him.
64. (Kamino landing platform) Awesome shot of a pissed off looking Obi-Wan jumping up and onto the lip of the platform, soaking wet in full robes, jumping up, spinning his saber, landing (with lights flashing in the foreground) and striking a fighting stance.
65. (Mos Espa set) Camera tracking backwards through the street
66. (Geonosis? Tatooine?) A covered camera panning around someone in a brown, dusty environment, with some sort of structure to the left.
67. (On set) GL standing.
68. (On set) Stage lights flashing in timed sequence.
69. (Bluescreen) Sam Jackson shrugging.
70. (Costume/Prop Room) Some guy who looks EXACTLY like Leonardo DiCaprio getting a costume removed.
71. (Costume/Prop room) Girl getting head removed off of large costume.
72. (Kamino Landing Platform) Jango doing his "Dancing in the Rain" bit from a different angle.
73. (On set) GL and crew laughing heartily.
74. Star Wars: Episode 2 on black background.
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Ich hoff mal, du hast das nicht alles von Hand getippt. ;)
Aber bewegte Bilder wären mir lieber als weisse lateinische Buchstaben auf blauem Hintergrund, obwohl man sich mit etwas Phantasie einiges vorstellen kann.
Re: Star Wars: Connection - - - Scene by Scene

Grossen Dank an IO für die Zusammenfassung.

Besonders die Arena Szenen klingen cool. Ich nehme ausserdem erfreut zur Kenntnis, dass sich vermehrt menschliche Jedis in der Arena tummeln. Super!