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Der Englisch "Üben" - Thread

Dieses Thema im Forum "Club Obi Wan" wurde erstellt von Tear, 9. November 2002.

  1. Tear

    Tear junger Botschafter


    This thread is created for the people wich want to talk a little bit english :D

    Please excuse my grammar and writing mistakes, i`m - it`s a pity - not very good in english.

    Have a nice day

  2. Master Mace

    Master Mace loyaler Abgesandter

    I have {erst} 2 months english and I'm {noch nicht} good. :D

    (Mein Wortschatz verbessert sich von Tag zu Tag ich werde bald auch ernsthaft posten können)
  3. Light Saber

    Light Saber junger Botschafter

    I have aussi depuis 2 months English. Mais i can bald richtig posten
  4. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Link Master

    The word 'I' is with sentence beginnings and names the only word, which is written in uppercases. Then you should use ' instead of ´ oder `.

    But my english is not so good, too. I try to improve it by watching StarTrek:TNG and Babylon 5 in english.
  5. Lord Kyp Durron

    Lord Kyp Durron Botschafter

    I think this Thread is in The Wrong "Forum"

  6. Master Mace

    Master Mace loyaler Abgesandter

    I play some Computergames in english to {verbessern} my english
  7. Dray

    Dray junger Botschafter

    I find English learn am which for stupid talents as I to be spoken English already of birth at French against it am already more heavily.
  8. Wraith Five

    Wraith Five - Mitarbeiter

    Yeah? Interesting idea.
    I hate to remind you, though, but 'people' normally are human, which means that your 'which' is slightly wrong (at least in written English)... 'that' or 'who' would be correct.

    While I'm at it: The best way to improve your English (your skills in any language, actually) is to actively use it: The Internet provides us with several possibilities to do so 'live' (discussion boards, chat rooms), and most relevant pages are English, anyway; watching films in English and reading English books in their original language is a good way as well (you can start with easy, maybe abridged, novels and work your way slowly up to highlights such as Charles Dickens).
  9. Tear

    Tear junger Botschafter

    Thanks for correcting my sentences :D

    Okay... what should we talk about? (Is thist wrong too? Or am i able to write a correct sentence? :D)

    Good Bye

  10. Wraith Five

    Wraith Five - Mitarbeiter

    My pleasure.

    No, it is actually correct. I'm impressed :D. (I would use 'ought to' here instead of 'should', though, but those are stilistic differences you wouldn't (have to) know).

    I for my part could talk about virtually every subject, so I'll just leave it to you to chose one.
  11. Syal

    Syal Panda, Meerschweinchen, Delfin, Zwergotter- und na

    O please don't do that..... I HATE ENGLISH!! In the 4th klass I got a 5 as mark, since this I hate it really...... and my teacher is a {incompetentes Miststück}.
    But I think, that I can speak English... Not very well, but with every SW story I read, it's better. ^^
  12. Dray

    Dray junger Botschafter

    Français ?

    Hey comme waers l'avec le français? c'est mieux pour pratiquer
  13. ObiWans Girlfriend

    ObiWans Girlfriend Von Beruf Girlfriend

    Re: Re: Der Englisch "Üben" - Thread

    ...or James Joyce ;) -(sorry, an insider between Wraith and me:rolleyes: )
  14. Syal

    Syal Panda, Meerschweinchen, Delfin, Zwergotter- und na

    STOP SPEAKING FRANCE!!!!!!!!!! :clone
  15. Tear

    Tear junger Botschafter

    Let`s talk about how you have become such a good english speaker...

    Have you ever been to england/amerika?

  16. Dray

    Dray junger Botschafter

    :ani voit si comme si quelqu'un le français haït là
  17. Tear

    Tear junger Botschafter


    Mi chiamo Walter. E tu come ti chiami?


    Thats finally all i can speak in the italian language. But in every holiday i learn a few words.. i hope one day i can live for half an year there, to learn the complete language.

    Or i`ll study it at a university...

  18. Tear

    Tear junger Botschafter

    @dray: FREAK :D


    PS: Good luck for us, it`s allowed to spam :D
  19. Dray

    Dray junger Botschafter

    J'en ne suis pas un "Freak" et aussi moi suis plus "streber" volontiers le français homme parlant suis si inhabituel cela?
  20. Tear

    Tear junger Botschafter

    We should talk english, not french!


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