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  1. hi leute könnt ihr mir eine liste geben wo alle Jedis genannt sind auch von KOTOR JEDI KNIGHT oder anderen Star wars spielen oder büchern!!!!

  2. Darth Satanius

    Darth Satanius Sithlord

    Das ist nicht wirklich dein ernst oder :stocklol: :konfus:

    Das würde die grenzen dieses Forums bei weiten sprengen :konfus:
  3. Minza

    Minza Geek Queen Premium

    Die Liste ist bei weitem nicht vollständig aber bevor du hier an Wissensmangel eingehst ^^ Vorsicht: unter anderem sind einige Spoiler im Bereich NJO angesetzt... einfach die Liste mit den KotOR und CW Jedi ausbauen und fertig ;)

    Golden Age of the Sith/The Hyperspace War (-5000)
    Memit Nadill - Empress Teta's advisor, defended Coruscant from the Sith
    Odan-Urr - Ooroo's apprentice, won important skirmish at Kirrek
    Ooroo - Master, slain at Kirrek

    Naddist Revolt/Sith War (-4400 to -3986)
    Vodo-Siosk Baas - Master, killed by Exar Kun (-3996)
    Ood Bnar - Master, librarian of Ossus, took root to protect ancient lightsabers from Exar Kun (-3996)
    Chamma - Master, Andur Sunrider's teacher (-4000)
    Crado - Baas's Cathar apprentice, a convert of Kun, died in an explosion triggered by a Sith weapon (-3996)
    Shoaneb Culu - Knight (-4000)
    Dace Diath - Jedi from Tatooine, son of Sidrona
    Sidrona Diath - Master, killed in the Battle of Basilisk (-4000)
    Tott Doneeta - Knight trained under Jeth, could speak beast languages (-4000)
    Dominis - Master, trained Zona Luka who ultimately killed him (-4000)
    Garnoo - Neti Master, trained the young Oss Wilum & died (-4000)
    Arca Jeth - Arkanian Master, killed by a projectile as he saved Ulic Qel-Droma (-3997)
    Kith Kark - Gotal Jedi, killed during the Freedon Nadd Uprising
    Exar Kun - Baas's apprentice, became a Sith Lord, died when he entombed his spirit on Yavin IV (-3996)
    Zona Luka - Jedi who apprenticed under Dominis (-4000)
    Freedon Nadd - fallen Knight, used Sith teachings to conquer Onderon, destroyed in uprising (-4400)
    Odan-Urr - librarian of Ossus, killed by Exar Kun (-3996)
    Cay Qel-Droma - Knight, killed by his brother Ulic (-3996)
    Ulic Qel-Droma - Jedi turned Sith, stripped of powers (-3996), redeemed but then killed by Hoggon (-3986)
    Shayoto - attended the great Jedi assembly at Mount Meru (-4000)
    Andur Sunrider - Knight, killed by a group of thugs (-4000)
    Nomi Sunrider - Knight during the Beast Wars of Onderon and the Sith War
    Vima Sunrider - Knight, daughter of Nomi and Andric, taught by Ulic Qel-Droma
    Sylvar - Baas's Cathar apprentice
    Thon - Tchuukthai Master during the Beast Wars of Onderon and the Sith War
    Qrrl Toq - Nazzar Jedi-prince, designer & builder of Jedi armor (-4000)
    Matta Tremayne - Master, slain by Freedon Nadd (-4400)
    Oss Wilum - Jedi apprenticed to Garnoo, then Thon (-4000)

    Battle of Ruusan (-1000)
    Bug - Somov Ritian recruit, killed by Kaan's thought bomb
    Kiel Charny - general who silenced Sith gun turrets, killed by Tomcat during a fight with Sith Lord Githany
    Chayka - slain in a battle on Ruusan
    Lord Valenthyne Farfalla - brought reinforcements to Ruusan, disliked by Lord Hoth, perished at Ruusan
    Lord Gale - killed while charging Sith gun turrets in a battle on Ruusan
    Ginger - recruit on Ruusan
    Lord Hoth - Master, perished at Ruusan when Kaan activated the thought bomb
    Pernicar - Lord Hoth's advisor, aspiring scribe until duty called, slain in a batlle on Ruusan
    Petja - one of Lord Hoth's lieutenants
    Rain (Zannah) - Somov Ritian, succumbed to the Dark Side, became Bane's apprentice
    Rajan - Charney's scout
    Lord Saleeh - perished in a battle on Ruusan
    Sladak - killed by the Sith enroute to the Jedi camp on Ruusan
    Slatka - killed by the Sith enroute to the Jedi camp on Ruusan
    Torr Snapit - scout for Knights, sacrificed his life for Bug and Tomcat
    Tal - old Jedi who followed Hoth
    Tomcat (Darovit) - Somov Ritian, failed as a Jedi & as a Sith, managed to survive the thought bomb
    Turpimir - slain in a battle on Ruusan
    Zor Vlahu - fell with his sister in a battle on Ruusan

    Jedi Valiency (-600 to -200)
    Allya - fallen Jedi, founded the force-witch society on Dathomir (about -600)
    Bodo Baas - Master in the Adega system who was gatekeeper of the Baas Holocron (-600)
    Beldorian - former Hutt Jedi, set himself up as dictator of Nam Chorios until +13
    Gra'aton - Master, attempted to rescue Chu'unthor's passengers on Dathomir (-200)
    Ikrit - Kushiban Master, arrived on Yavin IV and went into a Jedi trance (-385)
    Polvin Kut - tried to liberate the colonies from Tulak, slain by Tulak on Koba
    Nikkos Tyris - Anzati Dark Jedi, founder of the Jensaari
    Vulatan - Master, attempted to rescue Chu'unthor's passengers on Dathomir (-200)
    Yoda - Master, attempted to rescue Chu'unthor's passengers on Dathomir (-200)

    Old Order (shortly before the Rise of the Empire)
    Aalto - student, one of Bruck's friends (-44)
    Stass Allie - Knight, dismantled Arconan smuggling cartel (-22)
    Djinn Altis - Master, trained Geith & Callista on Bespin
    Xiaan Amersu - Twi'lek Padawan trained by J'mikel until his murder (-30)
    Soara Antana - Master
    Vel Ardox - Knight
    Darrin Arkanian - Master (-22), mortally wounded by High Inquisitor Tremayne
    Darsha Assant - Bondara's Padawan, defended Pavan from Darth Maul to her death (-33)
    Fable Astin - Knight, student of Aldaric Brandl, handed over to the Emperor when she killed Vialco
    Astaal - Baragwin scholar
    Bant - Kit Fisto's Mon Calamari Padawan
    Depa Billaba - Chalactan Master
    Ashka Boda - Master, caught & executed by the Emperor
    Anoon Bondara - Twi'lek Master, killed in fight against Darth Maul (-33)
    Omo Bouri - famed Wol Cabasshite Master, trained Saesee Tiin
    Empatojayos Brand - Ganathan Knight, Yaddle's Padawan, lost much of his body during a battle with Vader
    Callista - Knight, left her Force-aura in the Eye of Palpatine's automated firing computer
    Jorus C'Baoth - Master, killed by Thrawn in the failed Outbound Flight Project
    Tsui Choi - the diminutive Aleena Jedi
    Chellemi Chuovvick - Knight
    Bruck Chun - student, became Xanatos's apprentice, killed by Kenobi (-32)
    Kaloor Cofi - Knight, killed in Gotal standoff (-22)
    Joclad Danva - Knight, defeated for teräs käsi title (-22)
    Danyawarra - Padawan, killed in attempt to broker peace talks in the Virgillian Civil War
    Dark Woman - failed in training Aurra Sing, took A'Sharad Hett as her Padawan, killed by Vader
    Miro Daroon - Piton Knight, in charge of maintaining the Temple on Coruscant
    Count Dooku - former Master, Count of Serenno, abandoned the Order (-32), became Darth Tyranus
    Everen Ettene - Master, killed in attempt to broker peace talks in the Virgillian Civil War
    Theen Fida - Choi's hulking Anx Padawan, killed in effort against Yinchorri attacks on other systems (-33)
    Kit Fisto - Nautolan Master (-22)
    Adi Gallia - Master, daughter of Corellian diplomats, High Council member (-32)
    Geith - Knight, killed in an attempt to destroy the Eye of Palpatine
    Micah Giiett - Master, High Council member, killed in effort against Yinchorri attacks (-33)
    Leor Hal - a prominent apprentice who embraced the Potentium & renounced his training
    Nejaa Halcyon - Corellian Master, Knight (-22)
    A'Sharad Hett - Padawan of Sharad Hett, Ki-Adi-Mundi, & the Dark Woman, former Tusken
    Sharad Hett - Knight, fled to Tatooine & became a Tusken, killed by Aurra Sing (-32)
    Dovish Hokken - Jedi, killed by Iridium pirates (-22)
    Belsed-Qan Idan - Jedi, Aargau's assigned Jedi watchman (-22)
    Tnani Ikon - Knight, in charge of computer searches at the Temple (-29)
    Jabidus Inspra - Master (-22)
    Ylenic It'kla - Caamasi Jedi, killed by the Death Star on Alderaan (0)
    Jedidiah - suffered severe brain damage, died to save Luke Skywalker's life (+3)
    Sharissa Jeng - Knight (-22)
    Jerec - Knight (-22), turned Dark Side Adept when hunted by Tremayne, killed by Katarn
    Qui-Gon Jinn - venerable Master, Dooku's Padawan, killed by Darth Maul (-32)
    J'mikel - trained Xiaan Amersu, killed by Aurra Sing (-30)
    Tassida Judrelle - Knight, dismantled Arconan smuggling cartel (-22)
    Reess Kairn - darksider Twi'lek pirate, killed by Aurra Sing (-32)
    Volfe Karkko - Anzati Jedi, soup addict, caused an uprising on Kiffex, killed by Quinlan Vos (-30)
    Ludwin Katarkus - Master, killed in attempt to broker peace talks in the Virgillian Civil War
    Aruden Kej - Knight, killed by Iridium pirates (-23)
    Kendalina - Knight, Ken's mother, captured in Palpatine's Jedi purge, met Triclops on Kessel
    Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jinn's apprentice (-44 to -32), later master of Anakin Skywalker, killed by Vader (0)
    K'kruhk - Micah's burly Whiphid Padawan
    Ki-Adi-Mundi - Cerean Master, High Council member
    Plo Koon - Master, masked Kel Dor fighter, Tyvokka's Padawan, High Council member (-32)
    Eeth Koth - Master, Zabrak thought control expert, High Council member (-32)
    Sar Labooda - Chalactan Jedi (-22)
    Thracia Cho Leem - renowned for training female Jedi, left Jedi order after she counseled Anakin (-29)
    Hyris-Well Madorin - Master (-22)
    Siolo Ur Manka - Twi'lek Master, killed by Darth Maul in the Jentares system
    Garen Muln - enrolled in the pilot program as a student, became Clee Rhara's Padawan
    Naeshaun - Knight, killed by the Yinchorri (-33)
    Tieren Nie-Tan - guard to the Jedi temple, killed by the Yinchorri (-33)
    Jocasta Nu - Knight, Archives Director (-22)
    Barris Offee - Unduli's Padawan (-22)
    O-Lana - student from Kegan
    Ferus Olin - Siri Tachi's Padawan
    Jax Pavan - taken into the order at the age of 2 despite his father's objections (-38)
    Peerce - killed by Aurra Sing (-30)
    Even Piell - Master, Lannik warrior, High Council member (-32)
    Plett - Ho'din Master, sheltered dozens of children of Jedi on Belsavis (-18), then fled to parts unknown
    Yarael Poof - Quermian Master, High Council member (-32)
    Quarmall - Knight, dismantled Arconan smuggling cartel (-22)
    Qu Rahn - Master, trained by Yoda, killed by Jerec, helped Katarn become a Jedi (+5)
    Oppo Rancisis - Thisspiasian Jedi Master, cunning military strategist, High Council member (-32)
    Yoshi Raph-Elan - met the beautiful princess Lourdes & learned a lesson about trusting ancient prophecies
    Reeft - Dresselian Knight (-22)
    Dav-Wes Renno - Master, academic (-22)
    Et Rex - Knight
    Clee Rhara - Knight, ran the Jedi pilot program on Centax 2, took Garen Muln as her Padawan
    Jude Rozess - guard to the Jedi temple, killed by the Yinchorri (-33)
    Ry-Gaul - Master
    Tr'a Saa - spiritual Jedi in tune with nature, watchman of Kiffex (-30)
    Aayla Secura - Padawan of Vos & Tholme, Twi'lek stripped of her memories (-30)
    Corwin Shelvay - trained by Arkanian, wounded Tremayne in lightsaber duel
    Antyard-Wo Shissan - Knight, killed in Gotal standoff (-22)
    Sifo-Dyas - placed an order for a massive clone army (-32)
    Aurra Sing - former Jedi, became a bounty hunter that specialized in hunting Jedi
    Anakin Skywalker - the Chosen One, Kenobi's Padawan, became Darth Vader, died (+4)
    Yrada Soludisan - Jedi, killed by Iridium pirates (-22)
    Ranik Solusar - Master, killed by Vader
    Bultar Swan - Knight (-22)
    Siri Tachi - Gallia's Padawan, worked undercover to end Krayn's reign of terror (-28)
    Tahl - blind Master, killed (-43)
    Ebor Taulk - Naeshaun's Padawan, killed by the Yinchorri (-33)
    Darra Thel-Tanis - Antana's Padawan
    Tholme - Master, trained Quinlan Vos
    Shaak Ti - Togrutan Master (-22)
    Saesee Tiin - Master, skilled pilot from the Iktotchi moon, High Council member (-32)
    Coleman Trebor - Master, killed by Jango Fett on Geonosis (-22)
    Tremayne - Jedi pupil turned Imperial High Inquisitor, wounded by Shelvay in lightsaber duel
    Lilit Twoseas - Master, killed in effort against Yinchorri attacks on other systems (-33)
    Tyvokka - Wookiee Master, High Council, (-44)
    Luminara Unduli - Master (-33)
    Docent Vant - Twi'lek Jedi instructor (-44)
    Tru Veld - Ry-Gaul's Padawan
    Halagad Ventor - Padawan, killed in attempt to broker peace talks in the Virgillian Civil War
    Vergere - Fosh Knight, left with the Yuuzhan Vong to save Zonama Sekot (-30)
    Astaal Vilbum - caretaker of the Temple of First Knowledge (-30)
    Vima-Da-Boda - Master, fell to the dark side, went into seclusion
    Bodis-Ker Vitan - Knight, watchman of Cadinth, killed in pro-Separatist uprising (-22)
    Quinlan Vos - Kiffar Jedi who skirts the dark side, Tholme's Padawan, last seen with Vilmarh Grahrk
    Aris-Del Wari (Ludi) - adopted into the Jedi order without parental consent (-22)
    Talilia Weden - Knight (-22)
    Mace Windu - Master, Senior High Council member
    Xanatos - Jinn's failed apprentice, died when he plunged himself into an acid pool (-44)
    Yaddle - Master, Kut's Padawan, High Council member (-32)
    Yoda - Senior Jedi Council Member, took hermitage from Jedi Purge on Dagobah
    Winna Di Yuni - Knight, acclaimed healer, investigated the illness of Didi Oddo (-44)
    Noro Zak - Knight
    Zao - Veknoid Master, gourmand
  4. Minza

    Minza Geek Queen Premium

    Fortsetzung vom vorherigen Posting...

    Jedi Purge survivors
    Beldorian - former Hutt Jedi, killed by Leia Organa Solo in a lightsaber duel (+13)
    Ood Bnar - Master, sacrificed himself to destroy Executor Sedriss (+10)
    Empatojayos Brand - Ganathan Knight, sacrificed himself to destroy Palpatine's clone (+11)
    Callista - spirit entered the body of Mingla, could only touch dark side of force, last seen with rock ivory hunters (+13)

    Jedidiah - suffered severe brain damage, died to save Luke Skywalker's life (+3)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi - Master of Anakin & later Luke Skywalker, killed by Vader (0)
    Qu Rahn - Master, killed by Jerec, helped Katarn become a Jedi (+5)
    Anakin Skywalker - the Chosen One, hero of the Clone Wars who later became Darth Vader, died (+4)

    Vima-Da-Boda - Master, disappeared (+11), came back to help Luke train students (+12)
    Yoda - wise Master, took refuge on Dagobah, finished Luke Skywalker's training, died (+4)

    Rebellion/New Republic (0 to +24)
    Barney - Beldaronian Jedi (+4)
    Brakiss - darksider, in charge of the Shadow Academy, killed by Second Imperium (+24)
    Cilghal - Mon Calamari Master & healer
    Dolph (Kueller) - darksider, bombed the New Republic Senate, killed by Leia Organa Solo (+17)
    Dorsk 81 - Knight, died using the Force to push an armada of Star Destroyers out of the system (+12)

    Kyp Durron - Master, leader of Kyp's Dozen
    Keyan Farlander - Knight, Jedi piloting instructor
    Flint - Beldaronian dark Jedi, trained by Vader, surrendured to the Alliance (+4)
    Gantoris - trainee, killed by the spirit of Exar Kun (+11)
    Corran Horn - Knight, blamed for the fall of Ithor, ex-CorSec detective, former Rogue Squadron pilot
    Tenel Ka - Knight, Dathomirian warrior, heir to Hapes throne
    Kyle Katarn - Knight, developed strategies to fight the Vong
    Kiro - Iskaloni Jedi, disappeared during the Nagai invasion in a fight with Den Siva
    Lowbacca - Wookiee Knight

    Nichos Marr - trainee, died destroying the Eye of Palpatine (+12)
    Cray Mingla - trainee, died destroying the Eye of Palpatine (+12)
    Ken Palpatine - Emperor's grandson, Jedi prince raised by droids on Yavin IV

    Dev Sibwarra - raised as Ssi-ruuk pet, turned against them with Luke's help, mortally wounded in battle (+4)
    Luke Skywalker - venerable Master, started the new Jedi Order
    Mara Jade Skywalker - Master, Luke's wife, former Emperor's Hand

    Leia Organa Solo - left Jedi studies to lead the New Republic, former New Republic diplomat

    Kam Solusar - Master, academy headmaster
    Tionne Solusar - Jedi Knight & historian, academy headmaster
    Streen - Master from Bespin
    Raynar Thul - Knight, wealthy heir to the Thul merchant fleet
    Kirana Ti - Knight, Dathomirian warrior

    Jem Ysanna - trainee, shaman-warrior, killed by band of darksiders (+10)
    Rayf Ysanna - trainee, shaman-warrior, mortally wounded in confrontation with Palpatine's clone (+11)

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  5. Igi

    Igi Minzas privater Großtroll

    Minza... manchmal machst du mir Angst :-)
  6. tausend dank

    echt das find ich voll super!!!!!
  7. Drüsling

    Drüsling Der lebende Konjunktiv - Wäre der Erfinder von "Yo

    @Minza: Ich hab da so ne Vermutung... Bist du ein Grossrechner? :braue Sollen wir dich von jetzt an Multivac nennen?? :D
  8. Shepard

    Shepard LVskywalker

    Danke Minza! Wie lange hast du daran gesessen? [​IMG]
  9. Minza

    Minza Geek Queen Premium

    Neinein... das kann ich widerlegen. Es gibt ab gestern Bilder von mir in der Zeitung und da steht auch ganz offiziell, daß ich alles weiß :cool:

    @LVskywalker: nicht lange, da ich es a) aus anderen Quellen und Listen zusammentragen konnte und b) es eh unvollständig ist...
  10. bJm

    bJm Sporadisch auftretende Anomalie

    Und welche Zeitung wäre das wohl ...? :)
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 23. April 2005
  11. Anakin

    Anakin weises Senatsmitglied

    o_O Minza goes Playboy
    Ne im Ernst, meintest du nicht mal, dass ihr da bei eurer Anstellaktion fotografiert, etc. wordent seid? Poste mal den Artikel xD
  12. riepichiep

    riepichiep BI-TREKTUAL Premium

    Hier steht, das minza alles weiß.
  13. Exodus

    Exodus got edges that scratch Premium

    Wie coooool! :D
    Welche Zeitung war das denn?
  14. Anakin

    Anakin weises Senatsmitglied

    Bissl komisch geschrieben .. Yedi - okeee
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 23. April 2005
  15. Minza

    Minza Geek Queen Premium

    :rolleyes: Für meine Freunde und Bekannten immer noch "sie"... für Fragen zu diesem Thema bitte PN oder mail, aber nicht hier.

    Ich bin immer noch die Minza und das bleibt auch so ;)
  16. Viper Cole

    Viper Cole Jedi-Ratsmitglied

    Hey ich muss jetzt hier mal den Dampf ablassen!
    Also wenn jemand angibt alles zu wissen und über 400 Comics und Bücher hortet, den muss man einfach für einen voll bekloppten Idioten halten!!!
    Minza und ein "Er" der angibt weiblich zu sein. ---> ab in Vader's Todeszelle!!!
  17. riepichiep

    riepichiep BI-TREKTUAL Premium

    @Viper Cole:

    ich würd dir zu einer ganz schnellen Entschuldigung raten
  18. Anakin

    Anakin weises Senatsmitglied

  19. Justen

    Justen Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

    Fragt sich wer hier er voll bekloptte Idiot ist -.-"
    Sie hält sich nicht für den größten und hat das nie behauptet, und über 400 Comics und Bücher zu besitzen ist nichts, wofür man als Idiot abgestempelt wird. Z.B. habe ich noch um die 500 Taschenbücher/MM-M's von früher und heute, bin ich deswegen ein voll bekloppter Idiot?
    Außerdem gibt sie ja nicht damit an, sondern sie zeigt es! Und dafür zum Nutzen ALLER aus diesem Forum, nicht? Ich bin mir sicher, dass sie auch eine große Menge an Fragen deinerseits beantwortet hat... ich verstehe Minza, wenn sie manchmal gereizt ist, schließlich hilft sie allen Usern hier im Forum die Fragen haben ohne dafür irgendetwas zu verlangen und wird dafür sehr oft von irgendwelchen Membern angeschissen... allein für deinen Post sollte man dich bannen, Cole -.-"
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