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Episode I - Die geschnittenen Szenen

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    A Protocol Droid, TC-14, waits at the door to the docking bay. Two Worker Droids, PK-4 and EG-9 watch.

    PK-4: ?They must be important if the Viceroy sent one of those useless protocol gearheads to greet them.?

    The door opens, and the Republic cruiser can be seen in the docking bay. Two darkly robed figures are greeted by TC-14.

    TC-14: ?I'm TC-14 at your service. This way, please.?

    They move off down the hallway.

    EG-9: ?A Republic cruiser! That's trouble...don't you think??
    PR-4: ?I'm not made to think.?

    Obi-Wan im Sumpf

    Three landing craft slowly descend through the cloud cover of the perpetually grey twilight side of the planet. One by one, the Federation warships land in the eerie swamp.
    Obi-Wan's head emerges from the mud of a shallow lake. For in the background, the activities of the invasion force can be seen in the mist. Obi-Wan takes several deep breaths, then disappears again under the muddy swamp. Troop Transports (MTT's) emerge from the landing craft.

    Jar Jar´s Frühstück

    An odd, frog-like Gungan, Jar Jar Binks, squats holding a clam he has retrieved from the murky swamp. The shell pops open. Jar Jar's great tongue snaps out and grabs the clam, swallowing it in one gulp. Jar Jar looks up and sees Qui-Gon and the other creatures running like the wind toward him.


    Paradise. Billowing clouds frame a romantic body of water. There is a loud rush of bubbles, and a small sub bobs to the surface. The current in the estuary begins to pull the sub backward into a fast moving river. Obi-Wan switches off the two remaining bubble canopies. Qui-Gon stands up
    to look around. Jar Jar lets out a sigh of relief.

    JAR JAR: ?Wesa safe now.?
    QUI-GON: ?Get this thing started.?
    JAR JAR: ?Dissen berry good. Hey??
    Obi-Wan: ?What is it??

    Jar Jar looks back to where they're drifting. He sees they are headed for a huge waterfall.

    JAR JAR: ?What!!?? Oie boie!?

    Obi-Wan tries to start the engine. The long props behind the sub slowly begin to rotate. Obi-Wan struggles until finally, a few feet short of the waterfall, the sub starts and is able to generate enough power to stop drifting backward in the powerful current. The sub slowly moves forward. In the background, Qui-Gon takes a cable out of his belt. The engine coughs and dies. They start drifting backward again. Jar Jar panics.

    JAR JAR: (cont'd) ?Iyiiyi, wesa die'n here, hey!?

    Qui-Gon shoots the thin cable, and it wraps itself around a railing on the shore. The sub pulls the cable taut, and the little craft hangs precariously over the edge of the waterfall.

    QUI-GON: ?Come on...?

    Obi-Wan climbs out of the sub and pulls himself along the cable. Qui-Gon starts in after him.

    QUI-GON: (cont'd) ?Come on, Jar Jar.?
    JAR JAR: ?No! Too scary!?
    OBI-WAN: ?Get up here!?
    JAR JAR: ?No a mighty no!?

    Jar Jar looks back and sees he is hanging over the waterfall.

    JAR JAR: (cont'd) ?Oie boie...mesa comen. Mesa comen!?

    Jar Jar starts to climb out of the sub. Obi-Wan is on shore and helps to pull Qui-Gon out of the water.

    OBI-WAN: ?That was close.?
    BATTLE DROID 3B3: (O.S) ?Drop your weapons!?

    The two Jedi turn around to see a Battle Droid standing in front of them. Jar Jar climbs up on shore between the Jedi.

    BATTLE DROID 3B3: ?I said drop your weapons?

    Qui-Gon ignites his laser sword, and in a brief flash, the Droid is cut down by the Jedi. A stray laser bolt hits the cable and the sub breaks lose, crashing down the waterfall. The Jedi move on. Jar Jar reluctantly follows and looks back at the mess.

    JAR JAR: ?Whoa!!!?

    Lagebesprächung der Föderation

    Nute and Rune sit around a conference table with a hologram of Darth Sidious.

    NUTE: ?We control all the cities in the North and are searching for any other settlements... ?
    DARTH SIDIOUS: ?Destroy all high-ranking officials, Viceroy...slowly...quietly. And Queen Amidala, has she signed the treaty??

    RUNE: ?We should not have made this bargain. What will happen when the Jedi become aware of these Sith Lords??

    Jar Jar´s Flehen

    Obi-Wan is hoisting the hyperdrive out of a floor panel. Jar Jar rushes up to him and falls to his knees.

    JAR JAR: ?Obi-Wan, sire, pleeese, no mesa go!?
    OBI-WAN: ?Sorry, Qui-Gon's right. You'll make things less obvious.?

    Jar Jar walks back to Artoo in the hallway as Qui-Gon (dressed as a farmer) enters the main area.

    OBI-WAN: (Cont'd) ?The Hyperdrive generator is gone. We will need a new one.?

    Qui-Gon moves closer to Obi-Wan and speaks quietly to him.

    Anakin bei Jira

    Anakin and the Group stop at a fruit stand run by a jolly, but very poor, old lady named Jira.

    ANAKIN: ?How are you feeling today, Jira??
    JIRA: ?The heat's never been kind to me, you know, Annie!?
    ANAKIN: ?Guess what? I've found that cooling unit I've been searching for. It's pretty beat up, but I'll have it fixed up for you in no time, I promise.?
    JIRA: ?You're a fine boy, Annie.?

    Vor dem Morgengrauen

    Padmé exits the hovel.

    As the twin suns rise, Artoo is busy painting the racing Pod. Anakin is asleep.
    Padmé passes Artoo.

    PADME: ?I hope you're about finished.?

    Artoo whistles a positive reply. Padmé sees Kitster riding toward them on an Eopie, a strange camel-lile creature. He is leading a second Eopie behind him. Padmé goes over to Anakin. He looks very vulnerable as he sleeps. She watches him, then touches him on the cheek. Anakin wakes up, yawns, and looks at her, a little puzzled.

    ANAKIN: ?You were in my dream...you were leading a huge army into battle.?
    PADME: ?I hope not; I hate fighting. Your mother wants you to come in and clean up. We have to leave soon.?

    Anakin stands up and stretches just as Kitster arrives.

    ANAKIN: ?Hook 'em up, Kitster. (to Padmé) I won't be long. Where's Qui-Gon? ?
    PADME: ?He and Jar Jar left already. They're with Watto at the arena.?

    Anakin / Greedo Kampf
    Anakin and A Greedo are rolling around on the floor, fighting. About a dozen of so Kids are standing around them, yelling. Suddenly, a long shadow is cast over the two BOYS; they stop fighting and look up. Qui-Gon is towering above them. Kitster is with them.

    QUI-GON: ?What's this??
    ANAKIN: ?He said I cheated.?
    QUI-GON: ?Did you??
    ANAKIN: ?No!?
    QUI-GON: ?Do you still think he cheated??
    GREEDO: ?Yes.?
    QUI-GON: ?Well, Annie. You know the truth... You will have to tolerate his opinion, fighting won't change it.?

    Qui-Gon moves off down the street. Anakin follows. The Greedo wanders over to Wald who has been watching the goings-on.

    WALD: ?Keep this up, Greedo, and you're gonna come to a bad end.?

    Farther down the street Qui-Gon and Anakin head toward Anakin's hovel. Qui-Gon takes a handful of credits from beneath his poncho and hands them to the boy.

    QUI-GON: ?These are yours. We sold the Pod.?
    ANAKIN: (suddenly beaming) ?Yes!?

    Abschied von Kitster
    Kitster runs up to Anakin as he and Qui-Gon exit Anakin's hovel. Shmi stands in the doorway. Anakin pulls a handful of coins out of his pocket and gives them to Kitster.

    KITSTER: ?There are so many of us who want you to stay, Annie... You're a hero.?
    ANAKIN: ?I... (looks to Shmi) I... have to go.?

    Qui-Gon has moved a short way down the street.

    KITSTER: ?Well.?
    ANAKIN: ?Well.?
    KITSTER: ?Thank's for every moment you've been here. You're my best friend.?
    ANAKIN: ?I won't forget.?

    Anakin hugs Kitster

    Abschied von Jira
    Anakin and Qui-Gon exit Watto'S and stop before JIRA'S fruit stand. Anakin hands JIRA some coins.

    ANAKIN: ?I've been freed, and I'm going away. Buy yourself a cooling unit with this... Otherwise I'll worry about you.?

    JIRA is astonished. She stares, not knowing what to say.

    JIRA: ?Can I give you a hug.?
    ANAKIN: ?Sure.?

    She gives him a hug.

    JIRA: ?I'll miss you, Annie.. there isn't a kinder boy in the galaxy. You be careful...?

    Anakin runs to join Qui-Gon, who has already started down the street. As they walk along together, Qui-Gon notices something out of the corner of his eye. Suddenly, without breaking his stride, he ignites his laser sword, swing around, and lunges forward and cuts a lurking Probe Droid in half. Qui-Gon inspects the sparking and fizzing Droid.

    ANAKIN: ?What is it??
    QUI-GON: « Probe droid. Very unusual... not like anything I've seen before. Come on.?

    Qui-Gon and Anakin start running.

    Tatooine Lichtschwertkampf
    The Sith Lord immediately jumps onto the ramp after Qui-Gon, but barely makes it. His heels hang over the edge of a forty-foot drop. Qui-Gon swings his laser sword with all his might and knocks Darth Maul off the ramp and onto the desert floor. The ramp closes, and the Naboo craft rockets away, leaving the Sith Lord standing alone.

    Vorzimmer von Palpatines Büro
    Queen Amidala is sitting listening to Palpatine. Eirtaé and Rabé stand behind the Queen; Padmé is nowhere to be seen. Anakin and Jar Jar are waiting in an adjoining room. They can see the Queen but cannot hear what is being said.

    JAR JAR: ?Dissen all pitty odd to my.?
    ANAKIN: ?Don't look at me. I don't know what's going on.?

    Captain Panaka enters, then goes into the room with Queen Amidala.
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    Fehlende Szenen der Senatsequenz

    The Senate chambers are huge. Thousands of SenatorS and their Aides sit in the circular assembly area. Chancellor Valorum sits in an elevated area in the center. Hindreds of Aides and Droids hurry about. Senator Palpatine, Queen Amidala, Eirtaé, Rabé, and Captain Panaka sit in the Naboo congressional box, which is actually a floating platform. Palpatine leans over to the Queen.

    PALPATINE: ?If the Federation moves to defer the motion...Your Majesty, I beg of you to ask for a resolution to end this congressional session.?
    AMIDALA: ?I wish I had your confidence in this, Senator.?
    PALPATINE: ?You must force a new election for Supreme Chancellor...I promise you there are many who will support us...it is our best chance... Your Majesty, our only, chance.?
    AMIDALA: ?You truely believe Chancellor Valorum will not bring our motion to a vote??
    PALAPATINE: ?He is distracted...he is afraid. He will be of no help.?


    PALPATINE: ??We have become caugt in a dispute you're all well aware of...?

    VALORUM: ?? Please return to your station.?

    AMIDALA: ?Honorable representatives of the Republic, distinguished delegates, and Your Honor Supreme Chancellor Valorum, I come to you under the gravest of circumstances... Invaded...against all the laws of the Republic... ?


    VALORUM: ?Overruled.?
    LOTT DOD: ?Your Honor, you cannot allow us to be condemned without reasonable observation. It's against all the rules of procedure.?


    VALORUM : The point is conceded...Section 523A take precedence here. ?
    AMIDALA: (angrily) ?...I have come before you to resolve this attack on our sovereignty now. ...?


    Things settledown a little. The Federation box settles next to Amidala. Prince Bail Organa moves his box into the arena.

    BAIL ORGANA: ?Alderaan seconds the motion for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum.?
    MAD AMEDDA: ?The motion has been seconded by Bail Organa of Alderaan.?

    MAS AMEDDA turns to the confused Valorum, and whispers something to him.

    BAIL ORGANA: ?There must be no delays. The motion is on the floor and must be voted upon in this session.?
    LOTT DOD: ?The Trade Federation moves the motion be sent to the procedures committee for study.?


    PALPATINE: ?...Valorum will be voted out, I assure you,... ?
    MAS AMEDDA: ?The Supreme Chancellor requests a recess. Tomorrow we will begin the vote.?

    The Federation delegation is furious. Valorum turns to Palpatine.

    VALORUM : Palpatine, I thought you were my ally...my friend. You have betrayed me! How could you do this?

    Anakin trifft Padmé im Schiff wieder

    The Queen, Captain Panaka, Troops, and Handmaidens get ready to disembark as the ship lands. The elevator door slides open, and Anakin emerges into the hold area. He see Padmé and run up to her.

    ANAKIN: ?Hi! Where have you been??
    PADME: ?Annie! What are you doing here??
    ANAKIN: ?I'm with Qui-Gon...but...they're not going to let me be a Jedi. I'm too old.?
    PADME: ?This is going to be dangerous, Annie.?
    ANAKIN: ?Is it? I can help... Where are we going??
    PADME: ?To war, I'm afraid. The Queen has had to make the most difficult decision of her life. She doesn't believe in fighting, Annie. We are a peaceful people...?
    ANAKIN: ?I want to help...I'm glad you're back.?

    Anakin smiles. Padmé smiles back.

    Jar Jar schwimmt erneut nach Otoh Gunga

    Jar Jar swims down into Bubble City.

    Jar Jar enters the main square of the bubble city. He stands, stunned, in amazement and fear. He is nervous and shaking.

    JAR JAR: ?Ello! Where das everybody??

    The plaza is empty. He notices that many of the buildings are shot up as if there had been a battle of some kind.

    Bravo Squadron

    RIC OLIE and the other Pilots gather around as thye exit their ships.

    BRAVO TWO: ?He flew into the hold, behind the deflector shield and blasted the main reactor...?
    BRAVO THREE: ?Amazing... They don't teach that in the academy.?

    Anakin's ship skids to a stop behind the other Naboo starfighters. Ric Olié, Bravo two, the other Pilots, and Ground Crewrush to his ship.

    RIC OLIE: ?We're all accounted for. Who flew that ship??

    Anakin sheepishly opens the cockpit and stands up. All the Pilots stare in amazement.

    ANAKIN: ?I'm not going to get into trouble, am I??

    Artoo beeps. oh. oh.
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    Kleinere geschnittene Szenen und Dialoge

    Im Föderationsschiff

    DOFINE: ?... Blind me, we're done for!?
    NUTE: ?Stay calm, I`ll wager the Senate isn`t aware of the Supreme Chancellor`s moves here. ...?


    DARTH SIDIOUS: ?You seem more worried about the Jedi than you are of me, Dofine. I am amused...?

    DARTH SIDIOUS: ?...do you understand??


    TC-14: ?Ahhh...Sorry, sir. The Viceroy...?


    The bridge is a cacophony of alarms. Nute and Rune watch OWO-1 on the viewscreen.

    OWO-1: ?Not sure exactly what...?

    OWO-1 is suddenly cut in half in mid-sentence. Rune gives Nute a worried look.


    OBI-WAN: ?Offhand, I'd say this mission is past the negotiation stage.?


    They stop firing and stand in a semi-circle as the smoke clears. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are nowhere to be seen.

    P-59: ?Switch to bio...There they are!?

    The Jedi materialise at the far end of the hallway and dash through the doorway that slams shut. The Wheel Droids blast away at the two Jedi with their laser swords.


    NUTE: (cont'd) ?... The Federation is pleased.?

    NUTE: ?I take it you know the outcome. I wonder why they bother to vote.?
    AMIDALA: ?Enough of this pretence, Viceroy! ...?

    Lagebesprächung im Palast

    BIBBLE: ?? How can we negotiate? We must prepare to defend ourselves.?

    Qui-Gon belehrt Obi-Wan

    OBI-WAN: ?Sorry, Master, the water fried my weapon.?

    Obi-Wan pulls out his burnt laser sword handle. Qui-Gon inspects it, as Jar Jar pulls himself out of the mud.

    QUI-GON: ?You forgot to turn your power off again, didn't you??

    Obi-Wan nods sheepishly.

    QUI-GON: (cont'd) ?It won't take long to recharge, but this is a lesson I hope you've learned, my young Padawan.?
    OBI-WAN: ?Yes, Master. ?

    Audienz bei Boss Nass

    QUI-GON: ?Thank you, my friend.?

    BOSS NASS: ?Binkss brokeen the nocombackie law...?
    QUI-GON: ?He has been a great help to us. I hope the punishment will not be too severe.?
    BOSS NASS: ?Pounded unto death.?
    JAR JAR: (grimacing) ?Oooooh...Ouch!?

    Im Unterwasserboot

    OBI-WAN : ?Master, why do you keep dragging these pathetic life forms along with us?...Here, take over.?
    JAR JAR : ?Hey, ho? Where wesa goen???
    QUI-GON: ?You're the navigator.?
    JAR JAR: ?Yo dreamen mesa hopen...?

    Auf Naboo

    NUTE: ?... You are not going to like what we have in store for your people...?

    (OOM-9 steps forward) Process them.

    OOM-9: ?? (turns to his sergeant) Take them to Camp Four. ?


    CAPT. PANAKA: ?Getting past their blockade is impossible, Your Highness. Any attempt to escape will be dangerous?.

    BIBBLE: ?Your Highness, I will stay here and do what I can...They will have to retain the Council of Governors in order to maintain control. But you must leave...?

    Flucht nach Tatooine

    The Pilot, Ric Olié, navigates toward the massive battleship, Qui-Gon and Captain Panaka watch.

    RIC OLIE: ?....our communications are still jammed. ?


    Obi-Wan closes the door. Jar Jar looks around and sees a long row of five short, dome-topped Astro Droids (R-2 units). The all look alike, except for their paint color, and they all seem to be shut down.

    JAR JAR: ?? (no response) Disa wanna longo trip...hey? ?

    Jar Jar taps a bright red R-2 unit on the head, and its head pops up a bit. He lets out a gasp as he lifts the head.

    JAR JAR: (Cont'd) ?Tis opens?...Oooops!?

    Many springs and things come flying out. Jar Jar quickly closes it again, very embarrassed.

    JAR JAR: (Cont'd) ?Yoi! Just yoken!?


    RIC OLIE: (Cont`d) ?... Our deflector shields can`t withstand this. Power down...Hopefully the repair droids can fix it.?


    CAPT. PANAKA: ?Stay on course!?
    QUI-GON: ?Do you have a cloaking device??
    CAPT. PANAKA: ?No, this is not a warship...we have no weapons. We`re non-violent people...that is why the Federation was brave enough to attack us.?
    RIC OLIE: ?We won`t make it, the shields are gone.?


    QUI-GON: ?... It is a system far beyond the reach of the Trade Federation. There we will be able to make needed repairs, then travel on to Coruscant.?
    CAPTAIN PANAKA: ?Your Highness, Tatooine is very dangerous. It's controlled by an alliance of gangs called the Hutts??


    Both Padmé and Artoo jump and let out a little scream. The Gungan is embarrassed that he frightened them.

    JAR JAR: (Cont'd) ?Sorry, nomeanen to scare yousa.?
    PADME: ?That's all right.?
    JAR JAR: ?I scovered oily back dare. Needen it??
    PADME: ?Thank you. This little guy is quite a mess.?

    Jar Jar hands Padmé the oil can.


    PADME: ?I'm Padmé, I attend Her Highness, ??


    RIC OLIE: ?There's a settlement...a spaceport, looks like.?

    Weg nach Mos Espa

    PADME: ?I've been trained in defense... I can take care of myself.?
    CAPT. PANAKA: ?Don't make me go back and tell her you refuse.?
    QUI-GON: ?I don't have time to argue. But this is not a good idea. Stay close to me.?

    In Wattos Laden

    PADME: ?? I don't fully understand. (looking around) This is a strange world to me.?

    Anakin studies her intently.

    ANAKIN: ?You are a strange girl to me.?


    ANAKIN: ?...I'm making my own droid... ?

    ANAKIN: ?...Anakin. ?
    PADME: ?Anakin.?
    ANAKIN: ?Anakin Skywalker.?
    PADME: ?Padmé Naberrie. ?

    Anakin eilt zur Rettung

    ANAKIN: (V.O) ?Because you're afraid.?

    Jar Jar turns to see ANAKNI pushing his way next to him. The boy stands up to Sebulba in a very self-assured way.

    ANAKIN: (subtitled) ?Oh da Hutt...cha porko ootman geesa...me teesa rodda co pana pee choppa chawa. (As in Hutt...big time outlander, this one... I'd hate to see you diced before we race again.)

    JAR JAR: ?Mesa doen nutten!?
    ANAKIN: ?Fear attracts the fearful. He was trying to overcome his fear by squashing you...be less afraid.?
    PADME: ?And that works for you.?
    ANAKIN: ?To a point. (he smiles)?

    In Anakins Haus

    ANAKIN: ?... This is Padmé, and...gee, I don't know any of your names.?

    PADME: ?...and our droid, Artoo-Detoo.?

    SHMI: ?Anakin! Why are they here??
    ANAKIN: ?A sandstorm, Mom. Listen. ?

    The wind howls outside.

    QUI-GON: ?I have enough food for a meal.?
    SHMI: ?Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. I'm sorry if I was abrupt. I'll never get used to Anakin's surprises.?
    QUI-GON: ?He's a very special boy.?

    Shmi looks at him as if he's discovered a secret.
    SHMI: ?Yes, I know.?


    ANAKIN: (Cont'd) ?Mom, what? I'm not bragging. It's true. Watto says he's never heard of a human doing it.?

    ANAKIN: ?I...I was wondering...something...?
    QUI-GON: ?What??

    QUI-GON: ?I can see there's no fooling you...(leans forward) You mustn't let anyone know about us...we're on our way to Coruscant, the central system in the Republic, on a very important mission, and it must be kept secret.?
    ANAKIN: ?Coruscant...wow...how did you end up here in the outer rim??

    ANAKIN: ?But Mom, I love it...and they need help...they're in trouble. The prize money would more than pay for the parts they need.?

    ANAKIN: ?We have to help them, Mom...you said that the biggest problem in the universe is no one helps each other...?

    ANAKIN: ?Is that a yes? That is a yes!?

    The storm continues to rage outside the slave hovel.


    Qui-Gon listens to his comlink. Obi-Wan is in the cockpit.

    OBI-WAN: ?...the Queen is upset...but absolutly no reply was sent.?

    Darth Sidious Treffen mit Darth Maul

    DARTH SIDIOUS: ?? It is too late for them to stop us now. Everything is going as planned. The Republic will soon be in my command.?

    Shmi/Qui-Gon Konversation

    SHMI: ?[There was no father], that I know of...?
    QUI-GON: ?? and he would have become Jedi, no doubt...he has the way. But it's too late for him now, he's too old.?

    Anakin bastelt am Pod Renner

    ANAKIN: ?Padmé and Jar Jar, this is my friend Kitster, and Seek, Amee, and Wald.?


    KITSTER: ?But you don't even know if this thing will run.?
    ANAKIN: ?It will.?


    QUI-GON: ?What are your readings? "
    OBI-WAN: ?Something must be wrong with the transmission.?
    QUI-GON: ?Here's a signal check.?

    Wette um die Sklaven

    WATTO: ?A Pod for slaves. I don't think so...well, perhaps. Just one...the mother, maybe...the boy isn't for sale.?
    QUI-GON: ?The boy is small, he can't be worth much.?

    Watto shakes his head.

    QUI-GON: (Cont'd) ?For the fastest Pod ever built?!?

    Watto shakes his head again.

    QUI-GON: (Cont'd) ?Both, or no bet.?

    Vor dem Rennen

    JABBA: ?...Mawhonic tuta Hok, Teemto Pagalies tuta Moonus Mandel, Anakin Skywalker tuta Tatoonine....?

    The Crowd yells. Anakin waves to the crowd, as Jabba continues with his introductions. Sebulba moves over to one of Anakin's engines. Kitster and Jar Jar unhitch the Eopies, and Kitster leads them away. Artoo beeps that everything is OK. Jar Jar pats Anakin on the back.

    JAR JAR: ?Dis berry loony, Annie. May da guds be kind, mesa palo.?

    Padmé comes up and gives Anakin a little kiss on the cheeek. Sebulba bangs on a part protruding from Anakin's engine. He looks around to see if anyone has noticed.

    PADME: ?You carry all our hopes.?
    ANAKIN: ?I won't let you down.?

    Padmé moves away as Sebulba edges his way next to Anakin and gives him a
    sinister grin.


    JABBA: (sutitled) ?...Ka bazza kundee hodrudda! (...Let the challenge begin!)?

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    Jar Jar und Fanta

    Jabba the Hutt and the crowd watch the progress of the race on small, hand-held view screens. Jar Jar is looking over the shoulder of a strange alien named FANTA.

    JAR JAR: ?Where's Skywalker??

    Fanta moves the view screen out of Jar Jar's view. Padmé, Shmi, and Qui-Gon watch another screen and look worried. Artoo, down in the pits with Kitster, lets out a worried sigh. The driver of the
    quadra-Pod looks worried.


    Qui-Gon, Padmé, Shmi, and Jar Jar yell for joy as Anakin passes. Jar Jar is very nervous and pounds on the back of his alien neighbor, FANTA.

    JAR JAR: ?What gooie-on??
    FANTA: ?Bug off.?

    Nach dem Rennen

    In the background, Qui-Gon has harnessed the EopieS to containers full of parts.

    QUI-GON: ?Padmé. Jar Jar, let's go, we've got to get these parts back to the ship.?

    The Group walks over to Qui-Gon and the Eopies. Padmé climbs on behind Qui-Gon. Jar Jar swings up onto the second Eopie, only to slowly slide off the other side. Artoo whistles. Anakin and Shmi wave as they ride off.

    QUI-GON: (Cont'd) ?I'll return the eopies by midday.?

    Anakins Freiheit

    ANAKIN: ?? (to Qui-Gon) Was that part of the prize, or what??
    QUI-GON: ?Let's just say Watto has learned an important lesson about gambling.?

    QUI-GON: ?... You are strong with the Force, but you may not be accepted by the Council.?

    ANAKIN: ?But the money from selling...?
    QUI-GON: ?It's not nearly enough.?

    SHMI: ?? It is time for you to let go...to let go of me. I cannot go with you.?

    SHMI: ?... Listen to your feelings; Annie, you know what's right.?

    Anakin takes a deep breath, drops his head. Qui-Gon and Shmi exchange a look of concern. When Anakin raises up, there are tears in his eyes.

    ANAKIN: ?I'm going to miss you so much, Mom...?

    SHMI: ?He was in my life for such a short time.?

    SHMI: ?Annie, remember when you climbed the great dune in order to chase the Banthas away so they wouldn't be shot... Remember how you collapses several times, exhausted thinking you couldn't do it??

    Anakin shakes his head.

    SHMI: (Cont'd) ?This is one of those times when you have to do something you don't think you can do. I know how strong you are, Annie. I know you can do this...?

    SHMI: ?No matter where you are, my love will be with you. ...?
    ANAKIN: ?I love you so much.?

    Anakin im Sternenschiff

    Anakin runs into the main hallway of the spaceship, where Padmé and Captain Panaka are working.

    ANAKIN: Qui-Gon's in trouble. He says to take off...now!!
    CAPT. PANAKA: Who are you?
    PADME: He's a friend.

    Anakin Skywalker, trifft Obi-Wan Kenobi

    QUI-GON: ?I think so... that was a surprise I won`t soon forget.?

    ANAKIN: ?Do you think he'll follow us??
    QUI-GON: ?We'll be safe enough once we're in hyperspace, but I have no doubt he knows our destination.?

    Reise nach Coruscant

    Ric Olié pulls back on the hyperdrive. Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Anakin watch.

    QUI-GON: ?Let's hope this hyperdrive works and Watto didn't get the last laugh.?

    The stars streak outside the cockpit window.

    The ship streaks into hyperspace.

    Im Naboo Palast

    NUTE: ?When are you going to give up this pointless strike? ? ?
    BIBBLE: ?? They will not live under your tyranny. ?


    Anakin looks out the cockpit window in awe.

    RIC OLIE: ?Coruscant...the capital of the Republic....?
    ANAKIN: ?Wow! It's so huge!?


    PALPATINE: ?...squabbling delegates who are only looking out for themselves and their home sytems...no civility..its disgusting? ?

    Im Jedi Tempel

    YODA: ?The very Republic is threatened, if involved the Sith are.?

    YODA: ?Hard to see, the dark side is. Discover who this assassin is, we must. ?
    KI-ADI: ?I sense he will reveal himself again.?
    MACE WINDU: ?This attack was with purpose, that is clear, and I agree the Queen is the target.?
    YODA: ?With this Naboo queen you must stay, Qui-Gon. Protect her. ?

    YODA: ?Tested he will be.?

    Amidalas Zimmer

    Anakin, tentative, walks down one of the long hallways in Senator Palpatine's quarters. He stops before a door that is flanked by two Guards.

    GUARD: ?May I help you, son??
    ANAKIN: ?I'm...I'm looking for the handmaiden, Padmé.?


    ANAKIN: ?Thank you, Your Highness. I'm sorry to have disturbed you.?


    JAR JAR: ?Mesa wonder why da guds invent pain??
    AMIDALA: ?To motivate us, I imagine...?


    PALPATINE: ?? The Trade Federation will lose its influence over the bureaucrats, and our people will be freed. ?

    AMIDALA: ?With the Senate in transition, there is nothing more I can do here...?
    AMIDALA: ?No place is safe, if the Senate doesn't condemn this invasion. ? If you win the election, Senator, I know you will do everything possible to stop the Federation. ? ?

    Anakins Prüfung

    ANAKIN: (angrily) ?I am not afraid!?
    YODA: ?A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. I sense much fear in you.?
    ANAKIN: (quietly) ?I am not afraid.?
    YODA: ?Then continue, we will.?

    Entscheidung des Jedi Rates

    YODA: ?...Correct you were, Qui-Gon. ?
    MACE WINDU: ?His cells contain a high concentration of midi-chlorians. ?

    YODA: ?? Masked by his youth. ?

    YODA: ?Our own council we will keep on who is ready. More to learn, he has... ?

    KI-ADI: ?Events are moving fast...too fast. ?

    QUI-GON: ?I brought Anakin here; he must stay in my charge. He has nowhere else to go.?
    MACE WINDU: ?He is your ward, Qui-Gon...we will not dispute that. ?
    YODA: ?Train him not. Take him with you, but train him not! ?
    MACE WINDU: ?Protect the Queen, but do not intercede if it comes to war until we have the Senate's approval. ?

    Darth Sidious informiert die Handelsföderation

    Nute and Rune stand before a hologram of Darth Sidious.

    DARTH SIDIOUS: ?The Queen is on her way to you. I regret she is of no further use to us. When she gets there, destroy her. ?
    NUTE: ?Yes, my Lord.?

    Im Naboo Schiff

    CAPT. PANAKA: ?There are only twelve of us, Your Highness??


    The Naboo Cruiser heads toward the lush green planet. There is only one Federation battle cruiser orbiting. Obi-Wan and Captain Panaka spot it on the view screen.

    PANAKA : The blockade's gone.
    OBI-WAN : The war's over...No need for it now.
    Padmés Enthüllung

    PADME: (Cont'd)? ...I am sorry for my deception, but under the circumstances it has become necessary to protect myself?.

    Darth Maul

    OOM-9: ?I am increasing security at all Naboo detention camps. ?
    DARTH MAUL: ?I feel there is more to this, My Master. The two Jedi may be using the Queen for their own purposes. ?
    DARTH SIDIOUS: ?The Jedi cannot become involved. They can only protect the Queen. Even Qui-Gon Jinn will not break that conenant.... This will work to our advantage... ?


    DARTH MAUL: ?I told you there was more to this...the Jedi are involved.?

    Neues Versteck für Anakin

    The Pilots and Artoo Units run for the Naboo fighter craft stacked in the hanger bay. One of the Pilots jumps into a fighter right above where Anakin is hiding.

    FIGHTER PILOT: ?Better find a new hiding place, kid. I'm taking this ship.?

    The ship begins to levitate out of the hanger. Battle Droids fire at it as it falls in behind five other fighters. Artoo whistles to Anakin from a second fighter not far away. Anakin runs and jumps into the second fighter to hide.

    Angriffsplan des Bravo Squadorns

    The Naboo fleet leaves the planet and heads toward the space station.

    RIC OLIE: ?Bravo Flight A, take on the fighters. Flight B, make the run on the transmitter.?

    Rückeroberung Naboos

    A giant dogfight ensues. Anakin's fighter flies into space above Naboo. Artoo beeps a worried concern.

    ANAKIN: ?The Autopilot is searching for what other ships??

    Artoo beeps and whistles.

    ANAKIN: (Cont'd) ?There is no manual override, Artoo. You'll have to rewire it or something.?


    The Squadron attacks the space station.

    RIC OLIE: ?Bravo flight...go for the central bridge.?

    ANAKIN: ?I know, Artoo! This isn't Podracing!?

    ANAKIN: (Cont'd) ?Great gobs of bantha poo-doo!?


    CAPT. PANAKA: ?But we can't....?
    PADME: ?Captain, I said throw down your weapons.?


    NUTE: ?Don't be absurd. There are too few of you. It won't be long before hundreds of destroyer droids break in to rescue us.?


    He looks at the dashboard to see red lights.

    ANAKIN: (Cont'd) ?The systems are still overheated, Artoo.?

    The Battle Droid Captain walks up to the ship and sees Artoo.

    BATTLE DROID CAPTAIN: ?Where's your pilot??

    Artoo beeps a reply.

    BATTLE DROID CAPTAIN: (Cont'd) ?You're the pilot??

    Artoo whistles.

    BATTLE DROID CAPTAIN: (Cont'd) ?Let me see your identification!?

    Anakin sees the dashboard lights go from red to green.

    ANAKIN: ?Yes...we have ignition.?

    He flips the switch and the engine starts.

    BATTLE DROID CAPTAIN: (seeing Anakin) ?You! Come out of there or we'll blast you!?
    ANAKIN: ?Not if I can help it! Shields up!?


    OBI-WAN: ?Qui-Gon believed in him. I believe in Qui-Gon. ?

    OBI-WAN: ?He is one with the Force, Anakin...You must let go.?
  5. IO

    IO Gast

    - Weltraumschlacht:

    Ein Naboo Fighter, der von einem Droiden Starfighter getroffen wird und brennend auf das Droidenkontrollschiff zusteuert...

    Naboo Fighter, die von unterhalb des Bildschirms auftauchen und auf das Kontrollschiff zufliegen...

    Aufnahme von einem Naboo Starfighter, dass Blasterfeuern ausweicht... im Hintergrund ist der Planet Naboo zu sehen...

    - Lichtschwertduell:

    Darth Maul kämpft gegen die beiden Jedi im Reaktorraum. Wehrt einen Schlag von Qui-Gon ab während Obi-Wan auf ihn zugeht... Darth Maul versucht Obi-Wan auf Distanz zu halten... darauhin springt Darth Maul auf eine andere Ebene... die beiden Jedi folgen ihm gleich.
  6. fresco

    fresco Boardelch

    Abgesehen von den Kampfszenen am Schluss (Weltraumschlacht / Lichtschwertduell, die auch auf der DVD sind, am Ende der Dokumentation über die geschnittenen Szenen) hätte ich gerne noch diese Szenen gesehen:

    Qui-Gon belehrt Obi-Wan
    Darth Sidious Treffen mit Darth Maul
    DARTH SIDIOUS: ?? It is too late for them to stop us now. Everything is going as planned. The Republic will soon be in my command.?

    Im Jedi Tempel

    YODA: ?The very Republic is threatened, if involved the Sith are.?

    YODA: ?Hard to see, the dark side is. Discover who this assassin is, we must. ?
    KI-ADI: ?I sense he will reveal himself again.?
    MACE WINDU: ?This attack was with purpose, that is clear, and I agree the Queen is the target.?
    YODA: ?With this Naboo queen you must stay, Qui-Gon. Protect her. ?

    YODA: ?Tested he will be.?

    Vor allem bei den beiden letzten beiden Szenen find ich den Dialog sehr gut. Hätte ich gerne in Ep1 gesehen...

    @ImperialOfficer: Danke das du dir die Mühe gemacht hast die ganzen Szenen aufzulisten :)
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 3. August 2002
  7. IO

    IO Gast

    Kein Problem. Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt... Für mich sind die Cut Szenen eh das interessanteste, wenn ich einen Film schon im Kino gesehen habe...
  8. Diese Szene sieht man übrigens als nachgerenderte Version im Computerspiel von Episode 1.
  9. Jake

    Jake Podiumsbesucher

    Erstmal hallo, ich bin neu auf dem Board (was nicht heißt, dass ich ein SW-Newbie bin)! Also, zum Thema:
    Mir sind die geschnittenen Szenen auf 'ner DVD auch sehr wichtig! Bei Star Wars Filmen ist mir bei der DVD aber noch viel wichtiger, dass man sich jedes Standbild in Topqualität ansehen kann, denn in SW-Filmen stecken schließlich in jedem Bild soviele Details, die man sich im Kino nicht so genau ansehen kann!
  10. taagul

    taagul I Am One With The Force And The Force Is With Me Premium

    Jo, das stimmt! Bei einer DVD sind mir die Extras auch immer wichtig. Ich finde ein dickes Extra muß heute schon dabei sein, wenn man was verkaufen will. Mit "Herr der Ringe" fängt das ganze jetzt an! So umfangreiche Extras hab ich selten bei einer DVD gesehen. Aber ich denke mal die "Anderen" werden nachziehen und die DVDs ebenfalls vollpacken. Ich hoffe oder denke eigentlich ;) , das wir uns auf eine fette Episode2 DVD freuen dürfen.

  11. Jedi Master Kenobi

    Jedi Master Kenobi Jedi: Beschützer der Republik

    ich hätte sehr gerne die kampfszene gesehn wo qui gonn gegen maul auf dem schiff auf tattoine weiterkämpfen gesehn. man kann sie nicht irgendwie herkriegen oder ????
  12. AaronSpacerider

    AaronSpacerider junger Botschafter

    Ich finde Extras sind wirklich nur, was der Name schon sagt: nette, kleine Zusätze. Wenn der Film Schrott ist, oder die Qualität des Films darunter zu leiden hat, daß die DVD mit Zusatzmaterial vollgestopft wurde, dann helfen auch die schönsten Extras nicht mehr. Da ziehe ich doch eine einfache DVD, die vielleicht gerade mal den Kinotrailer bietet, dafür aber mit perfektem Bild und Ton und natürlich einem herausragenden Film besticht, jederzeit einem künstlich aufgebauschten Nichts vor.
  13. Yoo, die HDR-DVD wird super fett und bietet wirklich sehr viel Zusatzmateriel !:eek:
    Die Geschnittenen Szenen und Making Offs auf der TPM-DVD fand ich bis jetzt am besten, da man jede weggelassene Szene in fetter Quali gucken kann, was sich wirklich lohnt, da sie alle genial sind und das Making Off war mehr als umfangreich, sodass ich jetzt bei AotC auf ähnliches und vielleicht sogar noch eine Verbesserung hoffe - Die Bilder und Infos sprechen ja schonmal dafür ! :)
  14. TomReagan

    TomReagan weiser Botschafter

    Die geschnittenen Szenen werden nicht nachträglich in den Film eingefügt oder? Man kann sie nur seperat per Menü anwählen, oder? Ich stelle mir das so vor wie bei "The Abyss" da konnte man auch zwischen Kino Version und Directors Cut wählen!
  15. moses

    moses Botschafter

    Abschied von Jira
    Anakin and Qui-Gon exit Watto'S and stop before JIRA'S fruit stand. Anakin hands JIRA some coins.

    ANAKIN: ?I've been freed, and I'm going away. Buy yourself a cooling unit with this... Otherwise I'll worry about you.?

    JIRA is astonished. She stares, not knowing what to say.

    JIRA: ?Can I give you a hug.?
    ANAKIN: ?Sure.?

    She gives him a hug.

    JIRA: ?I'll miss you, Annie.. there isn't a kinder boy in the galaxy. You be careful...?

    Anakin runs to join Qui-Gon, who has already started down the street. As they walk along together, Qui-Gon notices something out of the corner of his eye. Suddenly, without breaking his stride, he ignites his laser sword, swing around, and lunges forward and cuts a lurking Probe Droid in half. Qui-Gon inspects the sparking and fizzing Droid.

    ANAKIN: ?What is it??
    QUI-GON: « Probe droid. Very unusual... not like anything I've seen before. Come on.?

    Qui-Gon and Anakin start running.


    das diese szene fehlt finde ich recht schade, vor allem der 2 teil hätte drin bleiben sollen. nur mit ihr versteht man überhaupt warum anakin & qui gon am schiff rennend ankommen.
  16. AaronSpacerider

    AaronSpacerider junger Botschafter

    Na ja. Ich finde, im Vergleich zu diesem Mini-Problem ist der Verlust eines Teils der Senatsszene tragischer. Valorums "Palpatine! I thought you were my ally, my friend. You've betrayed me! How could you do this?" und Palpatines Reaktion darauf hätten diesen beiden trotz ihrer Bedeutung doch recht blassen Figuren viel Tiefe geben können.
    Weiterhin wäre es meines Erachtens wichtig gewesen, das Gespräch zwischen Amidala und Jar Jar auf Coruscant nicht zu schneiden.

    JAR JAR : Mesa wonder why da guds invent pain?
    AMIDALA : To motivate us, I imagine...

    Das ist die einzige Dialogzeile von Jar Jar im gesamten Drehbuch, in der es scheint, als sei seine Ungeschicklichkeit nur die Fassade einer tieferen Weisheit. Insbesondere jetzt, da wir seine Entwicklung in Episode II kennen, könnte diese eine Zeile Text die seltsam unverknüpft wirkenden ersten Episoden gut verbinden.
  17. moses

    moses Botschafter

    da stimme ich dir durchaus zu. nur würde dies für die charakterdarstellung von palpatine eher hinderlich sein.
    den loyalen und republiktreuen mann würde ihm keiner mehr abnehmen, der verweiss auf "dunkle" machenschaften währe allzu deutlich. der enthüllungseffekt der in E3 kommen muss würde doch stark abgeschwächt.

    auch diese szene sehe ich wie oben, die intension von GL wahr einen locker & leichten auftakt zu schaffen. allzu ernste szenen & dialoge hätten dies zerstört. in E1 ist es alles noch sehr spielerisch, erst am ende mit dem tod qui gon's beginnt der ernst.

    allgemein kann man sagen das die geschnittenen szenen für fan's sicher interessant sind und vieles besser und genauer herausstellen, den film aber für die breite masse als auftakt doch etwas untauglich gemacht hätten. zumindest sehe ich dies so.
  18. Nute Gunray

    Nute Gunray Mr. Vizekönig 2002

    Ich habe hier ein Bild. Das zeigt Nute Gunray (mich :D ) wütend die Zähne zeigend, aber das Bild kommt niemals im Film vor. Ist das Bild auch aus einer geschnittenen Szene?

    Danke :)
  19. Jedi Master Kenobi

    Jedi Master Kenobi Jedi: Beschützer der Republik

    kann man sich irgendwie die eine szene runterladen in der qui gon gegen darth maul auf dem schiff weiter kämpfen ??? ???
  20. IO

    IO Gast

    Nein. Das einzige was von dieser Szene existiert ist ein Bild, wo noch Bluescreen zu sehen ist und ein Storyboard.

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