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Episode III Audio Book

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    Hm weiß nicht ob es schon einen anderen thread hierfür gibt, wenn ja dann sorry

    Jedenfalls das Audio Book zu Episode III ist da, Cheebo86 posted einiges daraus, hier ist was er bisher geschrieben hat


    Audio Book Transcript:

    Obi-Wan and Anakin flying around shooting in the space battle and one-liners mainly. Obi-Wan comments how he hates flying like in AOTC. Nothing we havent already known...yet.

    Anakin pretty much lighlty smashed himself into Obi-Wan to knock off some of the spider droids.

    Artoo is fighting a buzz droid now. Obi-Wan is amazed at all the stuff Artoo can do.

    EDIT: Only Obi-Wan and Anakin in the fight. What ever jedi were there are dead by the time Obi-Wan and Anakin got there.

    Obi-Wan & Anakin are on the hanger and fighting the battle droids!

    This novel is REALLY protraying Obi-Wan and Anakin's relationship. I hope some of stays in the film

    Artoo hooked up to the computer to locate Palpatine just like he did on the DeathStar to find Leia! Very cool mirror

    Obi-Wan sensed Dooku and now Anakin & Obi-Wan are off heading in Palpatines direction

    Also Dooku just told Grievous to lead Obi-Wan and & Anakin to Dooku

    Dooku is watching Anakin & Obi-Wan fight through the ship from security cameras

    It mentioned the lost 20 like in the AOTC novel.

    Dooku is thinking about how he never had a true friendship with anyone(while watching Obi & Anakin)

    Dooku is feeling tired of being a villian and secretly wishes to be captured to get out of the mess he is involved in now

    Sidious told Dooku to kill Obi-Wan so Anakin will turn.

    Obi-Wan told Anakin to call him Obi-Wan not Master anymore. They both entered the room with Palpatine now...

    The Dooku duel just began! Palpatine is offering some "helpful" words

    Dooku thinks Anakin is pathetic and Obi-Wan is his real challange. How wrong he is!

    Anakin: You won't escape us this time Dooku!
    Dooku: Escape? *sarcastically* Please...

    Dooku: How is Senator Amidala?

    Dooku kicked Anakin in the face now

    Obi-Wan just did something called a "force roll" over Anakin's head.

    Dooku is starting to realize Anakin is a real threat and not the Jedi he faced on Geonosis.

    Anakin is laying it on Dooku and Dooku is in pure defense mode.

    Dooku: Aren't you a little old to be afraid of the dark?

    Sidious: Strike now! STIKE! KILL HIM
    Dooku: Kill....me?

    Dooku's hands are OFF!

    Anakin has the blades at his throught. Dooku is cringing.

    Dooku: HELP ME!
    Anakin: I shouldn't.....
    Sidious: DO IT NOW
    *head is lobbed*

    *Anakin stares at the head*
    Anakin: I did that....who am I?

    *Drops Dooku's saber*
    Anakin: I couldn't help myself...
    Palpatine: You did well....not only well. But right

    Palpatine: Have you ever noticed....the way of the Jedi.....is not always the right way?
    Anakin: But...

    The ship is crashing. They are heading to try to escape

    Invisable Hand's shield has failed!

    Grievous is on the bridge as its crashing so far. He is pacing the deck.

    A neimodan was objecting to grievous's order ad Grievous rammed his fist into his FACE. INTO IT. And ripped it out of the seat by the face. And he told a junior officer he has been promoted.

    Anakin is talking to Artoo via a comlink like in ANH! He is yelling to Artoo to activate a turbo-lift

    They are heading to the bridge to get Grievous.

    Grievous is on the bridge. Grievious likes saying preposterious a lot.

    Grievous just realized Dooku is dead and Anakin rescued Palpatine. Grievous is dang pissed.

    Palpatine fell in the elavator shaft and is holding on Anakin's leg. He is telling ANakin to drop Obi-Wan. He is trying to get Obi-Wan out of the picture. Earlier he told Anakin to go after Grievous and leave obi-wan with him.

    Obi-Wan wakes up over Anakin's shoulder*
    Obi-Wan: Have I missed something?
    *Obi-Wan sees Palpatine dangling in a elevator shaft*
    Obi-Wan: *very droggy and hitting his head seems to make him pretty oblivous* Oh hello Chancellor! Are you well?

    Anakin holding Obi-Wan and having palps on his leg can't hold on any longer and they are plummeting. At the last minute he got ahold of Artoo on the comlink and were saved by a open door being opened by Artoo.

    Obi-Wan seems alert and Obi-Wan says its time go to the escape pods but Anakin refuses to without Artoo

    I listened some more last night. They crashed and Mace came to meet them. He asked about Dooku and Anakin said he killed him. When Mace asked how he did it Anakin got nervous and Palpatine stepped in and explained how wonderful ANakin was. They decided they need to get Grievous now to end this war. And Anakin headed off to find Padme. Mace & Obi-Wan talked about Palpatine and Sidious. Mace said he and Yoda suspect Palpatine has somesort of connection to SIdious but they have kept it a secret from the other Jedi. So now just Obi-Wan, Mace, & Yoda know. Mace worries Anakin is getting to close to Palpatine.

    Anakin and Artoo went to find Padme and they found threepio and threepio tells him she is hiding and Artoo and Threepio have some funny lines. Like threepio refues to believe Artoo's heroics from the mission. Anakin finds Padme and they kiss and she tells them of her pregnancy.

    Back to the Jedi temple with a secret meeting between Obi-Wan, Yoda, & Mace. They discuss how Palpatine now is getting MORE power by making himself incharge of the Jedi Order(So he can appoint Anakin). All 3 are very sure Sidious is either one of his advisors or Palpatine himself. They decide the Jedi may have to strike against Palpatine if he goes to far and that remaining part of the Republic and respected by the people is not as important as keeping the Jedi Order from destruction. They also begin to realize everything since the Trade Blockation on Naboo has been a plot of the Sith to destroy the Jedi Order.

    Back to Anakin & Padme. ANakin has the dream of her dying in childbirth. He tells her and all she says is "Oh". She realizes all people have to die eventually while Anakin is freaking out about it.

    Mace, Obi-Wan, and Yoda are discussing Palps, Sidious, and the war still.

    Obi-Wan is saying that if we get Grievous that Sidious wont have Dooku or Grievous and will have to act and they can watch and catch him.
    Obi-Wan: His actions will reveal him. He will not escape us!
    Yoda: Seeing into the heart of the matter, Obi-Wan has.
    Mace: We will move against Sidious.

    They are sending Obi-Wan to find Grievous. Obi-Wan says he sometimes can hear Qui-Gon talk to him.
    Now its describing Grievous on Utapau.

    Nute Gunrary is on Utapau too!

    Grievous: Gunray! Why are you still here?
    Gunrary: You said we would be safe here! Why are we being moved to Mustafar?!

    Grievous: Mustafar is the most secure planet in the galaxy!

    Now Gunray is whining about spending all his money on the war and annoying Grievous.
    Sidious is contacting Grievous
    Sidious: Have you moved the council to Mustafar?
    Grievous: Yes, master.
    SIdious: Well done my general

    Now they are talking setting a trap for Obi-Wan to kill him.

    Grievous: Kenobi will die.

    Anakin is at the temple now trying to find Obi-Wan.

    He is thinking about his dreams of Padme's death again.

    Anakin went to Yoda for advice now!
    Anakin is asking for help with his dream with Padme but not revealing it is about Padme and what it predicting to keep it hidding. Yoda asked Anakin to meditate with him.

    Yoda: Sense the future all Jedi could. Now few alone have this skill. These visions of yours...
    Anakin: They are of pain..suffering..and death.
    Yoda: No suprise this is. Someone close to you?
    Anakin: Yes....
    Yoda: Fear of loss is the path to the darkside.
    Anakin went to the archive to try to find out how to stop prophecy dreams from coming true. However he isn't allowed. They are restricted to Jedi Masters.
    Palpatine arrived at the Temple and is asking for Anakin.
    Obi-Wan came to tell him that he is summoned to Palpatine.
    Obi-Wan: As your friend I am asking you be wary of Palpatine. I know you are his friend but I don't think he is a friend of yours.
    Anakin is going to talk to Palpatine right now.
    Palpatine: I have asked you here because I need yout help.

    Palpatine: In all the years we have been friends, have I ever asked for something against the will of your concious?
    Anakin: Well...
    Palpatine: And I never will.
    Palpatine: You you may become more powerful then all of them together.

    Palpatine: I am coming to feel the Jedi themselves....The council keeps pushing for more control. They lost all respect for the law.
    Anakin: Many would say the same of you.
    Palpatine: Many of the Jedi would prefer if I was out of office.
    Palpatine: How do you know Sidious exists? Created by the Jedi Council to defeat their political enemies!

    Anakin: The sith are evil.
    Palpatine: That is what you have been told...
    Palpatine: I would ask him[Sidious] to sit down and help end this war!
    Anakin: You would.....you would....?
    Palpatine: And I would bloody well offer him a brandy and talk it out.
    Anakin: The JEdi will no longer report to the senate?
    Palpatine: They will report to me only.
    Anakin: I can see how that can help but the council won't.
    Palpatine is appointing Anakin to the council to keep an eye on the council now!

    Anakin: Me?
    Palpatine: Who else? You are the only Jedi I can trust. I need you my boy. To be the eyes, the ears, and voice of the Republic on the council.
    Anakin: On the council....

    The council is discussing Palpatine appointing Anakin(Anakin is not there yet).

    Obi-Wan: How can you ask him to lie to a friend? To spy on him? Don't make Anakin pick sides between me and Palpatine!

    Windu: We should appear shorthanded and weak to make Sidious move thinking his unobserved. Lets make them think both I & Yoda have to take the field in action.
    Yoda: Only one should go. The sepretists on Kashyyk a compelling excuse will make.
    Mon Mothma: Bail whats happened?
    Bail: Its time Mon...its time to stop talking and start doing.
    Mon & Bail are talking about Padme. Its EXACTLY as Motee stated.

    Now its back to the Jedi Temple. Anakin is walking into the Temple. Thinking about when he first came in back in TPM.

    Anakin is being allowed on the council now but not the rank of master.

    Mace: You will not be granted the rank of Jedi Master.
    Anakin: What?
    Anakin: How dare you! HOW DARE YOU! No Jedi in this room can match my power...now Jedi in the galaxy! You think you can deny mastery to ME?!?
    Obi-Wan: Please....*points to a chair beside him*
    Anakin: Forgive me masters.

    Yoda is offically sent to Kashykk and Obi-Wan to find Grievious.

    Anakin is sitting in the council alone as everyone left depressed.

    Bail & Mon are talking to Padme. exaxt quotes as Motee...once again!

    Bail: He has become a dictator...we made him a dictator.
    Mon Mothma: What are we going to do about it.
    Some Senator: I don't like where this is going....
    Bail: We can't let a 1000 years of democracy end without a fight!
    Padme: You sound like a sepratist!
    Bail: Who will vote against Palpatine now?
    Padme:...I will...
    Bail: Do that, make as much noise as you can. It will provide cover for me and Mon Mothma while we build the organization.
    Mon Mothma: No one can be told. No one.
    *All nod*
    Padme: *sigh* Yes....yes agreed. *thinking: Oh Anakin. I'm sorry...so sorry*

    Anakin & Obi-Wan are walking down the steps talking from the scene in the trailer.

    Anakin: If I wan't friends with Palpatine would I be master?!?
    Obi-Wan: I don't know.
    Anakin: They call me the chosen one! CHOSEN FOR WHAT!?
    Anakin: I'm too close to him? Maybe I am! A man who has been nothing by generious to me! The only man who has given me the respect I deserve!
    Obi-Wan: How can you be a Jedi Master when you haven't mastered yourself?
    Anakin: What do I have to do? They want something from me!
    Obi-Wan: That's not how the council works...
    Obi-Wan: The council.....approved your appointment because Palpatine trusts you. They want you to report on all his dealings.
    Anakin: That's treason!
    Obi-Wan: We are at war Anakin....
    Anakin: Your trying to get me to turn against Palpatine. To lie to him. This is what it is about!
    Obi-Wan: No it isn't!
    Anakin: HE IS A GREAT MAN!
    Anakin: He is my friend Obi-Wan...
    Obi-Wan: Yes...sadly...
    Anakin: He is like family...
    Obi-Wan: The Jedi are your family.
    Anakin: The Jedi are YOUR family. I had a mother who loved me! Do you remember what happened to her? BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LET ME SAVE HER?
    Obi-Wan: You know how sorry I am for your mother...

    *Right before Yoda leaves*
    Obi-Wan: I think we did a terrible thing.
    Yoda: Know how important your frienship with Anakin is I do.
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    Yoda: The prophecy...misread it could of been....

    Mace: Jedi create light,the Sith don't create darkness. They just use it.
    Obi-Wan: I am not sure I follow you. Are you saying the Jedi cast too much light?
    Mace: All I am saying I don't know..we don't know what it means to bring balance to the force.
    Yoda: The more we learn the more we discovery how much we don't know.
    Obi-Wan: He is loyal to people...not principles.
    Obi-Wan: I think Anakin can do anything..other than betray a friend.
    Anakin & Padme are together again.
    Anakin: Beatiful isn't it?
    Padme: Anakin you shouldn't be out here. It is still daylight.
    Anakin: Tonight is forever from now. How can I live that long without you?
    Padme: Let's go inside...
    Anakin: How are you feeling?
    Padme: He keeps kicking
    Anakin: He?
    Padme: It's my....motherly intuiton
    Anakin: With a kick that hard? Defintely a girl.
    Anakin: I can't stay...I am off to meet the chancellor.
    Padme: Sometimes I wonder...if we are on the wrong side.
    Padme: What if the democracy we are fighting for doesnt exist. What if it becomes the evil we are fighting against?
    Anakin: Where would the Republic be without Palpatine?
    Padme: I don't know but it wouldn't be any worse....
    Padme: Our government is heading in the wrong direction!
    Anakin: I am tired of this..this politcal justice.
    Padme: I am becoming afraid...that I might know that the bad guys are here now....
    Padme: Ask Palpatine to offer a cease fire!
    Anakin: Is that a order?! DO I GET ANY SAY IN THIS? What if I don't agree with you?! What if I think Palpatine's way is the right way!?
    Padme: Anakin....
    Anakin: I am sick of this.
    Padme: *cries* Anakin..what is it? What is it really?
    Anakin: Nothing that you can help.
    Padme: Let me help you!
    Anakin: I am trying...to help you.

    Anakin is with Palpatine now. Time for the sudece to get even stronger. Expect some Palpatine quotes!
    Palpatine is telling Anakin he found out with Grievous is. Utapau.
    They are in the theater.

    Palpatine: The Jedi council can't always be trusted to do the right thing.
    Palpatine: I think you know I can't rely on the Jedi Council.
    Palpatine: I believe they intent to control the republic itself! They are planning treason. And hope to overthrow my government. Search your feelings...you do know...don't know?
    Palpatine: They want you to spy on me don't they?
    Anakin: I...
    Palpatine: It's ok. I have nothing to hide.
    Palpatine: Do you remember when you were young? I tried to teach you the in's and outs of politics. You should remember my first teaching. All those who gain power are afraid to lose it...
    Anakin: The Jedi use it for good!
    Palpatine: Good...good is not the only valid one.
    Anakin: The sith are evil!
    Palpatine: From a Jedi point of view....
    Palpatine: Perhaps the real difference between the sith and jedi is their orientation....
    Palpatine: The sith has always been more powerful than the Jedi...
    Palpatine: Beings have these emotions for a reason. That is why the sith are more powerful.
    Anakin: They think only of themselves!
    Palpatine: And the Jedi don't..?
    Anakin: Jedi are selfless!
    Palpatine: Or so you have been told to believe....

    Anakin: Have they asked you to break the Jedi code? To betray a friendship..?
    Palpatine: Think Anakin...think. Consider their motives.
    Anakin: Would it be possible to learn this power?
    Palpatine: Not from a Jedi....

    They are out of the opera house. Anakin is sitting in his speeder with his eyes closed just thinking
    He wants to go there apparently to somehow find out if the story of Plagiues is true.

    Obi-Wan has arrived at Padme's appartment!

    Obi-Wan: This is not a social call. I have come to speak to you about Anakin.
    Obi-Wan: He he came to see you?
    Padme: Several times...
    Obi-Wan: It's Anakin....may I sit?
    Padme: Please.
    Padme: Is he in trouble?
    Obi-Wan: We had words yesterday and parted badly....
    Padme: What were these words about?
    Obi-Wan: I can't tell you. Jedi business. Its just that I have been a bit worried about him...
    Padme: Why would he talk to me about Jedi business?
    Obi-Wan: I am not blind Padme. Though I have tried to be for Anakin and your sake. Niether of you are good at hiding feelings. Anakin has loved you since Tatooine. He has tried to hide it. I pretended to not know. It made him happy. You made him happy. And you Padme as skilled as you are can't hide the light in your eyes when anyone mentions his name.
    Padme: I...
    Obi-Wan: Anakin is under a great deal of pressue. He is changing..quickly. It would be a very great mistake if he were to leave the Jedi order
    Padme: Why that seems so unlikely. Isn't he the chosen one?
    Obi-Wan: It only says a chosen one will be born and bring balance to the force. It never says he has to be a Jedi. My master believed it was the will of the force that Anakin would be trained as a Jedi.
    Padme: But the will of the force...
    Obi-Wan: But the Jedi doesn't know all there is to know of the force. We don't know what the will of the force can be.
    Obi-Wan: I fear some of his current difficulty has to do with his relationship with you. I can't tell you what to do Padme. Consider Anakin's best interests.
    Padme: I can't talk about this.
    Obi-Wan: Remember the Jedi are his family. Please tread carefully. Some decisons can never be reversed.
    *comlink beeps*
    Mace: We are calling the council into session. We knowvGrievous's location.
    Obi-Wan: Thank you.
    Obi-Wan: I won't tell the council of this.
    Padme: Thank you...Obi-Wan. You love him too, don't you? You do! You love him.
    Obi-Wan: Please do what you can to help him.
    Council is in session. Talking about Utapau. They are wondering how Palpatine could of got this information.
    Obi-Wan is being sent to get Grievous. They decide to send him so their best swordsman Mace will be there to attack Sidious if he strikes.

    Rebellion meeting in Padme's living room!

    Senator: The new governer's are arriving with clone troopers...
    Padme: I have realible information that Grievous has been located and Jedi are moving against him.
    Bail: What then? How do we make Palpatine withdrawl his governers?
    Bail: It is only Palpatine to declare when the emergency is over.
    Senator: We are ready to make him surrender power.
    Threepio: This discussion is most-
    Padme: Threepio that will be all.
    *after threepio leaves*
    Padme: this is a most dangerous step. We can't turn this into another war.
    Bail: Politcal solution is our only solution.

    Padme: We should consult the Jedi.
    Senator: That....would be dangerous
    Mothma: We don't know where the jedi stand in this
    Padme: The Jedi aren't happy with this either.
    Senator: If we are to oppose the chancellor we need the support of the Jedi. Otherwise what do we have?
    Padme: One jedi then...There is one I truely know I can trust absolutely......Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Obi-Wan is on the deck with Anakin saying goodbye.

    Anakin: I have a bad feeling about this...
    Obi-Wan: Did you say something?
    Anakin: You are going to need me on your mission
    Obi-Wan: It might just be a wild bantha chase. You are needed here.
    Anakin: Master....I know I've dissapointed you in these last few days. I have been arrogant. My frustration with the council is not your fault. I apologize.
    Obi-Wan: You are wise. You have surpassed my instruction.
    Obi-Wan: I am speaking not of your power, but of your heat. You have done great things and I am very proud of you. I believe I hear General Grivous calling my name. Goodbye old friend. May the force be with you.

    Those are the LAST things Obi-Wan says to Anakin before he goes to the Sith.

    Anakin is back with Palpatine now.

    Palpatine: Anticpation is my sole source of sucess. It's the only way I can take advantage of oppurtunity.

    Palpatine: I do not believe in the will of the force....I believe it is our will that matters.

    Palpatine: My friends have picked up disturbing rumors about Kenobi...
    Anakin: Are you serious?
    Palpatine: Most serious. Some in the senate regret giving me emergency powers....
    Anakin: What about Obi-Wan?
    Palpatine: I am getting to that.
    Palpatine: The difference is now these senators have given up on democracy.....
    Palpatine: They are organizing. To remove me...by other means...
    Anakin: Treason?
    Palpating: They have fell with the power of the Jedi...mixed in the plot of the Jedi to destroy the Republic...
    Palpatine: If this is true we must be prepared. I have a very good idea of who is the leaders of this oraganization is...I want you here when they come to meet me.....We will pierce their veil.
    Anakin: I will try.
    Palpatine: No, we won't try we will do!
    Anakin: You still haven't told me about Obi-Wan.
    Palpatine: That is the disturbing part. It appears that Kenobi has been in contact with the leaders of this kobal... The rumor is that he has been seen leaving this senator's place quite early in the morning...
    Anakin: Lets go to that senator! Let's question him!
    Palpatine: I am afraid its a her...a woman you know very well....
    Anakin: You.....you mean.....
    Palpatine: I am afraid so.
    Palpatine: Sometimes the closest are those who can not see...

    Anakin is going to Padme to find out if this is true.

    Padme: Anakin what are you doing here?
    Anakin: Waiting for you.
    Padme: I have a meeting...
    ANakin: Is it with the chancellor?
    Padme: Er....yes
    Anakin: Obi-Wan has been here
    Padme: Yes this morning...
    Anakin: What did you talk about!?
    Padme: We talked about you.
    Anakin: WHAT ABOUT ME?
    Padme: He is worried about you...the way you have been acting...
    Anakin: I am not the one doing the acting. Not the one doing the pretending!
    Anakin: I'm sorry....I know I have been difficult...I feel like I am in freefall...I don't know which way is up or where I will be when I land...or crash. I think it's going to be a crash.
    Padme: What has happened my love? You always been so sure of yourself...
    Anakin: Nothing...everything. I don't know....

    Talking about the dream that shows Padme's death....

    Anakin: I will become so powerful...I will keep you safe forever.
    Padme: You don't need power. You can save me from anything just as you are.

    Rebellion is meeting with Palpatine(and Anakin) now.

    Padme is talking for the rebellion. Asking to have peace talks with sepratists. Right in front of Anakin.

    Padme: This system of governers is very troubling.
    Palpatine: I assure you the republic governers are to make your system safer.

    Obi-Wan is at Utapau now.
    Grievous has his body guards and a ENTIRE army of battle droids waiting for Obi-Wan. Poor Obi.

    Obi-Wan: I can keep them distracted for some time but don't take to long.
    Commander Cody: Come on boss! Have I ever let you done?

    Tion Meddon is going up to Obi-Wan.

    Obi-Wan: My business is the war.
    Meddon: There is no war here unless you brought it with you.
    Obi-Wan: Very well then. Please permit me to refuel here and to search.
    Tion: He is here. We are hostages. We are being watched. You must depart in truth. I was ordered to reveal his presence. It is a trap! 10's of thousands of war droids!

    Obi-Wan: *looks up at the 10th level* Never a air taxi when you need one...

    Now he is going off to get a ride on Boga.

    He is on Boga now heading for Grievous
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    New Update:

    Obi-Wan finally reached Grievous face to face and Palpatine is filling Anakin with more lies about how evil the rebellion is and how Padme is a traitor.He also admited he knows of the marriage.

    Palpatine: You must understand than what is at stake here is the fate of the galaxy!
    Palpatine: Think how hard it has been to keep your srecrets inside....
    Palpatine: You never had to pretend with me like you had with your Jedi comrades. I accept you the way you are! Share with me your truth! Let yourself out!

    Palpatine: Ask what you want...and its yours.
    Anakin: Is this a joke?
    Palpatine: I have never been more serious.
    Palpatine: Pick something, anything.
    Anakin: How about those new custom speeders?
    Palpatine: Done, would you prefer a battle cruiser?
    Anakin: how about the senatorial aparetments...the whole building
    Palpatine: Done
    Anakin: You cant just!
    Palpatine: Yes I can.
    Anakin: Corillia. I want Corillia.
    Palpatine: Planet or whole system?
    Palpatine: I am trying to impress on you a funamental truth of yourself. Do you understand now? I will give you anything you want.
    Anakin: What if I want the war to end?
    Palpatine: Would tommorow be to soon?
    Anakin: How?
    Palpatine: We are discussing what. How will come later.
    Anakin: What do I have to do?
    Palpatine: In exchange...do what you want. Do what the JEdi fear most. do what you think is right. COMMIT to that life. I know you buuuuurn for the wider truth. Let yourself gain that truth. You have dreamed of leaving the order and having a life based on love!
    Anakin: I cant just leave!
    Palpatine: But you can.

    Palpatine: Be my student....be my...apprentice.
    Anakin: But...I want those things...as much as I care...I cant...I just cant...not yet....
    Palpatine: I know what you truely want...
    Palpatine: Listen to me. I can help you save her.
    Anakin: How can you?
    Palpatine: You remember the tradegy of Darth Plagiues the wise...?
    Anakin: Yeees...I remember
    Palpatine: Its no mere myth...Darth Plagiues was REAL.
    Anakin: Real?
    Palpatine: Darth Plagiues was my master. He taught me the key to his power....before I killed him.
    *Anakin ignites lightsaber*
    Anakin: YOU!?!??! ITS YOU!?!? ITS BEEN YOU ALL ALONG!?!
    Anakin: I should kill you. I WILL KILL YOU!
    Palpatine: For what?
    Anakin: YOUR A SITH LORD!
    Palpatine: I am. I am also your friend. I am also the man who has always been here for you.
    Anakin: You...wont even fight?
    Palpatine: Fight? But will happen when you kill me? What will happen to the Republic? What will happen to Padme? When I die.....my knowledge dies with me. Unless that is I have the oppurtunity to teach it to my apprientice.....

    Its back to Obi-Wan fighting Grievous and the body guards.
    100's of droids are surrounding Obi-Wan.
    Grievous's body guards are leaping at him.
    *obi-wan slices a beam and 3 body guards crash to their doom*
    Obi-Wan: Well, that went well. 10,000 droids to go!
    There is such a insane amount of droids they are wiping out themselves trying to shoot Obi-Wan.
    Obi-Wan has made his way through droid's to reach Grievous.
    Obi-Wan: I am still willing to take you alive.
    Utapaun's are coming to the rescue. They are attacking the droids.
    Now CLONES are attacking too. Utapuan's, Clones, vs. Battle Droids.

    *Grievous ignites his sabers*
    Grievous: TO THE DEATH!
    Obi-Wan: Well if you insist...
    Back to Anakin.

    Palpatine: I was the only man skilled enough for this. Without my deception how would I have cured the Republic?
    Palpatine: If only you could know how I longed to tell you Anakin. Since they day we met I have watched over you...biding my time. Waiting for the time your ready.
    Palpatine: YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!
    Palpatine: Chosen by ME! Chosen to be the heir of my power!
    Palpatine: Do you think the Sith did not know of the prophecy? Do you think we would sleep while it came to pass? This Jedi submission to fate is not the way of the Sith. This is not my way. This is not your way. It may never be!
    Palpatine: I am offering you the power to save Padme! Is that evil?
    Palpatine: I am asking you to do the right thing. Turn your back on treason.
    Its back to Obi-Wan battling Grievous again.
    Still dueling..... TONS of blaster fire around the duel from Clones, Utapuans, & Droids.
    Obi-Wan chopped one of Grievou's thumb's off and a saber in half!
    an explosion seperated him and Grievous got in his wheel thing.
    Obi-Wan got on Boga and chasing after Grievous

    Obi-Wan: Boga! Here girl! We have a General to catch.
    Boga jumped on the ship thing!
    Obi-Wan: I believe you need another ship general.
    Somehow it seems General is on foot and Obi-Wan is on Boga. Obi-Wan is attacking droid's while on mount still.
    Wait Grievous is still in the vehicle. Got out from under Boga. I assumed he got out of the ship.
    Now Boga is never to the wheeler. And Obi-Wan is slicing at it with his Saber
    Boga is getting shot
    They are still racing even with Booga nearly dead. She is still racing with all her might.

    Obi-Wan JUMPED off her and took one of the pikes and wacked Grievous in the head with it while on the wheeler. The wheeler is rolling off course and crashed. Both Grievous and Obi-Wan flew out

    Grievous pulled out a blaster and shot at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan grabbed the pike with the force and is holding it. Obi-Wan is now charging as Grievous is blasting.

    Obi-Wan knocked the blaster out of Grievous's hand with the pike and now is cracking the steel in grievous's stomack with the pike.
    Grievous grabbed Obi-Wan and threw him away
  4. Mr. Lightside

    Mr. Lightside hofft intensiv auf eine PT-DVD Box

    Donnerwetter... da muss ich mich echt zurückhalten zu lesen... aber ein bissel vielleicht... oder nicht... hmmm. Trotzdem danke :)
  5. HomerS

    HomerS Gast

    3rd Update:

    Obi-Wan charged at Grievous and RIPPED the steel on his stomach off revealing his flesh. Grievous threw Obi-Wan and charged at him but Obi-Wan force grabbed the blaster and shot grievous in the flesh stomach. Killing him.

    Booga still LIVES! But barely...
    *Obi-Wan looks at the blaster in his hand*
    Obi-Wan: So...uncivilized! *drops it*

    Obi-Wan STILL has to get away from the 10,000 battle droids. Thats when Booga is finished I suspect.
    Its switching to MACE!!

    He is talking to Yoda via hologram. He is saying he has 3(4 with himself) of his best masters ready in case Sidious attacks

    ANakin has RAN IN!

    Mace: What's wrong? Are you hurt?
    Anakin: Obi-Wan! I NEED TO TALK TO OBI-WAN!
    Anakin: Listen to me. *Shakes* *mace holds Anakin*
    Don't...don't hurt him.
    Mace; Have you been attacked?
    Anakin: *collasps on the floor*
    Mace: Anakin...look at me....are you hurt? Do you...
    Anakin: Master....Windu........I have....bad news.
    Mace: Bad news?

    Anakin: Palpatine is Sidous! The Chancellor is the Sith Lord!
    Mace: Wait in the council chamber till we get back.
    Anakin: But...
    ANakin: What are you going to do?
    Mace: Only as much as I have to.

    Palpatine is waiting in his office.
    *4 Jedi head toward the office*
    Kit Fisto: I'd feel better if Yoda was here. Or even Kenobi.

    Anakin is pacing in the chamber
    Anakin: WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!??!!
    He is wandering around the chamber alone still.

    Anakin is leaving the chamber now!
    The 4 Jedi Masters are outside the room now.
    Palpatine's saber is hidden in one of his statues!

    He took it out and tested the saber. Palps then put in his sleeve.

    *Palps turns on a recording, audio only*
    Palpatine: Why Master Windu. What a pleasent suprise....

    Mace: Hardly a suprise chancellor and will not be pleasent for either of us.
    Palpatine: Master Fisto hello.
    Palpatine: Master Kolar greetings, I trust you are will.
    Palpatine: Master Timm! I see your horn has regron. I am very glad
  6. gr33do

    gr33do junges Senatsmitglied

    vielleicht geht das mal gelich weiter, ich will mein episode3 heute zuende erleben :D
  7. Minza

    Minza Geek Queen Premium

    Da haben sich aber ganz grobe Fehler drinn versteckt :D

    Master Timm? Tim, der Zauberer?


    Passt aber zum Horn :braue
  8. HomerS

    HomerS Gast

    des dauert, kafee trinken und eine rauchen gehen :D
  9. HomerS

    HomerS Gast

    na gut dann update ich mal ein bissel früher :p

    4th update:

    Mace: We know who you are. We are here to take you into custody.
    Palpatine: When I last checked I am supreme chancellor who you are sworn to protect. I hope I missunderstand you. It smacks of treason.
    Mace: Your under arrest
    Palpatine: Really master windu you cant be serious. Under what charge?
    Mace: Your a sith lord
    Palpatine: Am I? Even if true. That is not a crime. My philosophical outlook is a personal matter. In fact the last time I read the consitution we have strict laws against persection. So I ask you again what is my crime?
    Mace: We are not here to argue with you
    Palpatine: Your here to imprison me without trial. This is the plan at last. The jedi are taking over the Republic.
    Mace: Come with us, now.

    *sabers ignite*
    The trailer stuff happens here.

    yells for the audio recording Palps is making:
    *recording ends*

    They are fighting like mad!
    *timm's head hits floor*
    Fisto: SAESE!(sp?)
    *fisto is lobbed*
    Kolar: *saber goes through his head* *falls over*
    Palpatine: HELP HELP HELP!
  10. gr33do

    gr33do junges Senatsmitglied

    jaja, go on :D

    spoiler sind doch was für kinder, wenn man diesen plot liesst, es klärt sich aber auch wirkich alles auf, man wird ja richtig erleuchtet ;)
  11. HomerS

    HomerS Gast

    ich kannn leider nur was posten wenn es was neues gibt, aber bis jetzt tote hose o_O

    ich werde schon regelmäßig updaten, vielleicht gibt es ja bald schon das ganze packet als mp3 :)
  12. gr33do

    gr33do junges Senatsmitglied

    ich will keine ausreden, ich will text 8)

    damit hat sich der verwandlungsakt und die frage, ob er vor mace nicht alles gibt irgendwie erübrigt, obwohl palp durch seine hilfeschrei übers com vielleicht eher nur den restlichen senat für sich gewinenn wollte, gegen die jedi loszugehen... das mace so stark sein würde, wusste er vielleicht nicht, aber im fall der fälle, hat palp wohl eher makiert gegenüber mace ;)
  13. Lotus2003

    Lotus2003 Botschaftsadjutant

    Das wäre ein Traum, das ganze als Mp3... :braue :p :D

  14. HomerS

    HomerS Gast

  15. GeeGee

    GeeGee I am the bad bitch

    Während hier viele auf Cheebo warten, der scheinbar untergetaucht ist ^^ gibt's auf mf.com bald eine große Aktion in der ein paar Leute versuchen das Audiobook gerippt ins Internet zu bekommen und es möglichst lange darin zu halten.
    Nur läut bisher alles auf eine Torrent File hinaus und damit habe ich nicht viel Glück ^^.
  16. HomerS

    HomerS Gast

  17. Valmont

    Valmont Most powerful Wizard ever

    Eine Frage:In wie weit stimmen die Dialoge des Audio Books denn mit den Dialogen des Filmes überein?Werden die Dialoge 1:1 so im Film vorkommen??
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 24. März 2005
  18. Mr. Lightside

    Mr. Lightside hofft intensiv auf eine PT-DVD Box

    Ich finde diesen Moment wo Anakin zu Mace rennt und ihm erzählt, das Palpatine der Sith-Lord ist schon jetzt genial... wär Anakin bloß standhaft geblieben... der ganze Ärger wäre erspart gewesen wenn er später nicht in einem kurzen Moment der Schwäche Mace in Palpatine's Büro angreift... das ist so genial, weil es eben wirklich nur ein kurzer Moment der Schwäche ist, der alle ins Verderben reißt :)
  19. gr33do

    gr33do junges Senatsmitglied

    also zuviel muss ja auch nicht gespoilert werden, die texte ansich reichen doch... und sind imho auch viel einfacher und sehr lange ins internet stellbar ;)

    meiomei, ich brauch den rest "starwarsjunky"
  20. Nachmittag

    Nachmittag Botschaftsadjutant

    50% habe ich schon von dem Audiobuch, mal sehen, mit Englisch lesen habe ich gar keine Probleme, beim Hörverständnis, grad bei Hörbüchern happerts bei mir ein bißchen. Denke dennoch, dass ich es irgendwie verstehen werde, obwohl wenn ichs mir heute anhören will, sicher einschlafen werde. :konfus:

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