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Star Wars Yoda Gangsta Rap

Dieses Thema im Forum "Community Bereich" wurde erstellt von gorkacov26, 27. Oktober 2002.

  1. gorkacov26

    gorkacov26 Gast

    Hört euch mal das MP3 an! Das ist finde ich ein Meisterwerk! Lyrics von einer Seite: (kann ich schon auswendig (trotzdem copy & paste)):

    Intro (Vader and Emperor)
    It's not the East or the West Side
    no it's not
    it's not the North or the South Side
    no it's not
    it's the Dark Side
    you are correct
    you can't front on the Empire
    to all you Vader-haters out there
    we'll blow your planet up

    1st verse Vader and Emperor

    what is thy bidding my master
    it's a disaster Skywalker we're after
    but if he can be turned to the dark side
    yes he'd be a powerful ally
    another Dark Jedi
    he will join us or die

    we've got Death Star 8 (X)

    Uncle owen:
    Luke, get your ass over here right now
    quit monkeying around with that damn landspeeder
    where them two droids I asked you clean, boy
    did you clean your room?

    2nd verse Luke, Yoda & Obi-Wan

    Uncle Owen, I know I'm on probation
    I cleaned the droids
    can I go to Toshi Station
    I got a lay-away on a power converter
    but now your treating me like a scruffy nerf hearder

    Luke, use the Force and run
    run to Dagabah
    run to Dagabah 2 (X)

    I'm Yoda
    I'm a soldja
    I'll mold ya then fold ya
    I though I told ya
    don't be unwise judge me not by my size
    you won't believe your eyes
    watch the X-Wing rise

    Yoda, why you being a player-hater
    you know I still must confront Lord Vader

    but Luke, not ready are you

    but there's a city in the clouds where they're keeping my crew
    a Jedi's gotta to do what a Jedi's gotta to do
    so now Vader - I'm coming for you

    Luke in X-Wing talking

    yeah, thats right Artoo
    I just set a new course
    we're going to Cloud City
    its mighty good gin and tonic
    would ya mix me up another?
    things are about to get ugly

    3rd verse Vader and Luke

    Impressive now release your anger
    you must have senced that your friends are in danger

    ahhh why'd you slice off my hand

    its imperative that you understand
    Obi-Wan would never bother
    telling you about your father

    he told me enough he told me you killed him

    then there's something I must reveal then

    I'm your father 8 (X)

    knock him out the box Luke knock him out the box
  2. WedgeBL

    WedgeBL loyaler Abgesandter


    Da findest du das passende Video dazu ;)
    Ich glaub das ist der dritte Thread dazu und ich sag auch gerne zum dritten mal das ich das Ding super cool find.
  3. Spaceball

    Spaceball Chilehead Mitarbeiter

    Wie oft wird das Teil eigentlich noch gepostet. Mit dem einen mal als ich es gepostet habe dürfte das in den letzten zwei jahren mindestens 6 mal gewesen sein.

    Aber trotzdem immer noch ein genialer Klassiker.

    cu, Spaceball
  4. *Plo Koon*

    *Plo Koon* loyaler Abgesandter

    Geil aber kannte ich schon mit dem Video dazu!

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