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Episode II - Die geschnittenen Szenen

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    Die erste Senatsszene

    The massive Senate Building glistens in the afternoon sun. Small patches of fog have still to burn off.

    The vast rotunda is buzzing with chatter. Mas Amedda, the Supreme Chancellor's majordomo, tries to quiet things down as Palpatine confers with an aide, Uv Gizen, riding a small one man floating scooter.

    MAS AMEDDA: “Order! We shall have order! The motion for the republic to commission an army takes precedent, and that is what we will vote on at this time.”

    Everything quiets down. The aide disperses, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine steps to the podium.

    PALPATINE: “ ...My esteemed colleagues, excuse me...I have just recieved some tragic and disturbing news. Senator Amidala of the Naboo system has been assassinated!”

    There is a shock silence in the vast arena.

    PALPATINE (continuing): “This grevious blow is especially personal to me. Before I became Chancellor, I served Amidala when she was Queen. She was a great leader who fought for justice, not only in this honorable assembly, but also on her home planet. She was so loved she could have been elected queen for life. She believed in public service, and she fervently believed in democracy. Her death is a great loss to us all. We will all mourn her as a relentless champion of freedom… and as a dear friend.”

    There is a moment of silence. Ask Aak, the Senator of Malastare, moves his pod into the center of the arena.

    ASK AAK: “How many more Senators will die before this civil strife ends! We must confront these rebels now, and we need an army to do it.”

    A second pod moves into the center of the area with Darsana, the Ambassador of Glee Anselm.

    DARSANA: “Why weren’t the Jedi able to stop this assassination? We are no longer safe under their protection.”

    Senator Orn Free Taa swings forward in his pod.

    ORN FREE TAA: “The Republic needs more security now! Before it comes to war.”
    PALPATINE: “Must I remind the Senator from Malastare that negotiations are continuing with the separatists. Peace is our objective here…not war.”

    The Senators yell pro and con. Mas Amedda tries to calm things down. Senator Padmé Amidala, with Captain Typho, Jar Jar, and Dorme, maneuvres her pod into the center of the vast arena.

    PADME: “My noble colleagues, I concur with the Supreme Chancellor. At all costs, we do not want war!”

    The Senate goes quiet, then there is an outburst of cheering and applause.

    PALPATINE: “It is with great surprise and joy the chair recognizes the Senator from Naboo, Padmé Amidala.”

    PADME: “Less than an hour ago, as assassination attempt was made against my life. One of my bodyguards and six others were ruthlessly and senselessly murdered. I was the target but, more importantly, I believe this security measure before you was the target. I have led the opposition to build an army… but there is someone in this body that will stop at nothing to assure its passage…”

    Many of the Senators boo and yell at Senator Amidala.

    PADME (continuing): “I warn you, if you vote to create this army, war will follow. I have experienced the misery of war firsthand; I do not wish to do it again.”

    There is sporadic yelling for and against her statements.

    PADME (continuing): “Wake up, Senators…you must wake up! If we offer the separatists violence, they can only show us violence in return! Many will lose their lives. All will lose their freedom. This decision could very well destroy the very foundation of our great Republic. I pray you do not let fear push you into a disastrous decision. Vote down this security measure, which is nothing less than a declaration of war! Does anyone here want that? I cannot believe they do.”

    There is an undercurrent of booing…and groaning. Senator Orn Free Taa moves his pod next to Amidala.

    ORN FREE TAA: “My motion to defer the vote must be dealt with first. That is the rule of law.”

    Amidala looks angry and frustrated. Palpatine gives her a sympathetic look.

    PALPATINE: “In view of the lateness of the hour and the seriousness of this motion, we will take up these matters tomorrow. Until then, the Senate stands adjourned.”

    Jedi Tempel Korridor

    The vast Jedi Temple sits on an endless flat plain, silhouetted against the traffic-filled sky.

    Mace Windu and Yoda walk down the long hallway, silhouetted by a lit room at the end.

    MACE WINDU: “Why couldn’t we see his attack on the Senator?”
    YODA: “Masking the future, is this disturbance in the force.”
    MACE WINDU: “The prophecy is coming true, the dark side is growing.”
    YODA: “And only those who have turned to the Dark Side can sense the possibilities of the future. Only going through the Dark Side can we see.”
    MACE WINDU: “It’s been ten years and the Sith still have not shown themselves. Do you think they are behind this?”
    YODA: “…Out there, they are. A certainty, that is.”

    There is a long silence as they walk away. Only footsteps are heard.

    Anakin meditiert

    Anakin is standing in the living room. He is in a meditative state. It is quiet. We hear distant footsteps in the corridor outside the apartment. Suddenly Anakin’s eyes pop open. His eyes dart around the room. He reaches for his lightsaber, then smiles and puts it back on his belt.

    Zam Wessel Verfolgungsjagd

    The Probe Droid sends several protective electrical shocks across its surface, causing Obi-Wan to almost lose his grip. As they dart in and out of the speeding traffic, Obi-Wan disconnects a wire on the back of the Droid. It’s power shuts off! Obi-Wan and the Droid drop like rocks. Obi-Wan realizes the error of his ways and quickly puts the wire back. The Droid’s systems light up again, and it takes off.


    …It moves behind a speeder afterburner to scorch him. It takes the Jedi wildly between buildings and finally skims across a rooftop as Obi-Wan is forced to lift his legs, then run across the roof, tenaciously hanging onto the Droid.


    …Zam does a quick, tight loop-over and ends up behind the Jedi. She is now in a much better position to fire at them with her laser pistol. To avoid being hit by the laser bolts, Anakin slams on the brakes and moves alongside Zam. She now fires point-blank at Obi-Wan.

    OBI-WAN: “What are you doing? He’s gonna blast me.”
    ANAKIN: “Right - this isn’t working.”

    Anakin slides underneath Zam’s speeder. They race along in traffic, one speeder right on top of the other. The Bounty Hunter skims over the rooftops, causing Anakin to drop behind. Anakin goes through his gears, zooming around traffic. They race at high speed across a wide, flat surface of the city planet. A large spacecraft almost collides with them as it attempts to land.

    OBI-WAN: “Watch out for those banners!”

    They round a corner and clip a flag, which gets caught on one of the front air scoops.

    OBI-WAN: “That was too close!”
    ANAKIN: “Clear that!”
    OBI-WAN: “What??”
    ANAKIN: “Clear the flag! We’re losing power! Hurry!”

    Obi-Wan leans out of the speeder, then crawls out on the front engine and pulls the flag free of the scoop. The speeder lurches forward with a surge of power.


    …Zam slides around a corner sideways, blocking an alley, firing point-blank as Anakin approaches.

    ANAKIN (continuing): “Ahh, damn.”
    OBI-WAN: “Stop!!”
    ANAKIN: “No, we can make it!”

    Anakin barely misses the Bounty Hunter’s speeder as he dives under it, and through a small gap in the building hitting several pipes and going wildly out of control. Anakin struggles to regain control of the speeder, narrowly missing a crane, barely clipping a pair of giant struts. A giant gas ball shoots up, causing Anakin to spin and bump a building, stalling the speeder.

    OBI-WAN: “I’m crazy… I’m crazy… I’m crazy.”
    ANAKIN: “But it worked… we made it.”
    OBI-WAN (angrily) “No you didn’t! We’ve stalled! And you almost got us killed!”
    ANAKIN: “I think we’re still alive.”

    Anakin works to get the speeder started. It races to life.

    OBI-WAN (very angrily) “It was stupid!”
    ANAKIN (sheepishly) “I could have caught him…”
    OBI-WAN (furious) “But you didn’t!!! And now we’ve lost him for good.”

    Suddenly, there is an ambush. Laser bolts are everywhere. Explosions surround them. They look up and see Zam Wesell take off.

    ANAKIN: “No we didn’t…”

    Out of a cloud of smoke and ball of flames the Joint tear after Zam. They are smoking. Obi-Wan slaps out a small fire on the dashboard.
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    Obi-Wan im Jedi Analyse Raum

    From high above, light streams down from the lofty ceilings. Obi-Wan crosses the floor of the great hallway, heading for the Analysis Rooms.

    Obi-Wan walks past several glass cubicles where work is going on. He comes to an empty one and sits down in front of a console. A SP-4 Analysis Droid comes to life. A tray slides out of the console.

    SP-4: ?Place the subject for analysis on the sensor tray, please.?

    Obi-Wan puts the dart onto the tray, which retracts into the console. The Droid activates the system, and a screen lights up in front of Obi-Wan.

    OBI-WAN: ?It's a toxic dart. I need to know where it came from and who made it.?
    SP-4: ?One moment, please.?

    Diagrams and data appear on the screen, scrolling past at great speed. Obi-Wan watches as the screen goes blank. The tray slides out.

    SP-4 (continuing): ?Markings cannot be identified. As you can see on your screen, subject weapon does not exist in any known culture. Probably self-made by a warrior not associated with any known society. Stand away from the sensor tray please.?
    OBI-WAN: ?Excuse me? Could you try it again please??
    SP-4: ?Master Jedi, our records are very thorough. They cover eighty percent of the galaxy. If I can?t tell you where it came from, nobody can.?
    Obi-Wan picks up the dart and looks at it, then looks to the Droid.

    OBI-WAN: ?Thanks for your assistance! (to himself) I know someone who can identify this.?

    Die Verlorenen Zwanzig

    JOCASTA NU: ?He has a powerful face, doesn?t he? He was one of the most brilliant Jedi I have had the privilege of knowing.?
    OBI-WAN: ?I never understood why he quit. Only twenty Jedi have ever left the Order.?
    JOCASTA NU (sighs): ?The Lost Twenty? And Count Dooku was the most recent and the most painful. No one likes to talk about it. His leaving was a great loss to the Order.?
    OBI-WAN: ?What happened??
    JOCASTA NU: ?Well, Count Dooku was always a bit out of step with the decisions of the Council? much like your old Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.?
    OBI-WAN (surprised): ?Really??
    JOCASTA NU: ?Oh, yes. They were alike in many ways. Very individual thinkers? idealists??

    Jocasta Nu gazes at the bust.

    JOCASTA NU (continuing): ?He was always striving to become a more powerful Jedi. He wanted to be the best. With a lightsaber, in the old style of fencing, he had no match. His knowledge of the Force was? unique. In the end, I think he left because he lost faith in the Republic. He believed that politics were corrupt, and he felt the Jedi betrayed themselves by serving the politicians. He always had very high expectations of government. He disappeared for nine of ten years, then he just showed up recently as the head of the separatist movement.?
    OBI-WAN: ?It´s very interesting? I?m not sure I completely understand.?
    JOCASTA NU: ?Well, I?m sure you didn?t call me over here for a history lesson??

    Anakins 1. Alptraum

    The young Jedi seems to be having a nightmare. He is very restless.

    ANAKIN: ?No, no, Mom, no??

    He is sweating. Padmé leans over to wipe some of the sweat from his forehead. He wakes with a start, then realizes where he is. Padmé simply looks at him. He stares back, somewhat confused..

    ANAKIN (continuing): ?What??
    PADME: ?You seemed to be having a nightmare.?

    Anakin looks at Padmé a little more closely, trying to see if he revealed any of his secrets. She hands him a bowl of mush and bread.

    PADME (continuing): ?Are you hungry??
    ANAKIN: ?Yeah.?

    Padmés Familie

    People are passing through the little street, old men are sunning themselves, women are gossiping, kids are playing. Anakin, Padmé, and Artoo turn onto a side street. Anakin is back in his Jedi robes. Padmé wears a beautiful simple dress. She stops, beaming.

    PADME: ?There?s my house!?

    Padmé starts forward; Anakin hangs back.

    PADME (continuing): ?What? Don?t say you?re shy!?
    ANAKIN (untruthfully): ?No, but I??

    Suddenly, there are shouts from two little girls, Ryoo (age 6) and Pooja (age 4). They come running toward Padmé.

    PADME: ?Ryoo!! Pooja!!?

    Padmé scoops up Ryoo and Pooja and hugs them.

    PADMÈ: ?Go wake up Artoo.?
    RYOO & POOJA: ?Artoo!!!?

    As they see the droid, they hug him. Artoo whistles and beeps. Padmé laughs. Anakin and Padmé go on toward the house. The girls stay and play with Artoo.

    Sola, Padme?s beautiful older sister, comes in from the kitchen carrying a big bowl of food.

    SOLA (over her shoulder): ?They?re eating over at Jev Narran?s later, Mom. They just had a snack. They?ll be fine.?

    Sola puts the bowl down on the table, where Anakin, Padmé, and Ruwee Naberrie (Padme?s father) are coming into the room.

    SOLA: ?Padmé (hugging her) You´re late. Mom was warried.?
    PADME: ?We walked. Anakin, this is my sister, Sola.?
    SOLA: ?Hello, Anakin.?
    ANAKIN: ?Hello.?

    Sola sits, as Jobal Naberrie (Padme?s mother) comes in with a heaped bowl of steaming food.

    PADMÈ: ?? and this is my mother.?
    JOBAL: ?You?re just in time for dinner. I hope you?re hungry, Anakin.?
    ANAKIN: ?A little.?
    PADME: ?He?s being polite, Mom. We?re starving.?
    RUWEE (grinning): ?You came to the right place at the right time.?

    Everyone sits, and starts passing food.

    JOBAL (to Padmé): ?Honey, it?s so good to see you safe. We were so worried.?

    Padmé gives Jobal a dirty look. Ruwee smiles as he watches.

    RUWEE: ?Dear??
    JOBAL: ?I know, I know? but I had to say it. Now it?s done.?
    SOLA: ?Well, this is exciting! Do you know, Anakin, you?re the first boyfriend my sister?s ever brought home??
    PADME (rolls her eyes): ?Sola!! He isn?t my boyfriend! He?s a Jedi assigned by the Senate to protect me.?
    JOBAL: ?A bodyguard?! Oh, Padmé! They didn?t tell us it was that serious!?
    PADME: ?It?s not, Mom. I promise. (glances at Jobal) Anyway, Anakin?s a friend. I?ve known him for years. Remember that little boy who was with the Jedi during the blockade crisis??

    They nod.

    PADME (continuing): ?He grew up.?
    JOBAL: ?Honey, when are you going to settle down? Haven?t you had enough of that life? I certainly have!?
    PADME: ?Mom, I?m not in any danger.?
    RUWEE (to Anakin): ?Is she??
    ANAKIN: ??Yes? I?m afraid she is.?
    PADME (quickly): ?But not much.?

    Anakin and Ruwee are walking.

    RUWEE: ?Sometimes I wish I?d traveled more? but I must say, I?m happy here.?
    ANAKIN: ?Padmé tells me you teach at the university??
    RUWEE (nodding): ?Yes, and before that, I was a builder. I also worked for the Refugee Relief Movement, when I was very young.?

    Padmé, Sola, and Jobal are clearing the table.

    SOLA: ?Why haven?t you told us about him??
    PADME: ?What?s there to talk about? He?s just a boy.?
    SOLA: ?A boy? Have you seen the way he looks at you??
    PADME: ?Sola - stop it!?
    SOLA: ?It?s obvious he has feelings for you. Are you saying, little baby sister, that you haven?t noticed??
    PADME: ?I?m not your baby sister, Sola. Anakin and I are friends? our relationship is strictly professional. (to Jobal) Mom, would you tell her to stop it??
    SOLA (laughing): ?Well, maybe you haven?t noticed the way he looks at you. I think you?re afraid to.?
    PADME: ?Cut it out.?
    JOBAL: ?Sola?s just concerned? we all are.?
    PADME: ?Oh, Mom, you?re impossible. What I?m doing is important.?
    JOBAL: ?You?ve done your service, Padmé. It?s time you had a life of your own. You?re missing so much!?

    Anakin and Ruwee are walking in the garden. Ruwee stops and faces Anakin directly.

    RUWEE: ?Now tell me, son. How serious is this thing? How much danger is my daughter really in??
    ANAKIN: ?There have been two attempts on her life. Chances are there?ll be more. My Master is tracking down the assassins. I?m sure he?ll find out who they are. This situation, won?t last long.?
    RUWEE: ?I don?t want anything to happen to her.?
    ANAKIN: ?I don?t either.?

    Padmé throws some things into a bag.

    PADME: ?Don?t worry, this won?t take long.?
    ANAKIN: ?I just want to get there before dark.?

    Padmé goes on packing. Anakin looks around the room.

    ANAKIN (continuing): ?You still live at home.?
    PADME: ?I move around so much, I?ve never had a place of my own. Official residences have no warmth. I feel good here. I feel at home.?
    ANAKIN: ?I never had a real home. Home was always where my Mom was.?

    Anakin picks up a framed hologram.

    ANAKIN (continuing): ?Is this you??

    The hologram shows Padmé at age seven or eight surrounded by forty or fifty little green creatures. She is holding one in her arms. They are all smiling hugely.

    PADME: ?That was when I went with the Relief Group to Shadda-Bi-Boran. Their sun was imploding, and the planet was dying. I was helping to relocate the children. See that little one I?m holding? His name was N?a-kee-tula, which means sweetheart. He was so full of life. All those kids were. I did everything I could to save him, but he died? they all did. They were never able to adapt? to live off their native planet.?

    Anakin picks up another hologram. It shows Padmé at age ten or eleven. She is wearing official robes and standing between two robed legislators. Her expression is severe.

    PADME (continuing): ?My first day as an Apprentice Legislator. Notice the difference??

    Padmé pulls a face. Anakin grins. She continues packing. Anakin sets the two holograms down side by side - the beaming little girl, and the stern, unsmiling adolescent.
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    Ritt auf dem Shaak

    Anakin stands up and holds out his hand to her. She takes it. He pulls her up. And now they are easy together, not self-conscious any more. Padmé scrambles up onto the Shaak behind Anakin. She puts her army around his waist and leans against his back. Anakin digs his heels in. The Shaak starts forward, and they ride away.

    Obi-Wan erneut in Jangos Appartment

    Obi-Wan enters cautiously from outside. Ahead, the corridor is deserted. He moves down it.

    Obi-Wan arrives at the door to Jango Fett?s apartment. He reaches up and runs his fingers along the door, locating the locks. The door slides open.

    Obi-Wan walks in to find the room in complete disorder. The bedroom door is wide open - clear signs of a hurried departure. All of the Fetts? personal belongings are gone.

    Obi-Wan goes to an ultra-thin computer screen. He punches up an onscreen picture of Jango Fett and Boba Fett unhitching the lines securing their ship on the landing platform. Jango Fett is wearing his armor and rocket pack.

    Eopies Leichen

    Anakin rides over a large dune toward a small flickering light in the distance.

    He rides up and stops the bike in front of a campfire. There are bodies of three dead farmers lying beside the campfire. Two Eopies are tethered nearby, along with a burned and smoking speeder.

    Gespräch zwischen Padmé und C-3PO

    The lights of the vaporators blink in the night sky. Somewhere close by, a night animal howls.

    Padmé is pacing the courtyard restlessly. She stops, listening to the animal howling nearby. She shivers slightly, then turns and goes into the garage at the side of the courtyard.

    Padmé enters the garage where C-3PO sits working.

    C-3PO: ?Hello, Miss Padmé.?
    PADME: ?Hello, Threepio.?
    C-3PO: ?You can´t sleep??
    PADME: ?No. I have too many things on my mind, I guess.?
    C-3PO: ?Are you worried about your work in the Senate??
    PADME: ?No. I´m just concerned about Anakin. I said things? I´m afraid I may have hurt him. I don´t know. Maybe I only hurt myself. For the first time in my life, I´m confused??
    C-3PO: ?I´m not sure it will make you feel any better Miss Padmé, but I don´t think there´s been a time in my life when I haven´t been confused.?
    PADME: ?I want him to know I care about him. I do care about him??
    C-3PO: ?Don´t worry about Master Annie. He can take care of himself. Even in this awful place.?

    Obi-Wan´s Begegnung mit den Massiff und Entdeckung einer Kampfdroidenarmee

    Obi-Wan climbs a steep, narrow trail. Suddenly, a cry is heard close by. Obi-Wan stumbles slightly. His foot slips on the edge, sending a stream of pebbles skittering into the darkness.

    Obi-Wan listens. Silence. He draws his lightsaber but does not ignite it.

    He sets off again and works his way around a narrow corner, to confront a crouching Massiff (a dog-sized lizard) with slavering fangs! The beast leaps at him, and Obi-Wan ignites his lightsaber as the Massiff knocks him on his back. Its jaws open wide. Obi-Wan stabs the creature, throws it off of him, and jumps up.

    A second Massiff jumps him from behind. Obi-Wan swings around and cuts it in half. The Massiff flies over the cliff, howling. It plummets to its death hundreds of feet below.

    Obi-Wan arrives at the head of the trail. Far below, a flat plain stretches into the distance. He stops, peering into the darkness, where strange shapes loom indistinctly.

    Obi-Wan takes a pair of electronic binoculars from his belt and puts them to his eyes. He sees a cluster of great towers like fantastic stalagmites rise from the plain below.

    Slow pan with the binoculars, and suddenly a line of Battle Starships come into view. Obi-Wan touches the viewfinder. Between fifty and a hundred Federation Starships in neat rows. Some are on platforms that are carrying the Starships down to an underground facility. Other platforms are rising to the surface. They carry thousands of Battle Droids that step off and file into waiting ships. A fully loaded Starship takes off. Obi-Wan swings the binoculars upward, to see more Federation Starships.

    Gespräch zwischen Padmé und Beru

    Padmé prepares some food for Anakin. Beru helps her.

    BERU: ?What´s it like there??
    PADMÈ: ?I´m sorry??
    BERU: ?On Naboo? What´s it like??

    Padmé is completely preoccupied with her concern for Anakin, but she does her best to reply.

    PADMÈ: ?Oh - it´s? very green. With lots of water. And trees. Not like here at all.?

    She takes out a tray and starts to put the food on it.

    BERU: ?I think I like it here better.?
    PADMÈ: ?Maybe you´ll come and see it one day.?
    BERU: ?I don´t think so. I don´t like to travel.?

    They finish preparing the tray.

    PADMÈ (smiles): ?Thanks, Beru.?

    She goes out.

    Gespräch zwischen Padmé und Dooku

    Count Dooku sits at a large conference table with Padmé on the far side. Anakin stands behind her with four Geonosian guards standing behind him. Jango Fett stands behind Count Dooku, and six Geonosian guards stand behind him.

    PADME: ?You are holding a Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I am formally requesting you turn him over to me, now.?
    COUNT DOOKU: ?He has been convicted of espionage, Senator, and will be executed. In just a few hours, I believe.?

    Count Dooku smiles.

    PADME: ?He is an officer of the Republic. You can?t do that.?
    COUNT DOOKU: ?We don?t recognize the Republic here, Senator, but if Naboo were to join our Alliance, I could easily hear your plea for clemency.?
    PADME: ?And if I don?t join your rebellion, I assume this Jedi with me will also die??
    COUNT DOOKU: ?I don?t wish to make you to join our cause against your will, Senator, but you are a rational, honest representative of your people and I assume you want to do what?s in their best interest. Aren?t they fed up with the corruption, the bureaucrats, the hypocrisy of it all? Aren´t you? Be honest, Senator.?
    PADME: ?The ideals are still alive, Count, even if the institution is failing.?
    COUNT DOOKU: ?You believe in the same ideals we believe in! The same ideals we are striving to make prominent.?
    PADME: ?If what you say is true, you should stay in the Republic and help Chancellor Palpatine put things right.?
    COUNT DOOKU: ?The Chancellor means well, M?Lady, but he is incompetent. He has promised to cut the bureaucracy, but the bureaucrats are stronger than ever, no? The Republic cannot be fixed, M´Lady. It is time to start over. The democratic process in the Republic is a sham, no? A shell game played on the voters. The time will come when that cult of greed, called the Republic will lose even the pretext of democracy and freedom.?
    PADME: ?I cannot believe that. I know of your treaties with the Trade Federation, the Commerce Guilds, and the others, Count. What is happening here is not government that has been bought out by business? it?s business becoming government! I will not forsake all I have honored and worked for and betray the Republic.?
    COUNT DOOKU: ?Then you will betray your Jedi friends? Without your cooperation I can do nothing to stop their execution.?
    PADME: ?And what about me? Am I to be executed also??
    COUNT DOOKU: ?I wouldn?t think of such an offense. But, there are individuals who have a strong interest in your demise, M?Lady. It has nothing to do with politics, I?m afraid. It?s purely personal, and they have already paid great sums to have you assassinated. I?m sure they will push hard to have you included in the executions. I?m sorry but, if you are not going to cooperate, I must turn you over to the Geonosians for justice. Without your cooperation, I?ve done all I can for you.?
    JANGO FETT: ?Take them away.?


    Anakin and Padmé are standing in the center of what looks like a courtroom. Seated before them in a tall boxed-off area is Poggle the Lesser, the Archduke of Geonosis. He is accompanied by his underling, Sun Rit. Off to one side sit Separatist Senators Po Nudo, Tessek, and Toonbuck Toora. Next to them are the Commerce Dignitaries, Shu Mai, Nute Gunray, Passel Argente, Wat Tambor, and San Hill of the Intergalactic Bank Clan. Along the wall about a hundred Geonosians wait for a verdict.

    SUN RIT: ?You have been charged and found guilty of espionage.?
    POGGLE: ?Do you have anything to say before your sentence is carried out??
    PADME: ?You are committing an act of war, Archduke. I hope you are prepared for the consequences.?

    Poggle laughs. Count Dooku simply smiles.

    POGGLE: ?We build weapons, Senator? that is our business! Of course we?re prepared!?
    NUTE GUNRAY: ?Get on with it. Carry out the sentence. I want to see her suffer.?
    POGGLE: ?Your other Jedi friend is waiting for you, Senator. Take them to the arena!?

    Four guards take hold of Padmé and Anakin. They are escorted out of the chamber to the sounds of chuckling.
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    Jedi Angriff auf ein Droidenkontrollschiff aus dem Revised Second Draft

    Ki-Adi-Mundi leads a raiding party of about twenty Jedi through the lines of parked Battle Starships. They cut a swath through masses of Droids until they arrive at the Command Starship. Some Jedi fall. The rest cut their way up the ramps and into the Command Ship.

    Ki-Adi-Mundi and the surviving Jedi fight their way through the corridors of the Command Ship, deflecting laser bolts, slicing Droids.

    They burst onto the bridge and chop down the command Droids. The Neimoidians flee in all directions. Ki-Adi-Mundi leans over the control panel. He locates the illuminated master switch and punches down on it. It goes dark. Instantly, all the Droids on the Starship and all the Droids in the arena freeze!

    There is a moment of stunned silence, then the Jedi cheer. On the bridge, Plo Koon claps Ki-Adi-Mundi on the back.

    PLO KOON: ?We?ve done it! Now we have a chance!?

    Suddenly, there is a harsh beeping sound. All the Droids on the Starship and all the Droids in the arena start fighting again! Ki-Adi-Mundi stares in disbelief and dismay.

    KI-ADI-MUNDI: ?The system?s off but they?re still active. That?s a new feature. They are independent of the control system.?
  5. IO

    IO Gast

    Kleinere geschnittene Szenen und Dialoge

    In Palpatines Büro

    YODA: ?? But this I am sure of - (opens eyes) Do their duty the Jedi will.?

    YODA: ?? With you, the Force is strong, young Senator. ...?

    YODA: ?Too little about yourself you worry, Senator, and too much about politics. Be mindful of your danger, Padmé. Accept our help.?

    In Padmés Appartment

    OBI-WAN: ?It?s good to see you, too, Jar Jar.?

    Jar Jar notices Obi-Wan?s apprentice.

    JAR JAR (continuing): ??and this, I take it, is your apprentice? Noooooooo! Annie? Noooooooo! Little Bitty Annie? (looks at Anakin) Noooooooo! Yousa so biggen! Yiyiyiyyi! Annie!! Mesa no believen!?
    ANAKIN: ?Hi, Jar Jar.?

    Jar Jar grabs hold of Anakin and envelops him in a big hug.

    JAR JAR: ?Shesa expecting yousa. Annie? Mesa no believen!?

    PADME: ?? I?m so glad our paths have crossed again??
    OBI-WAN: ?I?m sure the Jedi Council has their reasons.?

    ANAKIN (trying to be smooth) ??and much shorter? for a Senator, I mean.?

    Zam Wessel Verfolgungsjagd

    OBI-WAN: ?I have a bad feeling about this.?

    Obi-Wan belehrt Anakin

    Obi-Wan grabs holds of Anakin´s lightsaber again.

    OBI-WAN: ?This weapon is your life.?
    ANAKIN: ?I?ve heard this lesson before??

    Obi-Wan finally holds out the lightsaber and Anakin grabs it.

    OBI-WAN: ?But, you haven?t learned anything, Anakin.?

    Obi-Wan releases hold of the lightsaber.

    ANAKIN: ?I try Master.?


    Anakin: ??I love you. I don?t want to cause you pain.?

    ZAM WESELL: ?That Senator?s gonna die soon anyway, and the next one won?t make the same mistake I did??
    OBI-WAN: ?This wound?s going to need treatment.?

    In Padmés Appartement während Padmé ihre Sachen packt

    PADME: ?Pride?!? Annie, you?re very young, and you don?t have a very firm grip on politics. I suggest you reserve your opinions for some other time.?
    ANAKIN: ?Sorry, M?Lady. I was only trying to??
    PADME: ?Annie! No!?
    ANAKIN: ?Please don?t call me that.?
    PADME: ?What??
    ANAKIN: ?Annie??
    PADME: ?I?ve always called you that? it is your name, isn?t it??
    ANAKIN: ?It?s Anakin. When you say Annie it?s like I?m still a little boy? and I?m not.?
    PADME: ?I?m sorry, Anakin. It?s impossible to deny you?ve? (looks him over)

    ANAKIN: ?I?m not whining! I?m not.?

    Padmé just smiles at him. Dorme laughs in the background.

    PADME: ?I didn?t say it to hurt you.?
    ANAKIN: ?I know??

    There is a brief silence, then Padmé comes over to Anakin.

    PADME: ?Because I can see what you?re thinking.?
    ANAKIN (laughing): ?Ahh? so, you have Jedi powers too??

    Dorme is watching with concern.

    In Dex´s Dinner

    WEITRESS DROID: ?Can I help ya??
    OBI-WAN: ?I?m looking for Dexter.?

    The waitress droid approaches Obi-Wan.

    WEITRESS DROID: ?Waddya want him for??
    OBI-WAN: ?He?s not in trouble. It?s personal.?

    Auf dem Weg zur Königin von Naboo

    The speeder bus pulls up and stops. Padmé, Anakin, and Artoo get out. The great courtyard stretches before them, and they see the rose-colored domes of the palace on the far side. Artoo whistles. They pick up their gear and start to cross the courtyard. Artoo trundles behind them.

    ANAKIN: ?If I grew up here, I don?t think I?d ever leave.?
    PADME (laughing): ?I doubt that.?
    ANAKIN: ?No, really. When I started my training, I was very homesick and very lonely. This city and my Mom were the only pleasant things I had to think about? the problem was, the more I thought about my Mom, the worse I felt. But I would feel better if I thought about the palace - the way it shimmers in the sunlight - the way the air always smells of flowers??
    PADME: ??and the soft sound of the distant waterfalls. The first time I saw the Capital, I was very young? I?d never seen a waterfall before. I thought they were so beautiful? I never dreamed one day I?d live in the palace.?
    ANAKIN: ?Well, tell me, did you dream of power and politics when you were a little girl??
    PADME (laughing): ?No. That was the last thing I thought of, but the more history I studied, the more I realized how much good politicians could do. After school, I became a Senatorial advisor with such a passion that, before I knew it, I was elected Queen. For the most part it was because of my conviction that reform was possible.

    PADME: ?Popular rule is not democracy, Annie. It gives the people what they want, not what they need? ?. They worried about me during the blockade and couldn?t wait for it all to be over. Actually, I was hoping to have a family by now? My sisters have the most amazing, wonderful kids?
    ANAKIN: ?I feel things are going to happen in our generation that will change the galaxy in profound ways.?
    PADME: ?I think so too.?

    Bei der Königin

    PADME: ?? The separatists don?t have an army, but if they are provoked, they will move to defend themselves. I?m sure of that. And with no time or money to build an army, my guess is they will turn to the Commerce Guilds or the Trade Federation for help.?
    QUEEN JAMILLIA: ?The armies of commerce! Why has nothing been done in the Senate to restrain them??
    PADME: ?I?m afraid that, despite the Chancellor?s best efforts, there are still many bureaucrats, judges, and even Senators on the payrolls of the Guilds.?

    PADME: ?There are rumors, Your Highness, that the Federation Army was not reduced as they were ordered.?

    QUEEN JAMILLIA (continuing): ?Padmé, I had an audience with your father yesterday. I told him what was happening. He hopes you will visit your mother before you leave? your family?s very worried about you.?
    PADMÈ: ?Thank you, your Highness.?

    Padmé looks worried. They all exit down the main staircase.

    Auf der Veranda in der Seenzuflucht

    ANAKIN: ?I do too. I guess it comes from growing up on a desert planet.?

    PADME: ?There was a very old man who lived on the island. He used to make glass out of sand - and vases and necklaces out of the glass. There were magical.?
    ANAKIN (looks in her eyes): ?Everything here is magical.?
    PADME: ?You could look into the glass and see the water. The way it ripples and moves. It looked so real? but it wasn?t.?
    ANAKIN: ?Sometimes, when you believe something to be real, it becomes real.?

    They look into each other?s eyes. He touches her chin.

    PADME: ?I used to think if you looked too deeply into the glass, you would lose yourself.?
    ANAKIN: ?I think it?s true??

    ANAKIN: ?I?m sorry. When I?m around you, my mind is no longer my own.?


    Padmé picks up a piece of fruit and throws it at him. He catches it. Padmé throws two more pieces of fruit, and Anakin catches them.

    ANAKIN: ?You?re always so serious.?
    PADMÈ: ?I´m so serious?!?
    Anakin then starts to juggle the fruit. Padmé laughs and throws more fruit at him. He manages to juggle them too until there are too many, and he loses control and ducks, letting the food fall on his head. They both laugh.

    Anakin stands in front of a Shaak, yelling at it and waving his arms. Padmé starts laughing as Anakin runs in circles, chased by the Shaak.

    Kamin Szene

    PADME: ?Jedi aren't allowed to marry. You'd be expelled from the order. I will not let you give up your future, for me.?

    PADMÉ : ?I am not going to give into this. I have more important things to do than fall in love.?

    PADMÉ : ?... My sister saw it. So did my mother. I couldn't do that??

    Balkonszene in der Seenzuflucht

    ANAKIN: ?What about Master Obi-Wan??

    Padmé smiles and takes his hand.

    PADME: ?I guess we won?t tell him, will we??

    Flotte der Handelsföderation im Orbit von Geonosis
    Obi-Wan´s fighter moves out from the back side of the asteroid and heads away from the asteroid field, descending toward Geonosis. Obi-Wan looks out toward Geonosis and sees in the distance a large fleet of Trade Federations ships hidden among the asteroids.
  6. IO

    IO Gast

    Owen´s Speeder *g*

    OWEN: ?Take my speeder bike.?


    COUNT DOOKU: ?Now is the time, my friends. The moment when you have to decide between the Republic or the Confederacy of Independent Systems.?

    COUNT DOOKU (continuing): ?... And let me remind you of our absolute commitment to capitalism? of the lower taxes, the reduced tariffs, and the eventual abolition of all trade barriers. Signing this treaty will bring you profits beyond your wildest imagination. What we are proposing is completely free trade (looks at Nute) ...?

    Passel Argente, the Corporate Alliance Representative, stands.

    PASSEL ARGENTE: ?I am authorized by the Corporate Alliance to sign the treaty.?
    COUNT DOOKU: ?We are most grateful for your cooperation Chairman.?

    Anakins Geständnis

    There is a silence for a moment, then Anakin breaks down, sobbing. Padmé takes him into her arms.

    ANAKIN (continuing): ?Why do I hate them? I didn?t? I couldn?t? I couldn?t control myself. I? I don?t want to hate them? but I just can?t forgive them.?
    PADME: ?To be angry is to be human.?
    ANAKIN: ?To control your anger is to be a Jedi.?
    PADME: ?Ssshhh? you?re human.?
    ANAKIN: ?No, I?m a Jedi. I know I?m better than this. I?m sorry, I?m so sorry!?
    PADME: ?You?re like everyone else??

    Padmé rocks him, and Anakin weeps.


    BAIL ORGANA: ?We must stop them before they´re ready.?
    JAR JAR: ?Excueeze me, yousa honorable Supreme Chancellor, Sir. Maybe dissen Jedi stoppen the rebel army.?
    PALPATINE: ?Master Yoda, how many Jedi are available to got to Geonosis??
    YODA: ?Throughout the galaxy, thousands of Jedi there are. To send on a special mission, only two hundred are available.?
    BAIL ORGANA: ?With all due respect for the Jedi Order, that doesn´t sound like enough.?
    YODA: ?Through negotiation the Jedi maintains peace. To start a war we do not intend.?

    Jar Jar steps forward from the back of the group.

    JAR JAR: ?Mesa mosto Supreme Chancellor... Mesa gusto pallos. Mesa proud to proposing the motion to give yousa Honor emergency powers.?

    2. Senatsszene

    Mace Windu walks down an upper corridor and meets Yoda, who is sitting on a ledge overlooking the Senate chamber.

    Inside the great rotunda, the uproar is even louder. Opposing Senators yell furiously at one another.

    MAS AMEDDA: ?Order! Order!!?

    Finally, the uproar dies.

    PALPATINE: ?In the regrettable absence of Senator Amidala, the chair recognizes the Senior Representative of Naboo, Jar Jar Binks.?

    Amid a conflicting storm of cheers and boos, Jar Jar, with two Gungan Aides, floats on his pod to the middle of the vast space. He looks at Palpatine nervously. Palpatine nods. Jar Jar clears his throat.

    JAR JAR: ?Senators, dellow felogates...?

    Laughter. Jeers. Jar Jar blushes.

    MAS AMEDDA: ?Order! The Senate will accord the Representative the courtesy of a hearing.?

    Comparative quiet. Jar Jar grips the edge of the podium.

    Palpatine: ??But I am mild by nature, and I do not desire to see the destruction of democracy??

    SUN RIT: ?The felons before you have been convicted of espionage against the Sovereign System of Geonosis. Their sentence of death is to be carried out in this public arena henceforth.?

    The crowd roars and cheers. In the box, Poggle the Lesser rises. The crowd becomes quiet.

    MACE WINDU: ?I don?t think so. The Geonosians aren´t warriors. One Jedi has to be worth a hundred Geonosians.?

    Count Dooku looks around the great theater. His smile grows.

    COUNT DOOKU: ?It wasn?t the Geonosians I was thinking about. How well do you think one Jedi will hold up against a thousand battle droids??


    COUNT DOOKU: ?Come, come, Master Kenobi. Put me out of my misery.?

    COUNT DOOKU: ?You have unusual powers, young Padawan. But not enough to save you this time.?
    ANAKIN: ?Don?t bet on it!?

    Weitere geschnittene Szenen

    - Yoda/Dooku Kampf:

    Für kurze Zeit kämpft Dooku mit zwei Lichtschwertern gegen Yoda.

    Aus dem Revised Second Draft: Count Dooku?s lightsaber is sent cartwheeling from his hand. He staggers back, gasping and spent, against the control panel. Yoda jumps onto Dooku?s shoulders, and is about to drive the lightsaber into the top of the Count?s head.

    YODA (continuing): ?The end for you, Count, this is.?

    - Jango/Windu Kampf:

    siehe Storyboardbeschreibung weiter unten.

    - Jango/Kenobi Kampf:

    siehe Storyboardbeschreibung weiter unten.

    - Arenakampf:

    Aufnahmen von Jedi auf den Tribünen der Arena, die von Kampfdroiden erschossen werden und die Tribünen runterfallen.

    - Klonkrieg:

    Aufnahme von Republik Militär Kreuzern, die sich ein gefecht mit Handelsföderationsschiffen im Orbit liefern.
  7. IO

    IO Gast

    Tut mir leid Jungs, aber leider kann ich die Storyboardsbeschreibungen nicht mehr finden :(

    Ansonsten viel spass beim Lesen :)

    Ach ja... wen ihr Interesse habt, dann kann ich auch sowas zu EP1 machen.
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  8. GM Kedner

    GM Kedner The Artist Formerly Known as Haariger Bettvorleger

    Das ist der beste Thread seit langem.:) Danke Imperial Officer!
    Wirklich schade das die Szenen rausgeschnitten wurden (wurden überhaupt alle gedreht?), sind ein paar sehr gute dabei. (Erste Senatsszene, Gerichtsverhandlung, bei den Naberries).
    Was ich persönlich schade finde ist, das sehr viel von Palpatine herausgeschnitten wurde. Er hatte wirklich ein paar nette Zeilen, z.B: ??But I am mild by nature, and I do not desire to see the destruction of democracy??

    Ich hab auf meiner Platte noch ein paar Story Boards, vielleicht suche ich sie später, gehe jetzt erst einmal auf das Fantasy Film Fest.
  9. fresco

    fresco Boardelch

    Wow, ein paar Szenen kannte ich noch gar nicht *g*
    @Imperial Officer: Könntest du mir das Script aus dem du die ganzen Szenen kopierst hast zuschicken oder stammt das auf dem Art of AotC Buch (welches ich mir zulegen werde) ?
  10. IO

    IO Gast

    Hab alles aus dem Artbook geschrieben :)

    Bis auf die zwei Szenen aus dem Revised Rough Draft
  11. fresco

    fresco Boardelch

    Dann werd ich mir so schnell wie möglich das Artbook zu Ep2 zulegen :)

    Wenn du grad nix zu tun hast (*g*), kannst du das auch noch für Ep1 machen, würde mich auch mal interessieren was da alles geschnitten wurde :) .
  12. D.Skywalker

    D.Skywalker sehr weiser Botschafter

    auf der e1 dvd sind die geschnittenen scenen drauf
  13. fresco

    fresco Boardelch

    nur 7 von vielen geschnittenen Szenen sind auf der DVD...
  14. Inferno

    Inferno Allianz-Mitglied & Vorstandszicke(r); Hai Society

    Das hast du alles per Hand getippt ? Puh... Ich hatte beim Tippen der kompletten Timeline fast ne Hand verloren !
  15. TukTuk

    TukTuk junges Senatsmitglied

    nice und thx!
  16. Jake

    Jake Podiumsbesucher

    Auch von mir noch ein Danke! Ich finde es auch schade, dass so viele Szenen von Palpatine rausgeschnitten wurden! Denn dadurch wäre AotC noch düsterer geworden! Vielleicht war das aber auch die Absicht, um bei E3 mit einem sehr düsteren Flair zu schockieren!
  17. Echt fett "Imperial Officer" und danke für die viele Mühe !!!:)

    geschnittene Szenen 1. DVD:

    ? Palpatine berichtet dem Senat, daß Padmé getötet wurde und dann taucht sie plötzlich auf.
    ? Yoda und Mace reden über die Attentatsversuche auf Padmé, über die Dunkle Seite, über die Sith und über die Macht ins Gleichgewicht bringen.
    ? Mehr Material von der Verfolgung auf Coruscant.
    ? Anakin und Obi-Wans Begegnung mit dem Türsteher des Outlander Clubs.
    ? Die Lost Twenty Szene in der Jedi-Bibliothek.
    ? Anakins erster Albtraum auf dem Frachtschiff.
    ? Eine gekürzte Fassung vom Besuch bei Padmés Familie.
    ? Anakin und Padmè reiten auf einem Shaak davon.
    ? Mehr rausgeschnittene Dialoge wurden zu der Kaminszene hinzugefügt.
    ? Erweiteter Obi-Wan und Jango Kampf auf Kamino.
    ? Padmé gibt C-3PO ein Ölbad, während sie über ihre Gefühle zu Anakin berichtet.
    ? Padmé trifft auf Dooku.
    ? Anakin und Padmès Verurteilung.
    ? Ein längeres Liebesgeständnis mit mehr von Padmés Geständnis: ?Unser Leben wird sowieso bald zerstört sein, glaube ich. Meine Liebe zu dir ist ein Rätsel, Annie, für das ich keine Lösung finde. Ich kann sie nicht kontrollieren ... und inzwischen ist es mir auch gleich. Anakin, ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen. Und bevor wir sterben, wollte ich, daß du das weißt.? und auch von Anakin Geständnis: ?Ich habe auch nicht nicht den Wunsch von dieser Liebe geheilt zu werden. Ob lang oder kurz, ich schwöre mit dir den Rest meines Lebens zu verbringen.? Und sie küssen sich wieder.
    ? Erweiterter Mace und Jango Kampf in der Arena.
    ? Erweiterte Lichtschwertduelle. Mehr von Obi-Wan gegen Dooku (mit mehr Dooku Dialogen), Anakin gegen Dooku (unter anderem mit mehr von Anakins Kampf mit einem Lichtschwert) und Yoda gegen Dooku (darunter der Kampf Dookus mit 2 Lichtschwertern). Mit dem zusätzlichen Material wirkt die Szenenfolge viel flüssiger.
    ? Es gibt etwas mehr Material, das Anakin und Obi-Wan zeigt, wie sie versuchen, unter dem fallenden Kran hervorzukommen.
    ? Jar Jar Binks wurde der Gruppe hinzugefügt, die die Sternzerstörer bei der Abreise zum Krieg beobachten. Er hat einen traurigen Gesichtsausdruck, nachdem er die Auswirkungen seiner Handlungen realisiert hat.
    ? Die Japor Kette, die Anakin Padmé in Die Dunkle Bedrohung gab, wurde Padmés Nacken während der Hochzeitsszene hinzugefügt.

    Hier ist die Liste der geschnittenen Szenen von der 2. DVD:

    ? Obi-Wan mit dem Analysedroiden
    ? Obi-Wan und Mace diskutieren über Anakin; Yoda erforscht die Dunkle Seite
    ? Ein erweitertes Gespräch zwischen Anakin und Padmé, während sie auf den Palast von Theed zulaufen und eine verlängerte Fassung des Treffens mit der Königin
    ? Anakin und Padmé treffen den nackten 3PO. Padmé bringt 3POs Hülle an.
    ? Obi-Wan gegen die angreifenden Hunde [ursprünglich Massifs genannt; Anm. d. Red.] auf Geonosis; Obi-Wan sieht sich um
    ? Erweitertes Tusken Massaker und Folgen
    ? Anakin sagt Padmé nach ihrer Landung auf Geonosis, sie solle auf dem Schiff bleiben. Padmé weist ihn zurecht. Alternative Gefangennahme
    ? Sturm auf das Droidenkontrollschiff
  18. Jake

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    Wow, klingt echt spitze :) ! Wie soll ich das bloß bis Ende November aushalten? Ich will jetzt die DVD *heul*!
  19. Yodas Brother

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    Sind denn alle von dir beschriebenen Szenen auch auf der DVD?
  20. GM Kedner

    GM Kedner The Artist Formerly Known as Haariger Bettvorleger

    Es werden insgesamt acht Deleted Scenes auf der DVD sein. Eine wird die Szene sein, in der Obi-Wan den Saber Dart im Analyse Raum untersuchen lässt. (Siehe "Obi-Wan im Jedi Analyse Raum" bei den Drehbuch Auszügen von Imperial Officer)

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